15 Tips You Need to Keep in Mind While Choosing Your Real Life Sex Doll

The popularity of sex dolls is increasing with leaps and bounces with each passing day. The more the technology evolves, we can see the more realistic the dolls are becoming. Gone are those days when you had to satisfy your sexual urges with your hands only.

Well, sexual urges are natural in human beings. So, whenever you have sexual urges and don’t have your partner around, you will generally turn to your hand. However, you will not get the kind of sexual pleasure you would be looking for.

Basically, the grip of your hand and a woman’s vagina is totally different. Therefore, you will never have the same feeling unless you are fucking a Real Life Sex Doll. That is exactly why these dolls are becoming increasingly popular in today’s market.

Now, here is a caution you need to take. As the sex doll’s market is increasing rapidly throughout the world, also the number of scammers is increasing with the same rapid pace. So, if you are not careful while buying the Real Life Sex Doll, you will end up buying a worthless doll.

Also, in many cases, finding the right online store to order the sex doll becomes really very difficult. That is why most of the first time sex doll buyers don’t get what they wished for. It leads to their disappointment and loss of money.

You need to realize that sex dolls don’t come cheaply. You have to spend a good amount of money to buy it. So, you would want your investment to be in the right sex dolls. That is why, in this article, we will tell you the 15 tips that will help you to find right Real Life Sex Doll for you because, at Kanadoll.co.uk, we care for our buyers.

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Top 15 Tips for Buying the Best Real Life Sex Doll

Before you start reading the tips, you should know that you have to be flexible while applying them. You will also have to take into considerations the circumstances you are facing. Also, you have to modify them according to the circumstances. That is what a wise Real Life Sex Doll buyer would do. So, without wasting any more of your time, here are 15 tips for buying a hot and realistic sex doll.

1. What You Need

You have to be very clear about what you are looking to get. You just cannot look for a doll randomly. In the past, sex dolls were only for men. But, now, you have sex dolls for women as well. Apart from that, there are various body-types you would want to check out.

So, if you are seeking absolute pleasure and ecstasy from the Real Life Sex Doll, then you will have to make sure that you know what you need. Also, being aware of the needs is what makes you sexually happy and is also a good thing to find the right doll.

2. The Material of the Doll

You need to know that you will be having sex with a doll and not a living person. So, the material used in making the doll will be very important. In the past, sex dolls were manufactured by using low-quality materials which did not provide the real feeling of having sex.

However, now, with the emergence of TPE or silicone dolls, you can rest assured you will have a great time in bed with your sex doll. So, know the materials used in making the doll before you go ahead and purchase the doll.

3. Orifices

What you really look forward to in a sex doll is the orifices because that is where you get the real fun. You have to check what orifices you want. If you want to have all the fun from the doll, then you would need 3 orifices mainly, vaginal, anus, and mouth.

Also, you have to decide whether you would go for a fixed vagina or a removable one. Having a fixed vagina always increases realism in the doll. But, still, it depends on the person buying the doll. Go for whatever you think would suit your needs.


4. Make a Budget

Before you even start looking for sex dolls, you should look for dolls within your budget. A sex doll can cost a huge amount of money if you want to have a quality product in your bed. So, you should be careful about the amount of money you would spend on the doll.

At Kanadoll.co.uk, we have dolls for various price ranges to suit your budget. You can check our collection to find your ideal doll. All in all, having a budget in mind helps you to figure out which doll will be good without putting too much stress on your pocket.

5. Find a Good Online Store

One of the pivotal things that will determine whether you have bought the best doll or not is the store from where you will be buying the sex doll. Now, there are so many sex doll shops available online. So, it becomes difficult to choose a store.

But, as you are here, you should know that Kanadoll.co.uk is one of the leading sex doll stores that you can ever find. With us, you will be having a large collection of various sex dolls from which you can pick your ideal sex doll at an appropriate price within your reach.

6.The Range of Choices

When you are buying a sex doll, you would not like to choose it by looking at one doll. You would want to buy your ideal sex doll by looking at several options in front of you. So, it will help you to understand which doll you would need to experience sexual ecstasy.

At Kanadoll.co.uk, we have a large collection of Real Life Sex Doll. Our sex dolls are so beautiful and sexy that even with a look at them, you will start feeling horny. So, explore our collection. You will know which doll you would want to have.

7. Robust Customer Support

You will find that in many sex doll online stores, after purchasing the doll, you will not get good assistance from their customer support team. Well, this is very, very bad because you want that store to be beside you when you face any problem after purchasing the doll.

Many times, you might even struggle to make contact with their customer support team. That is why you have to ensure that the store from which you are buying the doll provides robust customer support and you can easily contact them whenever you need them, just like Kanadoll.co.uk has.


Whenever Kanadoll releases new dolls or features special promotions, our subscribers will be the first to be notified. At the same time, we will also provide practical and cutting edge information from the sex doll industry from time to time.

8. A Standard User Interface

Whether a site is reliable or not, you can guess that instantly once you visit their website. You just have to look at their user interface. If the website is unreliable, then you will witness an unprofessional design of the interface.

But, a good site will have a standard design in the user interface. As you can see on Kanadoll.co.uk, we have a standard interface to welcome all our visitors. It is a hallmark of a reliable site where you can find good and realistic sex dolls.

9. Secrecy in Delivery

You would want to make sure that the delivery of the sex doll is done with secrecy. Sex dolls are a very private kind of thing. It is basically a sex toy, a large one. You would not want to show everyone that you are buying a sex doll. It is the duty of the store to maintain secrecy in delivery.

So, make sure that the store from where you are buying the doll will maintain the secrecy at the time of the delivery. Kanadoll.co.uk maintains absolute secrecy at the time of the delivery and thus, you will not face any problem while receiving the delivery.

10. The Secure Payment Options

One of the most important things that you have to keep in mind while buying the sex doll is the secrecy in payment. You would not want your card details and other information to get leaked out. Many sex doll buyers don’t feel the need to check this.

But, you have to be smart and check for a secure payment option so that you don’t have to repent in the end. At Kanadoll.co.uk, we have robust and secure payment options available and thus, once you buy your Real Life Sex Doll from us, you won’t have any concerns about the payment.

11. The Types of the Dolls

When it comes to buying sex dolls, you should know that there are so many options available for you. You can have various types of dolls like MILF, BBW, Petite, Blonde, and many others. Also, you can have sex dolls according to body-type such big tits, big asses, etc.

Moreover, don’t count out the ethnicity of the doll. So, you should know which type of girls would turn you on in bed. It will ensure that you are happy in bed with the doll. If you have fetishes for a certain kind of girl, it is where you can fulfil that fetish by having the right doll.

12. Don’t Look for Cheap Dolls

Most of the sex doll buyers have a tendency to look for cheap dolls. Yes, it is not a bad thing to look to save your money. But, it is definitely not a good thing to buy a below-average sex doll just to save a few bucks. Well, that is what mostly happens.

While making the Real Life Sex Doll, if the product is of premium quality, then the best materials will be used. So, you cannot expect the price to be cheap. Therefore, stop fidgeting about cheap dolls. Buy the ones that are worthy of being your companion in bed.

13. Stop Wasting Your Times on Coupons and Discounts

At the time of buying a sex doll, you would spend hours on the internet searching for coupons and discounts. Now, if you are lucky, you will find such a coupon or a discount easily. But, the quality of the doll that you will receive will not be what you are expecting and that is a reality.

You will get what you pay for. So, if you look for dolls with discounts, you will never have a high-quality Real Life Sex Doll that will give you the feeling of fucking a real woman. Sex dolls are not just masturbators; they are the real feeling of sexual pleasure. Hence, don’t look for discounts or coupons.

14. Custom Dolls Can Be a Great Choice

Suppose you have a different fetish about a certain body-type. And, you are not finding that type of body of the sex dolls anywhere. So, in that case, custom dolls become a very good option because you can personalize your doll according to your needs and kinks.

At Kanadoll.co.uk, we also provide our customers with exclusive custom dolls made according to their needs. It’s like getting your dream girls on bed with you. One thing is for sure, the girl you desired to have in bed for a long, long time, you will now be fucking her all night long because of the custom doll.

15. Gather Knowledge About Real Life Sex Dolls

Before you buy the doll, it is important that you know about it. Without knowing about the doll, you cannot expect to buy a good-quality Real Life Sex Doll. Now, you will find plenty of information on the internet about sex dolls. Also, you can come to the blog of Kanadoll.co.uk to find the most real and authentic information about sex dolls. By knowing what you are paying for, you will be able to invest in the right sex dolls.

The Bottom Line

Finally, now you know what you need to do to buy Real Life Sex Doll. These are probably the most effective tips that you can use to buy the most perfect sex doll for your sexual pleasure. So, use these tips accordingly to experience sexual euphoria like never before.

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