15 Best Sex Dolls That You Should Definitely Buy in October 2020

Buying a sex doll could be a tough task if you don’t know how to approach it. We all know that and this task of buying a sex doll becomes a lot harder for new sex doll buyers. So, what about having a list of the 15 best sex dolls that you can buy in this October?

Well, that will make your work a lot easier, right? So, many of you, especially the first-time sex doll buyers, would be wondering what is the best sex doll to buy in this October.  So, at Kanadoll.uk, we are giving you a list of sex dolls that will take you to the seventh heaven of pleasure this month.

1. Bblythe

If you want to be in bed with a MILF then Bblythe will be the ideal choice for you. She is a sexy MILF who can take you to the world of ecstasy like no one. Her sexy body will surely attract you and make you feel horny instantly. Moreover, she loves bondage and she will do everything she can to make you happy. So, just get this sexy MILF sex doll from Kanadoll.uk and start pounding her as hard as you can.

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2. Genevieve

Genevieve is definitely one of the best sex dolls that you can buy in October. She really has large tits and loves to get fucked in the ass. You will be able to fuck her in many positions and also, her large breasts will certainly be a thing for you to play. Moreover, she loves to suck dicks, and thus, you can have the supreme pleasure of oral sex from her. So, get Genevieve from us and find sexual pleasure like never before.

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3. Laurel

Many men have a dream of fucking a fat ass white girl. Well, you will be very lucky if you have such a girl in bed. However, you can get Laurel now who is a big booty sex doll and a PAWG. She can give you unimaginable pleasure while fucking her in the ass because of the sheer size of her ass. Also, she loves to swallow cum and so, you can empty your nuts inside her mouth. She will accept it gleefully. Laurel can be the dream girl for any man to fuck.

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4. Allie

Sometimes you would want to be in bed with a girl in perfect shape. You would not want that girl to have any extra fat in her body. Moreover, you would want her to have firm tits which you can squeeze. It doesn’t always have to be big tits that can give you the ultimate pleasure of sex. Allie is one such small tits sex doll whose figure is in perfect shape. You would really enjoy fucking this sex doll more than anything else.

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5. Luciana

If you want a girl in perfect shape, then we have got another choice for you. Meet Luciana, a sexy girl who wanted to be a soldier. She is really interested in being in good shape. She is going to the gym to get into a good shape every day. Also, she is a really horny girl who can think nothing other than sex all the time. She knows that her small tits will satisfy every man. Also, she loves rough sex and so, you can definitely look to get her if you want a sexy girl to fuck hard every night.

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6. Sienna

Have you ever been in bed with a girl who has a daredevil-type nature? Well, Sienna is definitely one big booty sex doll you should try out in bed. She is ready to try different types of sexual positions in bed. Also, she wants to try vaginal, anal, and oral sex with the man who will fuck her. Her big booty will certainly take anal sex to a whole new level. So, get her from Kanadoll.uk now and experience anal sex in a more pleasurable way.

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7. Janet

Janet is a beautiful girl who enjoys being with men. This small tits sex doll can give you the ultimate pleasure for sure. Basically, her interest in sex is huge and you will see that she will never ever say no to a good round of fucking. She would love to suck your dick and swallow your cum. Janet is also very much fond of BDSM. So, if you have a fetish for bondage sex, Janet could the girl you need in bed.

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8. Sloane

Sloane is just like any other girl you would see next door. Her demure nature can attract you. However, don’t think she would have the same nature in bed. Once you pin her to the bed, she will drive you crazy with her sexy body and trickeries. She just loves to have a cock inside her ass and her desire to be in bed with a man who will have a large dick and fuck her mercilessly in the ass. So, get her now from Kanadoll.uk and enjoy with Sloane every night.

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9. Jayla

Have you ever dreamt of fucking a hot blonde in bed throughout the night? Well, this is your chance. You need to get Jayla from Kanadoll.uk. She is the sexiest girl that you can ever imagine to have in bed. Well, her small tits are really firm and you would enjoy squeezing them as much as you can. She likes it a bit rough and so, if you go hard on her, she won’t be complaining. You can rest assured Jayla will please you in bed in every possible way.

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10. Harper

Most of you will be aware of the story of Cleopatra. Her beauty would mesmerise any man. Well, have you ever thought of fucking Cleopatra? Most of you would fantasize if you see her once. Now, it is time to bring Cleopatra in front of you. Meet Harper, the look-alike of Cleopatra. She is truly a gorgeous Hentai sex doll who would give you immense pleasure. Harper also loves sucking dicks and getting pounded inside her ass. So, you can easily bring her to your bedroom and fuck our Cleopatra like there will be no tomorrow.

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11. Nayeli

If you are a fan of Hentai and had a crush on the character portrayed there, then you would definitely love to have Nayeli in your bedroom. She is a Hentai sex doll with whom you can have the tremendous pleasure of sex. Now, you will find her ears are unusual. Well, that is what you will get from a Hentai sex doll and also, it makes the appearance of Nayeli more attractive. A hentai lover would know how cute and sexy Nayeli is. She loves to get fucked in all her holes. So, there are definitely scopes for you to work on with her.

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12. Marcia

Marcia is a sexy redhead who has small tits. The shape of her figure is just perfect and her curves are one to die for any man. Actually, Marcia really loves to have sex. Her most favourite form of sex has to be bondage. So, if you have a fetish for bondage sex, Marcia could be the small tits redhead sex doll you need in bed. She will make sure that you get all the pleasure you need which fucking her.

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13. Paisley

Paisley is a curvy babe who is a dream sex partner for any man. Having her in bed and fucking her will be the most pleasurable sexual experience for any man. You can enjoy her large boobs by sucking them or tit-fucking them. Paisley loves when men play with her boobs. Her most favourite type of sex has to be anal. Also, she really likes the taste of cum and she would swallow it every time. So, fucking Paisley in bed will be a brilliant experience for you and thus, you should get her right away.

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14. Emily

Once you have a look at Emily, the first thing you would notice her large tits. Yes, you will have the best time of your life when you will be in bed with Emily. Her big boobs will really be a fun thing to play with. She also has a nice ass for you to work with. You can fuck her anytime you want and she will be ready for it as she is a sexy nymph. She loves anal sex more than anything else. So, get her now to enjoy the highest sexual pleasure you can get.

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15. Arianna

As you already know, a Latina will have a sex appeal of a different kind which makes a Latina special than most girls. Arianna is one such Latina you will love to fuck. She is a damn sexy bitch who really enjoys fucking. Her favourite position in sex is doggy and wants her hands and feet tied while getting fucked in the ass in that position. Her sexy body will please any man. So, get Arianna from us now and fuck her as hard as you probably can.

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The Bottom Line

Finally, these are the 15 sex dolls that you can buy in this October. So, this will surely answer your question of what is the best sex doll to buy in this October. So, go to our extensive range of collection of high-quality sex dolls and choose the one you would like to have. These were some of our suggestions. We have many more you can check out. So, pick the one you think will provide you with maximum pleasure. And, as far as the quality of the doll goes, Kanadoll.uk is a place that you can trust whole-heartedly.

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