How to Choose the Right Sex Doll Options You Like?

Sex Doll Breast Options – Hollow, Gel, or Solid?

Inclusive lover. A firm and elastic Sex doll breast are what every guys dream of. The breast is an organ that is sexy and shows the beauty of women. The choice of sex doll breast type is often a problem that many buyers encounter easily because not all sex dolls are the same. In this blog, we will give you more information about sex doll breast options.

Choosing the breast type is among the most sought-after and popular customization options. At Kanadoll UK, we have three prominent doll breast options for you to select from.

  • Solid Breasts
  • Hollow Breasts
  • Gel Breasts
Sex Doll Breast Options

Solid Breasts

Most sex dolls of Kanadoll UK are made of premium TPE or silicone, so these bodies are made of conventional materials and the breasts are solid TPE or silicone breasts. It feels firm and elastic to the touch. As you can see in every photo show of big breasts sex dolls, the shape is plump, round, and in harmony with the body proportions.

Sexy breasts cannot be without attractive cleavage. Cleavage is a manifestation of fullness, health and perfection of breasts. It will produce rhythmic movement with the sex position, and it will show the beauty of water droplets when standing or lying still.

The solid breasts look and feel quite realistic. In most cases, you do not need to upgrade at the time of purchase, and you will definitely enjoy the lifelike feeling.

Note: If you want breasts made of silicone, you must choose a silicone sex doll.


  • No additional upgrade cost
  • Elastic & Firm


  • Not as soft or bouncy as other options
  • Not suitable for larger/bigger breasts
Solid Breast Sex Doll

Hollow breasts

Hollow breasts are air-filled. If you are interested in BBW or Huge Breasts sex doll, it is recommended to choose Hollow Breasts. As the breasts are not completely firm, they feel very supple and bouncy while reducing weight.

Even if the seas go dry and rocks crumble, after all, it is no match for a pair of big breasts. It is an amazing feeling to grab these breasts and watch them bounce back relentlessly. When squeezed they feel much softer and lighter compared to solid breast.

Hollow breasts are ideally suited for dolls with bigger and larger breast sizes. As these breasts have an empty air-filled cavity, they are much lighter and pose less risk of being torn from regular use.


  • Quite lightweight thus lower risks of tears
  • Softer and bouncier than solid breasts
  • No added cost to upgrade


  • Not as perky as other options
Hollow Breast Sex Doll

Gel Breasts

Gel Breasts closer to the real female breasts. They are suppler than the Solid breast and more firm and perky than the hollow breast. The extra soft gel implants are designed to feel like human fat and squeezing them helps you experience a quite authentic life-like touch.

Only some brands have the Gel Breast option.

If you wish to experience the most realistic breast touch when squeezing the sex doll breasts then definitely go for this option. Balanced firmness and perkiness make this option the most advanced of all. Upgrading to gel-based breasts is not overly expensive and is worth every penny.


  • Extremely firm and perky.
  • Most realistic life-like feel.


  • It’s not free, need to pay additional customization fees.
Gel Breast Sex Doll

When selecting sex doll breast options, there are some certain generic limitations that you need to know.

  1. No hollow or gel option for A and B cup breasts. (You might like small tits or skinny. Although the chest is small, in fact, many international supermodels are not very big. Exquisite, they are particularly pleasing to the eye.)
  2. Hollow breast option can only be chosen for H cup breasts and sizes above that. (It is most suitable to refer to the huge breast sex doll or BBW.)
  3. Gel-filled breasts are available for C-E cup. (If you are not sure about the big tits sex doll category, please contact customer service or email for consultation.)

Sex Doll Standing Feature Options

Some buddies often ask questions about standing feet. Want to fuck her in a standing position. Unfortunately, sex dolls are not real people who have a cerebellum to maintain body balance. However, if your arms are strong enough, like the famous Kazakhstan bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko, this is completely fine.

As realistic sex dolls are adult-sized and made of dense materials, like the internal metal frame, they can be considerably heavy. The majority of sex dolls are in 27-40 KG. range. Some sex dolls can weight over 45 KG.

When this weight is applied and concentrated on the bottom of the doll’s feet when it is in the standing position, the metal frame is pushed down and the weight of the doll becomes concentrated over the heels and soles of the feet. This downward force would easily penetrate through the 0.5-1.0″ of flesh on the bottom of the feet if the doll were to be stood up on its own, even once.

Standing Feet Option For Sex Dolls

How to Use Standing Function Correctly

The sex doll with the standing feet option can keep standing for a long time for photography, sketch or model show. To be honest, the three metal bolt heads at the foot bottom just play a supporting role, which is not particularly stable.

So you need to find a wall or something else that the doll can rely on to keep the doll standing. This operation may take some time and you need to constantly adjust the posture to find the best balance. Does it sound troublesome?

Standing Feet can make sex doll look more realistic:

  • Used in Photography sketch or Model show.
  • Storing your doll upright in the storage room
  • Assisting with dressing and cleaning sex doll
  • And actually standing. (in flat shoes)
  • People with a shoe fetish who want their doll to stand in shoes. (always use support when in heels)
  • Having sex whilst standing (it is up to you)


  1. The standing feet are the same as the regular feet (none standing feet), but the ankles have been redesigned and the soles of the feet have been reinforced so that all dolls with the standing feet option can stand on their own.
  2. The standing feet are rigid. They can be rotated downwards by 150°, but not upwards or side to side.
  3. Only flat shoes are recommended for standing. The high heel shoes can be put on the feet, but high heels cannot be worn when the doll is standing.
  4. The standing feet option is available for dolls over 100cm.


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Fixed Vagina vs Insert Vagina for Sex Dolls

If you’re familiar with the joys of a fleshlight, it’s a similar sensation but you have the full body experience to go with it so the realism is out of this world.

Both the insert vagina and the built-in vagina are designed to give you the most realistic feeling of a woman’s vagina possible.

What is a fixed vagina?

A fixed vagina is the most conventional, and most commonly selected type of vagina in a sex doll. Although, the split is close to 50/50.

The fixed vagina is likely just what you think it is – an orifice or hole in between the legs of the doll that is used for sexual penetration. Of course, it is surrounded by lifelike appearing labia which can be coloured pink, or darker, for added realism.

Inside the vagina are internal ribs that provide a textured and exquisite feeling designed to simulate a woman’s vagina.

What is a removable vagina?

A removable vagina is a product feature available from most sex doll manufacturers, where the labia are untouched, as is the size of the orifice. however, inside the doll is an empty cavity.

This cavity is designed to hold a removable sleeve, which is much like the handheld masturbators for men that have been available on the market for some time.

Fixed Vagina vs Insert Vagina for Sex Dolls

Which vagina is best for your sex doll?

Aside from your dolls face and body, this may well be your biggest decision regarding customising your doll.

The Fixed Vagina


  • Perfectly realistic look.
  • A truly realistic sex experience. Fixed vagina are tighter and there is no risk of unwanted slippage.


  • Cleaning – After each condomless sex, the entire virgin must be moved to the shower, or the tubs and holes thoroughly rinsed. We recommend using a special high pressure showerhead.

The Vagina Insert


  • Lifetime – if damaged, it can be replaced with a new one.
  • Possibility to have more differently structured plug-ins.
  • Easy cleaning. It is not necessary to manipulate the entire sex doll.


  • Inserting the vagina into a silicone virgin requires a technique. It must be powdered or lubricated to fit.
  • A less realistic sex experience.
  • The slightly less realistic look of the vagina.

Read more, How to Clean, Maintain, and Repair a Sex Doll

Quotes from The Doll Forum

“My admittedly inexpert vote would be for removable, in the idea of never get into something without an idea of getting out of it. I suspect resale is easier with removable.”

“I’ve seen this passed around the TDF a few times when people ask this. Fixed for Silicon, Removable for TPE. For me, here is what I found. If you don’t use a condom each and every time. A removable vag is easier to carry to the sink and clean then the entire doll.”

“Depends on whats more important to you. Insert, easier to clean and replace. Fixed, more esthetically pleasing. Especially if you plan to use for photography.”

“… If we were going to have some fun, better to feel more realistic –Fixed natural feel Vagina, While cleaning would be easier if removable, the fixed anus would scupper that anyway …”

“… body where the YL feel really heavy in the middle. This is my first fixed vagina doll and the extra maintence isn’t that bad, just make sure she’s dry down there! …”

“If you have a built-in vagina, there is also another option, using female condoms. These can be pushed into the vagina and then pulled out when done so that no cleanup is necessary. However some say that it doesn’t feel as good, and sometimes the female condom can break anyway, especially if you reuse them.”

I’d definitely go the insert, it’s just easy to clean – not tried the fixed though!

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