Sex Doll Guide: First Time Buy Real Love Sex Dolls

Your sex life is one of the most important parts of your life. Without a fulfilling and happy sex life, you just cannot expect to live a good life. But, the harsh reality is only a few men or women can have a satisfying sex life. And, the rest of them are left only with despair.

Now, if you are looking for good sex life, then buying a sex toy is a very good option. However, most of the sex toys will give you the pleasure of sex artificially. However, the one sex toy that can replicate the feeling of having sex in real life is a sex doll.

There is no other sex toy that can match the pleasure of a sex doll. Now, buying a sex doll can be a challenging task at the present moment because you have so many options in hand. This makes the task a whole lot complicated that you can expect.

For a first-time sex doll buyer, buying a good sex doll becomes next to impossible unless you know How to Buy a Sex Doll. Also, you need to keep in mind that quality sex dolls don’t come cheaply and if you don’t buy a quality sex doll, you will never have the pleasure you seek.

By keeping that in mind, it is important for you to know how you can buy a high-quality sex doll. At, we care for our customers. That is why in this article, we will discuss how to buy a sex doll so that our first-time sex doll buyers get what they want from their sex doll.

Sex Doll Guide: First Time Buy Real Love Sex Dolls

Reasons for Buying a Sex Doll

Sex dolls are certainly becoming more and more popular in the market of sex toys. Now, more and more people are interested in owning a sex doll. Certainly, they have their own reasons for buying a sex doll. Here are some of the reasons why you might look to buy a sex doll.

Sexual Fantasies

Everyone has some sexual fantasies that he or she wants to fulfil. However, with your regular partner, you cannot fulfil those fantasies. Your fetish might seem like a thought of a pervert to your partner. But, for you, it is what you want in bed.

If your partner is unwilling to fulfil your sexual needs, then you have all the right to buy a sex doll and get your fetishes fulfilled. Many people buy sex dolls just to fulfil their fantasies. That is what actually drives them to to buy a sex doll.

Satisfaction in Bed

You might be in love with your partner. Both of you enjoy each other’s company. But, when it comes to finding satisfaction in bed, your partner might be contented with below-par sex, but you might be not. You want to elevate your sex life to the next level.

You have a craving to experience the euphoria of satisfying orgasms. In such a scenario, you should be looking to buy a sex doll because that will be your gateway to satisfaction in bed. You will be able to have sex on your own terms with a love doll.

Sex at Your Will

When you are in a relationship with your partner, you need to take consent from your partner before having sex. At times, you might be interested but your partner is not. Also, in certain scenarios, you may not be in the mood to have sex but you still have to do it just to make your partner happy.

But, with a sex toy, you are getting the freedom of having sex whenever you want. You will have sex whenever you want and as long as you want it. Your sex doll will never ever decline your invitation because she is horny for dicks all the time.

A Different Sex Toy

At times, you would want to include a sex toy in your sex life to make it better. It can be a unanimous decision between the couples. Now, generally, many couples look to have a different sex toy rather than going for the ones others use regularly.

A sex doll is a very different sex toy that you have seen in your life. It is perhaps the most realistic sex toy that can give the feel of having sex in real. Many couples choose sex dolls because it is different than the sex toys you will see in the market.

Make a Relationship Better

If your sex life is going through a torrid time, then you should know that things could get really ugly between you and your partner any time soon. Both of you have to amend things so that both of you can live a happy life. You and your partner need to spice up things in your bedroom.

For that, buying a sex doll could be a great option. You and your partner will be able to spice up things because of the inclusion of the sex doll. It will certainly rejuvenate your relationship and bring that lost spark back. That is why so many couples also buy sex dolls nowadays.

The Choice of the Material of the Sex Doll

When it comes to buying a realistic sex doll, you have two types of materials from which you have to choose. These are TPE and Silicone. Now, let’s have a very brief discussion on both and see which one will be better for you.

TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer

If you want your sex toy to have softer skin, then TPE will be the ideal choice for you. Also, another good thing about TPE sex dolls is it will be a cheaper option for you. However, you need to know that when it comes to withstanding high temperatures, TPE fails miserably.

Also, the material is porous which means, it can be a bit hard to clean this doll. Furthermore, TPE is known to get torn after using a few times so, it is not a durable material. Therefore, TPE sex dolls are cheaper but they may not have the quality you expect from a sex doll.


One of the most widely used materials for making sex dolls is Silicone. Basically, silicone sex dolls are the most realistic sex dolls that you can ever purchase. They resemble human skin wonderfully. Apart from that, it is very much durable and you can use it for a very long time.

Also, silicone is a material that will not produce any harmful effect on your skin and hence it is quite safe to use. But, the fact is silicone sex dolls are not cheap. So, if you are willing to have a sex doll that will last really very long, then a silicone sex doll is what you might want to have.

The Type of the Sex Doll

When it comes to buying a sex doll for the first, you have to understand the type of sex doll you would want for your pleasure. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind about the type of the doll before ordering one.


You need to be clear about the gender of the doll you want to order. The gender could depend on your sexual orientation. Also, if you are ordering the doll for your partner, then his or her sexual orientation will become prominent. All in all, gender is a key factor in choosing a sex doll.


It is very important to understand the size of the doll you are looking to order. Here, you need to remember one thing, the taller the doll is the heavier it will be. So, you should pick the size of the doll according to your carrying capacity because you will need to carry the doll.


You also need to choose the race of the doll you want to buy. If American or British or other European girls turn you on, then you should go for such dolls. Apart from that, you can choose ebony, Asian, Latina, and dolls from various other ethnicities.


Some people like to play with big boobs and some loves curvy asses. With a sex doll, you can get whatever you want. You can also find a busty sex doll if you like that type of figure. So, be certain about the type of figure you want in your sex doll.


You will find some people like matured men and women in bed and some like young. Whatever your need is, you should be clear before choosing the doll because that will be really helpful for you in choosing the right doll as a first-time buyer.

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