Is a Woman Shaving Pubic Hair Harmful to the Body?

Female pubic hair common sense that men may not know.

Do you want to shave my pubic hair? You want me to be a little girl for you? Today is April 1st, April Fool’s Day, I’m not kidding. …shaved her crotch in the shape of a lightning bolt.

As men, we will certainly react to the beautiful and pretty nudes of the opposite sex, otherwise, how can you Give her a green gown in harmony?

In the face of the opposite sex naked, what makes you desire?

  • With pubic hair
  • No pubic hair
  • Special shape
  • Doesn’t matter

In April, the spring flowers wake up in a dream. As the weather warms, many girls are preparing to “make the wardrobe sexy.” Behind the clothes that seem to be shameless, the girls must be thinking about “how to trim the lawn.”

Why don’t I say “trim pubic hair” directly? Because of the need twists and turns ahead on a flat road, this is our way of doing things.

Understand “trim the lawn” you will have a new level of understanding of sex. When having sex with a Female Sex Doll, fantasy different from real people is more passionate.

Female pubic hair common sense

Introduction to pubic hair

Pubic hair is hair that grows on the external genitals and mons Veneris. Female pubic hair mainly refers to hair that grows on mons pubis, labia majora, posterior vaginal union, and perianal area. They are produced by the stimulation of a small number of androgens secreted by the adrenal glands and ovaries. They are dense, curly, soft, and similar in shape and color to the armpit hair.

At puberty, pubic hair develops and girls begin to menstruate. At this time, you need to give proper physical hygiene guidance (if you want to turn a Lifelike Sex Doll into a little girl, you can play as a parent to help her trim the lawn). Pubic hair is a normal phenomenon that occurs after androgen stimulation. Don’t hide, don’t be ashamed, it’s born so, just face it right. Of course, there are some people who do not have pubic hair, which does not matter.

There are two specific cases of non-pubic hair: one is innately insensitive to androgen stimulation, so the overall hair is scarce and does not affect later life; the other is a disease of the gonad axis, which causes Hormone secretion is reduced and can be improved by treating the primary disease.

By the age of 18, pubic hair has completed the ultimate evolution, forming the “inverted triangle” pattern you see now. Some people will grow into Rasputin, or Marx, or Hitler. It doesn’t matter, because no one will use them as a metaphor like me.

The effect of pubic hair

First, the barrier effect. As an appendage to human skin, hair has always been praised as a “natural barrier.” The hair can block the direct sunlight and prevent the brain CPU temperature from becoming too high. Pubic hair can resist the attack of foreign bacterial viruses while absorbing and distributing sweat and secretions from the genitals. Think about it, human women, climbing the greenest grass, flowing the most urgent stream, sitting on the hardest stones, riding the wildest horse, without the protection of a pinch of pubic hair, is it really possible?

Second, the buffer effect. In addition to the natural barrier effect, pubic hair also has a good cushioning effect. note! This is not about riding a wild horse, but about having a sexual relationship. Friction and collision during sexual relations require pubic hair as a buffer. Now you understand why pubic hair is mostly curly, right? It should be self-evident that curly hair has an advantage in cushioning.

The disadvantages of pubic hair

The disadvantages of pubic hair

In ancient times, the barrier effect of pubic hair was greater, and now this effect has not been so obvious. In some cases, the presence of pubic hair can make private parts warm and humid. In such an ambiguous environment, it is too easy to create some inflammation and breed some pathogens. For those with vaginitis, pubic hair has even more or less promoted it. This requires us to develop good hygiene habits, learn to properly clean the genitals, and keep clean at all times. After fucking female sex doll, be sure to clean her well. As for the menstrual period, it is even more tragic. The sweltering and irritable mood is very bad. The lower body is wet, sweaty, and greasy … It is no wonder that most women choose to spend their menstrual periods by “trim the lawn + sanitary napkin”.

“Trim the lawn”

Regarding pubic hair shaving or not shaving, I believe that every brother should have an answer in his heart. I have a neutral attitude-I can do whatever I want with my lawn. If you want to trim her into a small heart shape, I respect you as a man!

About lawn mowing or not, I believe that every buddy should have an answer in your heart. I have a neutral attitude-I can do whatever I want with “my lawn”. If you want to trim her into a small heart shape, I respect you as a Fucking Bloke!

The following instructions are given to your future sex girl:

Once you have decided to trim your pubic hair, you must first relax psychologically and be as confident and confident as a man’s shave.

Required items: scissors, razor, mirror, basin, soapy water (or foaming agent, gel, etc.), water, etc. If you plan to do modelling, it is best to prepare sketches in advance, and the environment is preferably the bathroom.

Below, refer to the six steps

Step 1: Scrub the vulva with water.
Step 2: Use scissors to cut the pubic hairs to a moderate length and arrange them neatly.
Step 3: Soak the genitals in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes to soften the hair.
Step 4: Apply soapy water (or foaming agent, gel, etc.) evenly.
Step 5: Choose the right razor to shave your pubic hair. Shaving in the direction of the hair may leave small stubble, and shaving in the direction of the hair may cause minor damage to the epidermis. Weigh the pros and cons and choose for yourself.
Step 6: Look in the mirror, according to the draft complete artistic creation.

Need to remind everyone buddy, the skin of the girl’s vulva is delicate and has many wrinkles, so you must be careful when trimming the lawn. Especially for the first time, it is easy to cause skin damage due to unskilled techniques.

How often does pubic hair need to be trimmed

Quick Q & A session

Q: How often does pubic hair need to be trimmed?

A: This is something that can’t stop once it starts, don’t believe you try it. It’s best to start trimming once every two to three days. After being proficient, it is basically done by the way while bathing.

Q: Will it affect my sexual life after shaving my pubic hair?

A: It is difficult to say whether shaving your pubic hair will have an impact on your sexual life. You can try it. It doesn’t matter if you feel uncomfortable, pubic hair will grow anyway. The newly grown stubble will be stingy, and you can experience the exciting feeling of two beards spearing each other when kissing. Most exciting when stubble has just grown. It’s like the thrill of beards spying on each other when two men kiss.

If you want, you can be the technical director of vulva hair styling for future girlfriend, hahaha~

Hi, buddy!

We love this flourishing world.

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