Black Friday 2020 UK and has a big booty Trophy Wife

Whenever you see a girl from the backside, you stare at her ass. Have you ever wondered why? The reason for this might be hiding in our evolution period. From the beginning, men are attracted towards girls with a large booty.

Men see girls with a large booty as attractive due to several reasons. However, you should also not forget that the big ass of a woman can be a treasure box of pleasure. You will hardly find a man who would not want to get inside the ass of a sexy woman.

Now, having a girl in your bed with the shape of a perfect booty is very much difficult. You have to be very lucky to find such a girl. That is why most men do not find a girl who has a satisfactory booty to satisfy the sexual cravings of men.

But, you will be looking for a solution. How can you get a girl with a perfect booty in bed even if you are not lucky enough? Well, the best way you can have such a girl in bed is a big booty sex doll. You can buy a big booty sex doll and enjoy like never before with her.

You would say that a sex doll is not a cheap investment. But, still, it is worth every penny you pay to have her in your bed. Also, if you are looking to buy a sex doll at a lower cost, then this black Friday can be the ideal time for you.

Wondering why? Let’s see how you can have the Black Friday booty sex doll and why you should be interested in the first place to have that doll. You will be delighted with a big booty sex doll in your bed.

What kind of body types are the big booty

What kind of body types are the big booty?

Now, before we go deep into the matter, it is better to identify what a big booty is. Many people don’t know the body-type of women that they can term as ‘big booty’. Well, body-types of women are generally described according to the type of fruit. So, let’s see the body types that will help you to determine what type of big booty you want in bed.

Apple type

Have you ever seen that some women’s ass resembles the shape of an apple? Yes, it happens when the fat gets accumulated generally around the abdomen. Many women can have their waist exceeding their hip and bust as far as the circumference goes. The entire image that you will get of the ass will look like an apple and that is primarily abdominal obesity. Men love women with this type of ass because they are more loveable.

Pear shape

The shape of a pear is always pretty attractive. Now, imagine that pear as the ass of a woman, isn’t it sexy? Well, a pear shape booty is when the hip of a woman acquires more fat that her waist. As a result, such women will have a slender figure above with a nice shape of the waist and a narrow shoulder. You can also term this as hip obesity and if you are in bed with a girl who has hip obesity or pear shape booty, then you can find tremendous pleasure.

Type H

Girls with type H booty are always special because they have well-distribution of fat in their body. Generally, these ladies will have almost the same measurement for their shoulders, hips, and waist. Because of this even distribution of fat, the shape of their ass becomes an H shape. These women can also give great fun in bed.


Imagine the perfect shape of a woman’s body. That curve around the waist, that nice shape of the thighs, that fuller hips and breast, all these aspects make a woman sexy and hot. A girl with an hourglass figure will have all these features. In many cases, this type of figure is also called the S-shape figure. These women are the epitome of sex appeal.

Now, you will be wondering which type of asses is big and which are small. In general, you will see that the asses resembling the shape of an apple or a pear are big butts. However, the hourglass shape indicates small butts.

Body Shape of Big Booty

Why do men like girls with a big booty?

Some of you might want to know why a big booty is so attractive for men. Well, to explain this, we have to go deep into the evolution of humankind and also state the present-day situation. Otherwise, this discussion will not be as fruitful as you want it to be.

From the Evolution of Human Kind

A woman with a big booty will generally have her body curve around 45-degree. This means the spine of this type of women will be bending at an angle that will help them during pregnancy. These types of body of a woman help her to bear a child easily.

Now, in the past during the evolution period of humankind, the main reason for a man and a woman to mate is to create their offspring and nothing else. Men knew the importance of breeding their offspring well. So, they used to select women based on the type of their ass at times.

What happened is that the mother used to spread her genes in her daughter. So, the daughter used to have such a type of ass that will be assisting her during her breeding. Also, the sons used to get some genetic elements from their mother. It allowed them to crave for girls with such type of asses.

Because of this chain during the evolution period, men are still interested in women with a large ass. For some men, this craving of women with a large ass is in their genes.

Why Men Craves for Women with a Large Ass Presently

We have seen the evolutionary aspect of why men love women with big booty. Now, it is time to see why men are more interested in girls with a large booty. First of all, the shape of the body of a woman with a large booty is far more attractive than others.

When you see a girl with a large booty, you will get attracted to her simply because she will look sexier in your eyes. Also, when you fuck that girl in her ass and your lower abdominal area thuds into the ass cheeks of that woman, it is pleasure hard to explain in words.

Meanwhile, in porn movies, you will see that actresses with large asses are more watchable than others because they make you horny more. Also, many men think that women with large asses are hornier and more interested in sex and their large ass is a sign of that.

That is why in modern times, many men think that the girls with large asses will not only give them the pleasure of hardcore anal sex but also, they will be easier to convince and get laid. That is why girls with big booty are more popular among men than other girls.

Benefits of Having Sex with a Big Booty Sex Doll

Not every man is lucky enough to have a girl in bed that will have a big booty. But, now, you don’t have to settle for anything that you don’t want. You can have a Black Friday booty sex doll and enjoy with her whenever you want. Now, you must be wondering about the benefits of having sex with a bit booty sex doll. So, let’s see them.

A Pleasure to Have Sex

When you have sex with a sex doll who has a large booty, you will have the pleasure of your life. Well, the fat around her ass will help you to penetrate her from behind in a nice way and when your penis thuds against her buttocks, you will surely love it.

More Sex Drive

Due to genetic and biological reasons as we have already mentioned before in this article, men are generally more attracted to a girl with a large ass. Therefore, if you see a sex doll with a large ass in front of you, you just can’t but stare at that ass and feel horny from the inside. Now, that is nothing pervert because men are biologically like that. And, when you have that ass in bed to enjoy, you will devour it whole-heartedly.

Feels Better While Squeezing

While penetrating a sex doll from behind, you would want to squeeze her buttocks. However, if the doll doesn’t have a good amount of fat in that region, you will surely struggle to squeeze that ass and have fun with it. A big ass will normally have a nice accumulation of fat in the buttocks. Therefore, during sex, you will be able to use that butt better.

Anal Penetration Becomes Pleasurable

If you are interested in anal sex, then you would want to have a sex doll that has a big ass. Look, a big ass just makes anal penetration that more pleasurable. You will be thudding against the buttocks filled with fat. Therefore, even if you are pounding the ass of a big ass sex doll, you will find more pleasure. So, for those who love anal sex, a Black Friday booty sex doll is what you need.


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Is a Big Booty Sex Doll Better than a Real Girl?

Many people speculate whether a big booty sex doll is better than a real girl. Well, purchasing a big booty sex doll is always a better choice because of the following reasons.

  • Have Sex Anytime: A real girl might refuse you if you are horny and looking to have sex. But, a big booty sex doll will never refuse you if you want to have sex. She is always ready for your penis.
  • That Perfect Ass-Shape: You always dream of having a girl in bed that has a perfect shape of the ass. Now, having such a woman in real is very tough unless you have the luck on your side. However, with a Black Friday booty sex doll, you can have the girl of your dream in bed easily.
  • No Consent Needed: When you are in bed with a real girl, you will have to take her consent to do things that you desire to do with her sexually. Sometimes, you might want to go rough on her, but if she opposes, you will have to withdraw. You will not have that problem with a sex doll as you don’t need her consent if you want to fulfil your sexual desires.

Why Black Friday is the Ideal Time to Buy a Big Booty Sex Doll?

Most people wouldn’t associate sex doll shopping during Black Friday. But, in reality, it is the best time for you to buy a sex doll. Here are some reasons that will compel you to buy your favourite sex doll this Black Friday.

  • Lower Price: As you know, at times, sex dolls can be costly. So, you need to make sure that you are buying the sex doll when its price is the lowest. Well, the Black Friday is that time when you can find sex dolls at a lower price.
  • Additional Discounts: At, you will be having additional discounts which will make the already lower price lower. This means you will be the real gainer if you buy a sex doll this Black Friday.
  • Exclusive Collection: Once you visit the website of, you will find our exclusive collection of Black Friday booty sex doll. You will have a great time choosing the one you would want for your sexual pleasure.

The Bottom Line

Finally, every man wants to have a trophy wife that he can show off.  However, everyone does not have the luck to find their ideal trophy wife. But, if you want to turn the luck on your side and bring home a trophy wife that everyone will envy, then visit and check out our Black Friday booty sex doll. You can rest assured you won’t be disappointed.

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