How to Buy a Sex Doll on Kanadoll?

Buying a sex doll on Kanadoll online store is easy.

Step 1: Choose your favorite doll, you can find the perfect one faster and easier by the category displayed along the top navigation bar:

And you can also consider our recommended products:

You can also search for your favorite sex doll.

Step 2: Once you find your favorite doll, you can customize it.

For example, choose your favorite hairstyle and hair color for your sex doll:

For example, choose your favorite eye color and nail color:

Areola color, skin color, and vagina types are available to customize:

Besides, you can add special features to your love doll for an extra cost, such as hair planting, jelly breast, body temperature, and standing:

We also offer the option for an extra head that gives you more variety without having multiple dolls. (Cost: $499.00)

If you feel making all of these choices is too complicated, then you can order the stock doll without picking any options directly into your shopping cart and we will create the doll the way you found it in the photographs.

Step 3:

Once your selection has been added to your shopping cart, you must add your payment type and shipping information. Please be sure to confirm what you submitted in this section to complete the payment process, just as you would any other online purchase.

We accept most credit cards and PayPal to complete your order. If there are any issues you encounter during the payment process, please mmediately contact our online customer service support team because we are here to serve you.