8 Things You Need to Creating an Environment for Sex

Innovation is necessary in any relationship or on the other way you can start your first meeting giving all of yourself and creating an even more special atmosphere. The truth is that sometimes we are afraid to put creativity into practice, but we guarantee you that if you break free from taboos it is really worth it.

Therefore, our article today, contains exclusive and easy tips on how to create an environment conducive to sex. Ready? So come on.

8 Things You Need to Creating an Environment for Sex

1. Prepare the bed well

For an environment conducive to sex you need to think really carefully about the bed, after all, it is in the bed where all or part of the action will happen throughout the night. Start with the sheets, don’t even think about putting on extremely printed, colorful or even children’s pieces. The most important thing in this choice is that you make sure that the fabric has a good texture, for a simple reason, it can attract attention in the right way and stimulate the touch. You can also use scented rum with pheromones to give that finishing touch. Pheromones help into inhibitation and make the environment conducive to sex.

2. Ambient music

The second tip enters into the more personal field, as some people consider music as a distraction during sex, however there is no doubt that the climate tends to get hotter for those who know how to make the right choices. Don’t even think about choosing songs that are too hectic or with too much information, like funny, sad lyrics, especially from popular music.So choose music well. As mentioned in the title, that ambient music, at the right time, helps to relax and get involved between partners at the time of foreplay.

3. Add some decorative elements to be explored in the environment

An environment that is conducive to sex usually presents some additional options that go beyond the bed. Have you stopped thinking about it? For example, we have motel rooms, where there are armchairs and chairs that can be used to explore other forms and positions of penetration.

Of course,you don’t have to rush to buy an armchair, just innovate with the material you already have at your home. Get yourself a chair, comfortable armchair or even big cushions and put them in a strategic place inside the room.

4. Lighting is more important than you think

Another aspect where we can think of the motel lights as a reference. Have you ever noticed that when you enter a motel room (if you have never entered you should try it as soon as possible) the lights can convey a more intimate atmosphere? comfortable and seductive?

The solution to take that same feeling to your room can be really cheap, invest in candles that can be flavored or even for massage. This candles are suitable for massage in which the wax does not burn, and then you have a two in one. Seductive ambient light and oily paraffin candle for massage. In the market there are different sizes and formats of these candles, which ends up helping in the decoration.

5. Perfume the environment

In the previous topic we talked about scented candles to make the environment conducive to sex. However, there are other ways to do this. Inside the tips are:

  • Natural flowers
  • Room diffusers
  • Essencial oils
  • Incense sticks

The purpose of smells is to mess with your partner’s sense of smell, this ends up creating a more sensual atmosphere. There are some really exotic and sensual odourss, such as jasmine, cinnamon and vanilla that are suitable for occasions like these, but you can choose something more to your taste, if applicable. The tip we leave is not to abuse sweet and strong smells.


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6. Add a mirror

Adding a mirror without a doubt leaves the environment conducive to sex, another strategy of motels, but which has its purpose.The mirror serves to expand the possibilities of sex, the partners are able to see the movements, the details of the bodies and start to appreciate the moment with another perspective. If you like exhibitionism, the mirror will make the climate even hotter, adding excitement  to the visual experience at the same time.

The trick is to place the mirrors in strategic places in the room and the size must be favorable to achieve the experiences and visual angles that we want to appreciate.

7. Special Real Life Christmas Sex Dolls

It is not enough to think only of the environment, it is necessary to go further. How about thinking Special Real Life Christmas Sex Dolls to make the night even hotter?

It is strange, isn’t it when someone asks you to give your spouse a sex doll as a gift? This is the feeling most people will have if someone suggests a sex doll as a gift for Christmas for their spouse. Well, this is where they will make the mistake because they will be missing out on something incredible and unique that can transform their relationship forever.

Dress up your favorite Christmas sex doll artwork

If you want to have the best sex of your life, then you have to get into the right mood. Often, it doesn’t happen when you are fucking your girlfriend or your wife. However, roleplay is a wonderful way of getting into the mood and have sex with your better half.

But, a real woman may not like to do roleplay and so, you might have to stay content with a stalemate sexual intercourse this Christmas. But, if you are adventurous and want to spice things up, then get a sex doll and have roleplay with it. It will be a fantastic way of getting into the mood for a whole night banging.

8. Wines and light snacks

Light snacks and wines  can also be an ideal environment for sex  (or other drinks of the couple’s preference). It is always necessary to take a break to recover your energies between “rounds” if you know what I mean! 🙂 And nothing better than eating and drinking while exchanging ideas on what to do next or just take a break for the next time. Just be careful not to choose anything too heavy or spicy and end the night ahead of schedule, okay?

There are those who like to mix food with sex, especially at the time of oral, an idea that can be pleasant. Fruits and chocolates are the most used elements for this type of game.

There are so many ideas,it is up to you which one will you put into practice today? Tell us your idea or we challenge you to send us more tips and tricks.

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