An Honest Experience of a Sex Doll Owner with the Doll

A Journey Inside The Minds Of Men Who Are In Love With Their Lifelike Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have really become a popular sex toy for men. It has given sexual satisfaction to so many men who were struggling to get it from their partners. For many men, sex dolls had life-changing impacts on their lives which made them happier than ever.

However, many of you would not believe that. As you know, society plays a big role in the choices we make. More often than not, we choose to go by the norms of the society even if that suppresses our basic needs. And, sex is one of the most basic needs of men. After all, we are animals too.

That is why owning sex toys have become taboo in society. However, men are now pushing the norms because no one can control the basic needs of humankind. It is more obvious with the rise in popularity of the sex dolls and many people are now looking to have it.

However, still, there are some sceptics who think that buying a sex doll is absolutely a waste of their money. Actually, they have no idea what they are talking about. Without any experience of having sex with a sex doll, how can you say that it is absolutely worthless?

Now, getting an insight into how it feels like to have sex with a sex doll might be difficult for you. You may not have anyone who owns a sex doll. But, we are here to give you an insight into the mind of someone who has bought the doll for himself and enjoying very much.

Meet Oliver Smith, a sex doll owner who bought his sex doll from a few months back. In this article, Oliver will share his experience with the doll and how he felt using it for sex.

Choose to Buy My Sex Doll

Introducing Oliver Smith

Hey guys, this is Oliver Smith. I can say I am very much pleased to give you my account of how I felt while using my love doll.

I am from South London and I run a small business there. In my family, I have my wife and two kids. I live a very simple life and I like it that way. Yes, my age is 35. I and my family live a very happy life in our small house.

So, now you will be thinking about why I bought a sex doll? Why I had to bring a sex doll to my house? Is there any tragedy or anything else? No, there was no tragedy or no heartbreak associated with my decision of buying a sex doll.

Now, I know many of you would get heartbreaks by reading my reply. We men are so absorbed in hearing sad stories that we don’t give a fuck to our happiness. No more philosophical talk, here is the hard truth about why I decided to bring a sex doll to my home.

Why I Bought a Sex Doll?

Look, I and my wife Maria are married for 12 years. We have two lovely kids. Our sex life was enviable for many. It was something that I cannot explain to you in words. It was euphoric. But, after the birth of my second son Jamie, everything seems to have changed.

We two didn’t have sex for around six months and when we did, it was not the same anymore. She wasn’t feeling the same and neither was I. It was difficult to digest but I had to. I still hate to admit it but I even thought about getting divorced from my wife.

Actually, she thought about the same thing as well. But, what kept us going was our love for each other. We wanted to fix things, not break them. So, instead of falling out with each other, we started searching for ways to make our sex life lively again.

I remember one day, I suggested Maria about using a vibrator. She was so pissed off with me that she didn’t even talk to me for about a week. So, I knew my wife doesn’t like using sex toys. She was searching for more spiritualistic ways of fixing things and I looking for materialistic things.

In this way, I bumped into I saw some of the best sex dolls I have ever seen in my life. Once I saw that the amount is in my reach, I decided to order it. But, how I got to is a whole new story which I would also like to share with you.

I know many of you would love to have a sex doll. Maybe this experience with of mine will help you to take the right steps in buying the sex doll of your dreams.

How I Found

In my opinion, is the best site for buying sex doll hands down. I searched for almost every corner of the internet and looked for the best sex toy. Before that, I had no idea about what a sex doll is. I knew about the fake vagina, but never had an idea about a sex doll. So, I was searching for a fake vagina when I saw a sex doll.

It was really ugly I must say. I thought who on earth would buy such an ugly shit to fuck. Never mind, I kept on working my way towards finding the right fake vagina for me. Suddenly, an idea came to my mind and I searched for sex dolls in the search engine.

The result I got was mind-boggling. There were so many sites that were selling sex dolls. I went to each one of them and studied the sites. I have to tell you that I have a knack of studying websites and by that, I can easily figure out which site is authentic and which site is not.

So, before studying the sites, I decided to learn about the sex dolls which will make my studying the sites more comprehensive. I learned everything about the doll from how it is made and what the difference is between a TPE doll and a Silicone doll.

After that, I studied every site that I found on the search result and finally, I made a choice. I choose to be the website from where I would buy the sex doll.

Reasons Why I Choose to Buy My Sex Doll

Many of you would be wondering why I thought to be the right website from where I would eventually buy my sex doll. If you have that enquiry in mind, then that is good because your mind is ready to learn what I am about to tell.

As a matter of fact, I am just sharing my experience honestly. So, after browsing some of the shittiest and nastiest websites that sell sex dolls, I finally found which was like a breath of fresh air for me.

Yes, sex dolls in all those websites looked fascinating and for a more moment, I forgot that I am married. Still, those websites did not look real and I knew that I would be wasting my money by buying the doll from those sites.

As you know, sex dolls are expensive and no one can deny that. Well, what the makers of the sex dolls produce, it is worth charging that much. So, it was important for me to buy the doll from the right place so that I get the value for the money I am spending.

I choose to buy my sex doll from and here are the reasons why I did…

A Professional Website Interface

I won’t say is the only website where you will be able to see such a professional website interface, especially in the sex doll category. There are other sites that may have a far better interface and I have seen them. But, those sites didn’t seem like an authentic site.

The website interface of is such that you know what’s in store for you. The navigation of the site was excellent and I didn’t have to wait long to find the ideal kind of sex doll that I was searching for. It was seamless and something made me trust them.

The Large Collection

Here again, I won’t say that has the largest collection of sex dolls. But, what they have is a better collection that will make your eyes glitter as it did to me. Frankly speaking, I have seen some of the shittiest collection of sex dolls throughout my exploration.

But, had none such nonsense sex dolls. I am a tit-lover so I wanted my sex doll to have large boobs. So, after looking at several dolls, I choose to buy Rosemary. She is a sexy babe with big boobs. I liked her appearance very much. So, I bought her.

Now, that does not mean other dolls of weren’t up to the mark. All the sex dolls on the website were stunning. But, I don’t know why but I like Rosemary very much so I brought her some. While ordering Rosemary, it was one of the most exciting moments for me, just like getting married.

I dressed her with long hair and my wife’s sexy underwear according to my liking.

The Pricing is Decent

I will never say that charges the lowest. But I can say if you buy the sex doll from sites that are charging the lowest just to save a few quid, then, you are making a big mistake. I wanted to get a fair price for the doll I will purchase and I guess I got that from

What I paid them was a decent amount of money but I can tell you this, what I got in return is way more than what I paid. It was amazing. I just love Rosemary. She is like my second wife now. That is why the pricing was another reason why I thought the would be a reliable place.

I choose to buy my sex doll from

Getting My Hands on Rosemary for the First Time

As I have already told you, my wife, Maria, is too prejudiced about using sex toys. So, we never had a chance of using it together. So, I couldn’t afford to tell her that I was bringing Rosemary. She would have been pissed off at me and given me marching orders from the house. Hence, I did not tell her.

For the delivery of the doll, I gave the address of our house at Highgate Village. I have bought that house some years back. But, we don’t actually go to that house to live. So, the doll got delivered within a very quick time. I had to go to Highgate Village to receive the delivery.

When I unboxed Rosemary, she was not the girl I saw in the images. Your sceptic mind would now start whirling to come to the conclusion that I was a fool to order the sex doll. But, here is the reality check; I had to assemble the doll to make it look like the Rosemary I saw in the picture.

I followed the instructions given by word to word and by doing so, I got the doll ready within a few minutes. Also, I had to take proper care of the doll. The last thing I wanted was to damage the doll on the very first day. I followed what told me and everything was completed swiftly.

Now, I could see the Rosemary I saw in the pictures and her sexy appearance made me horny. I decided to have some fun now with Rosemary. As there was no one in the house, I made a drink for myself made Rosemary sat beside me. I knew I would be having fun after a very long time.

Having Sex with a Sex Doll for the First Time

Now, you all will be waiting to know what it feels like to have sex with a sex doll. Well, I wanted to know that as well when I was sitting with Rosemary in my bed at my Highgate Village house. I had no idea as to how I could approach this. So, I started to feel her body.

First of all, I made her naked and started to feel her properly. Now, here is a catch for you, the doll felt like an exact woman. I thought I was fondling my wife, it was that much real. So, I went forward to have sex in whichever way I wanted.

I did things that I never thought would be possible to do with my wife. Also, I handcuffed Rosemary and fucked her hard. I made her my slave and pounded her in every way I could. And, like a boss, she took it all. It made me fall in love with her. Yes, it may seem strange but it is true.

I spend at least a few hours every week at our Highgate Village house just to spend some time with Rosemary. My experience with Rosemary was so exhilarating that it made my life way better than it was in the past. I never experienced an orgasm like that before.

I was finally happy sexually. Also, I didn’t tell my wife anything about Rosemary because I know that would piss her off. My wife is a beautiful woman and I love her. Also, I also love to have sex with her. But, She is special and I thank from the bottom of my heart for that.

How My Life Transformed After Buying Rosemary

I know that a lot of you want to know how my life is now after buying Rosemary. So, I would say it’s never been better. I can now see a positive change in every aspect of my life. From time to time, I feel why I did not have Rosemary in my life 5 or 6 years back.

Another interesting thing is, my wife still doesn’t know that I have been fucking a sex doll behind her back. Do you think she can divorce me for that? Is it cheating? I guess not, I am sure it’s not. So, now, let me tell you specifically, the positive changes I had in my life after buying Rosemary.

My Sex Life Became Much Better

After purchasing Rosemary, my sex life changed completely for good.  As you know, I was going through a frustrating sex life before Rosemary came. My wife has no interest in having sex anymore. Even if she gets some interest, the feel is not like what we had in the past. So, after having sex with Rosemary, this is not a problem anymore because now I can have sex whenever I needed it.

My Relationship with My Wife Improved

Rosemary was one of the reasons why our marriage was not over. Both I and my wife thought about divorcing each other because things were not working well between us. The centre of our problem was sex. After bringing Rosemary to my Highgate Village house, my relationship with my wife became better. We now communicate well with each other. Now, our bonding is stronger than ever. She thinks her spiritual deeds brought happiness in our marriage, but we all know the reason, right? So, let her think whatever she wants, I know the truth.

Thanks to Rosemary I am Now a Better Person

I have no regret in accepting that because of Rosemary, I became a better person. The one thing I want from my life is happiness. I am sure all of you want that as well. But, can you get happiness without a fulfilling sex life? You can’t.

That was also a problem for me. But, after Rosemary came to my life, everything became so much better. My sex life was better than ever. I am also a better person now. I can focus more on my work now. Apart from that, I give time to my wife, children, and friends.

I would give the credit for transforming my life to Rosemary and So, I would say buying the sex doll was, after all, a much more profitable deal for me.

The Final Thoughts

So, now we are here in the final section of this article. It was lovely to share my experience of buying a sex doll with all of you. Hopefully, those who have bought it will be able to relate to my experience. Also, some of you might get influenced to buy a sex doll after reading my experience. If you ask me where you should be buying your doll, then one place I will recommend is, the place from where I got my sex doll. I will always encourage you to get a sex doll and fulfil your sexual desires as I did.

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