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Kanadoll UK has its own factory, which allow us to provide customization services. The customization services are divided into two categories:

  • Completely customization
  • Basic customization

Completely customization: You just need to clearly tell us your requirements, and we are responsible for making your ideal sex doll. For example, if you want a doll that is the same as an anime character, simply provide us with her pictures or videos and we will do the rest for you. It only takes less than a month and we can make a perfect sex doll for you.

Basic customization: Of course, in addition to the comprehensive customization, Kanadoll UK also offers basic customization. In our online store, you can customize every part of the doll body, including the hairstyle, eye color, skin color, cup size, areola color, nails, removable vagina, standing feature, etc. Besides, if you have a unique custom request, you can also confirm with us via online chat or email before purchasing. As a factory direct sale, we can meet all your customization needs for a small additional cost.

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How to customize a sex doll?

Now let’s talk about the process of two customization services.

Complete customization

Step 1: Please tell us your needs clearly by email, it will be very helpful to provide clear pictures and videos. If you want to customize the doll with a slightly different appearance, for example, if you want your custom doll plumper than showing in pictures, red hair, green eyes, etc., please let us know in advance by email. Our email address:

Step 2: We will write a confirmation email based on your needs, and list the characteristics of your customized doll, the price, and what may not happen. If you cannot provide a picture or video of the custom doll in the first email, we may still have a famous portrait painter to draw your ideal doll based on your requirements, at an additional cost. When you confirm the details mentioned in the email, you will need to make a payment for the customization service so we can start producing your sex doll. (Call us if you want to know the prices for portraits and custom dolls. A friendly reminder: price for custom dolls are much higher than regular dolls.)

Step 3: Kanadoll factory sculpture experts will make doll sculpture according to the details stated in the second email. When the sculpture is completed, we will send you pictures of each angle of the sculpture. We may make some detailed changes per your requests.

Step 4: We make the doll mold based on the sculpture.

Step 5: Install alloy skeleton and pour TPE or silicone material to make your sex doll.

Step 6: Sex doll body trimming, detail modifications, makeup, etc.

Step 7: Sex doll packaging and delivering to you via FedEx or UPS, and within 2-7 days you will receive your own custom doll.

Basic customization

First, you can select your favorite sex doll according to the head and body in kanadoll on-line store.

After you choose your favorite doll, you can customize the selected doll on the product detail page. The items you can customize includes:

#1. Free selections

you can select your favorite sex doll according to the head and body in kanadoll on-line store.
After you choose your favorite doll, you can customize the selected doll on the product detail page.

#2. Paid items (An additional $50 is required for each paid item).

The pubic hair of the customized sex doll can be freely selected.

Whether free or paid item, if there is no selection, we will keep the default configuration (refer to the model image on the product page for default configuration) and prepare for shipment.

In the end, you can select an extra head to your sex doll. (Cost: $499.00)

Finally, if you want to customize more items, such as body shape, dildo or even nose ring, tattoos, etc., please contact us by email and we will do our best to assist you.


All make-up (eyebrows, face, areola and labia) that comes on the doll from the factory is listed as Semi-permanent, meaning it can be intentionally or accidentally removed and will fade over time. You must take care in these areas to avoid things that will remove the coloring (mineral oil, makeup remover, some soaps, any chemicals).

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