Best Sex Doll Stores

Best Sex Doll Stores 2020

Are realistic sex doll worth the money?

Sex dolls have come a long way over the years! For someone who’s never tried a sex doll, and doesn’t even know if they will like it, it’s a huge investment. So…How pleasurable is sex with sex dolls in comparison to real sex?

If you are a fan of realistic sex with dolls, then this might be the ultimate option. It allows you to eliminate urges and, instead, you get to have a very pleasant sexual experience with a sex doll. Even if there are some people that judge this, there’s no denying that you can have a lot of fun with this type of doll. It all comes down to you if you agree to the morality of it all or not. If you want to get the very best experience, you need to make sure that you invest in a great doll.

What is the significance of sex doll online stores?

Sex dolls are growing more popular every day. And as the demand for sex dolls rises, more online sources pop up. This is where reseller shops come in.

Sex doll manufacturers and suppliers play a very important role in this diverse industry. To start with, the manufacturers put up the sex doll, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality.

On the other hand, the suppliers play the role of a conveyer belt between you and the manufacturer. From receiving your order and specifications to relaying them to the manufacturer. And, by handling you professionally throughout the entire process, suppliers are an important unit of the overall experience.

Moreover, they offer a variety of lifelike products with varying price ranges to make it easier for you to pick the sex doll of your dreams.

Many sex doll online shops offer similar services and products. You should only buy from reliable shops that offer the best terms when it comes to several factors.

But, not all vendors can give you the customer satisfaction you expect and deserve. That’s why we’ve looked into different sex doll online stores to find out which ones stand out among the rest.

How do sex dolls improve/ruin your life?

Here’s an idea that might be worth considering: if every woman you’ve ever been with is emotionally unstable, it is not because you have bad luck. You don’t win women in a lottery or by rolling dice. If every woman you have ever been with is emotionally unstable, it’s because you choose emotionally unstable women. So, maybe instead of cursing your luck, make different choices? Just a thought.

If a sex doll can give you everything you want from a woman, by all means, get a sex doll. No reason not to. However, I suspect you will find, should you try it, that a doll can’t actually replace a real person.


  • Custom Body Parts: Some dolls come moulded as one single piece. Others, mould the main part of the body first, then attach body parts that are created separately. This often includes the head, hands, feet, breasts, and genitals.
  • Colourations: If your doll offers a choice in a variety of skin colours, this will likely be a little more expensive than taking a tone chosen by the manufacturer as default.
  • Hair and Make-up: Some dolls will come with a premade head that is simply attached to the body. Other’s will let you completely customise any part of the head you choose. You can decide on your dolls make-up, hair colour, nose size, piercings, basically any facial feature you can think of. The more work the manufacturer puts in to creating your ideal head will play a part in how much they charge you.
  • Extra Features: The sky is really the limit with your sex dolls. If you can find the right manufacturer they can create almost anything you’d want. Be it completely different shapes styled after favourite characters. Different skin tones complete with freckles, blemishes and scars. Or even adding vibrating parts or artificial intelligence so your doll can stimulate you that bit more. Each additional thing you pile on is likely to raise the cost.

Best Sex Doll Stores


当店は、日本人としての倫理観を備えた100% 日本人が、信頼できる中国人の妻とパートナーを組み、中国広東省の10年以上のキャリアを持つ工場に出資し、事業を営んでおります。


hanidoll』はラブドール販売専門店です。様々なスタイル、身長、材質のドールを販売し、価格によって、高かったり、安かったりです。自社の工場を持っています。高級な技術で生産したドールはよりリアルで、肌はよりなめらかで繊細で、もっと柔らかい感触を持たせしています。 本社の製品は世界各地で販売されていて、 そのうちの日本は40%を占めます。すべての製品は,新型エコポリマー合成材料(TPE)を利用して、無菌高温処理、医療レベル材料です!金属骨格を内蔵し、堅牢で変形しにくいです。 可動範囲内で様々なポーズをとることができます。この製品は国家の衛生安全と環境保護に関する基準に適合し、FDA、CEとCPST検査を通過しました。



hanidollラブドールはいろんな工場の利点と顧客のニーズを合わせて、市場で最も多い種類のラブドールを開発しました。さらに、身長や体型やスタイルの異なるドールを改良しました。hanidollの100cm、130cm、148cm、158cm、平胸、美乳、可愛い、清楚さのドールがお客様に大人気があります!同時、hanidollは顧客にカスタマイズ可能なヘッド(カスタムフェイス )サイビスを提供します。欲しい顔の写真を提供してくれれば、誰でもお客様のために実現を助けることができます。


hanidollラブドールは人間の肌のような感じがあるだけではない ,内部の金属骨格はドールを人間のように色々なポーズにすることができるようにしました。例えば、肩をすぼめたり、正座をしたり、立ったり、腕を前後に動かしたり。ドールの指は針金のデザインを更新して、金属骨格を持って、人間のように指を曲げることができて、各種の異なった働作を出すことができます。そして、ドールと人のインタラクション性を増やすために,知能対話発声機能を開発しました。お客様がドールの胸、下半身や足に触れるとドールが知能発声できます。お客様は説明書にある固定された言葉によってドールと対話することができます。(注意:発声機能は主に日本語、中国語、英語、3種類があって、対話機能は日本語と中国語2種類だけです。)ラブドールは人体の血管を模したデザインを持っており、胸、腕、太もも、お尻にははっきり擬似血管を見え、ラブドールを更にリアルにしています。












Zlovevdoll was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Guangdong, China. We are committed to providing our customers with the most cost-effective realistic sex dolls.

So far, we have 8 years of manufacturing and sales experience. During the period, we have continuously optimized and improved product details through accumulated experience to present customers with a more authentic experience. As sex toys have direct physical contact with our skin, we always put safety first, and the raw materials used are medically approved Top-Grade silicone and TPE.

We have our very own factory, which reduces the supply chain, costs, and brings more affordable prices to consumers. You can find the most cost-effective real sex dolls of the same quality at Zlovedoll.

Welcome to Mailovedoll! We are a Chinese manufacturer with an eight-year history, focused on producing ideal sex dolls. Our team was established in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China in 2012, and we are committed to providing doll lovers with the perfect sex dolls for each of them. In addition to pursuing the ultimate appearance of sex dolls, our first goal is to help you to find your exclusive doll.

After eight years of development, we have grown from a small workshop of several hundred square meters to a sex doll factory with a building footprint of ​​1,400 square meters. Currently, we have 31 experienced workers, 3 professional sex doll designers, 2 polymer mold experts, a material expert, and 9 senior makeup artists.

Everything we have right now comes from the support of sex doll lovers. To satisfy our customers—in terms of style or doll quantity—we have cooperated with many well-known sex doll manufacturers across the world, such as WM Dolls, 6Ye Doll, AF Doll, Aibei Doll, Irontech Doll, Jarliet Sex Dolls, Qitadoll, Mese Doll, Sinodoll, SM Doll, and SY Doll. With the official support of these brands (Mailovedoll is the authorized agent of the brands listed above), we can better serve our customers and satisfy more sex doll lovers.

All sex dolls at Mailovedoll come from well-known sex doll manufacturers, so the quality of dolls is guaranteed. You can easily buy any sex doll you like at Mailovedoll. The price of dolls is affordable with guaranteed quality. All dolls are CE, FDA, and RoHS certified, and are inspected through 9 procedures. We have a well-established after-sales service team. Whether your doll needs repairing or replacing, we will provide you with excellent service.

Now, we also provide an extra service for our valued customers: free shipping. All shipping costs and duties are on us. Please don’t worry about the confidentiality and privacy of your package. We use shipping boxes without logos or other sex doll indications. When you open the package, you can enjoy your sex doll with minimal assembly.

Kanadoll is a trusted online shopping store for selling sex dolls. We are selling many types of male sex dolls and female love dolls. We also obtain authorization from some the most famous sex doll brands and provide dolls to you at an affordable price. Whether you like soft TPE sex dolls or ultra-real silicone dolls, you can buy them at Kanadoll. In order to provide you with the best sex doll, we support you to customize your dream sex doll, even including the small details of the areola color. As a TOP sex doll company, we are also studying robot sex dolls, so that you can talk with sex dolls or interact during sex. Coming soon!

Kanadoll not only a sex dolls seller and vendor, we also update sex doll knowledge and news, so that you can quickly turn from a beginner to an experienced veteran. Want to get a quick response? Our professional customer service is waiting for your consultation online. Buying a sex love doll? Kanadoll is the best store where you can buy lifelike sex dolls, take your dream sex doll home now!



新規商品開発も絶えず取り組んでいます。Fansdollsでは、AI機能の導入や骨組みの改良に取り組んでいます。骨組みについては近年「FLEX PROフレーム」と呼ばれる技術を新たに導入しました。この骨組みによって、肩やひざの可動域が従来よりもさらに広がりました。従来モデルでは困難だった、肩をすくめたり、正座をしたりできます。48手のほとんどすべてにチャレンジできるでしょう。さらにAIラブドールの開発にも取り組んでいます。新技術開発で、さらに魅力的なラブドールが今後発売されるかもしれません。

Welcome to, we are one of the top realistic sex doll manufacturer in the industry. Our mission is to provide you a richer and deeper sexual experience. All of our real sex dolls are made from high-quality materials. We guarantee that you won’t find any low quality, cheap fake dolls on

We also have built strong relationships with the top end and mid-range sex doll brands like WM Doll, 6YE Doll, JY Doll, and SY Doll. In addition, we are manufacturing our own sex dolls with the most competitive price for our shop. Further, if you still can’t find the love doll that you like, we can create the doll based on the photos you provided.

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