How to Take Good Care of Your Sex Doll?

A Comprehensive Sex Doll Maintenance Guide

When you purchase a sex doll, your primary focus is on using it. You just can’t wait to have her in your bed. But, after ejaculation, many people dump the dolls at a corner of their room or inside their secret closet. They will bring the doll out next time only when they are feeling horny again and don’t have anyone around.

This is not the right way of treating a sex doll. And if you are also doing the same thing, then stop doing it immediately. When you are buying a sex doll, remember, you will also have to treat her well. She is your responsibility now and you have the onus of keeping her in good condition so that you can have fun with her multiple times.

Now, you will be wondering how you can take care of your sex doll. Yes, it is not a common thing to talk about. In most places, you will hear about how to use the sex doll for maximum pleasure. But, at Kanadoll, we are focused on giving our customers the best experience of using a sex doll, and without knowing its maintenance; you cannot have that wholesome experience.

After you purchase the sex doll, you will also have to maintain it as well. That is why in this article, we will give you a comprehensive guide on how you can maintain your sex doll and use it for a longer period of time. Go through this guide and you will find some very important information by using which you will be able to use your sex doll in the best way possible.

How to Clean Your Sex Doll After Use

How Often You Should Clean Your Sex Doll?

As you already know that cleaning your sex doll regularly is very, very important if you want to use it for a longer period of time. Now, the question that will come to your mind is how often you should clean it. Before you start cleaning the doll regularly, it is also a very important thing that you should know. You might feel that every time you use it, you would need to clean it afterwards.

But, that is not the right approach for cleaning the sex doll. If you clean the doll after every time you use it, then you will see that the material is getting damaged. It will also create problems like a tear in the skin and other problems related to it. So, you will not be able to use the sex doll the way you wanted to use it. That is why too often cleaning can be damaging for the sex doll.

What we, at Kanadoll, recommend that you get into a routine of cleaning the sex doll. Within every 2 to 4 weeks, you will clean the doll comprehensively. In this way, you will able to make sure that the doll stays clean and has no hygiene problem. Also, the doll will not have any sort of damage if you clean in a routine and systematic way. So, this is what you should look to do for sure.

The Cleaning Materials You Need to Clean Your Sex Doll Properly

One of the most important aspects of cleaning a sex doll is the kit you are using. There are so many products that you can use to clean a sex doll. Using those tools can be very complex and unless you know the proper use of those tools, you might end up damaging the doll. Therefore, at Kanadoll, we recommend using simple products that will help you in cleaning the doll comprehensively.

You can find these products in your house or the local market near you. Also, you can order them online if you wish to. So, what are those cleaning materials that you need to clean your sex doll? Let’s find it out below;

  • Water
  • Soap (Antibacterial)
  • Baby Powder (Or simple talcum powder)
  • Dry cloth (Should be non-abrasive)
  • Light Sponge
  • Smaller swabs of sponge
  • Paper towel (a stronger one)
  • Medical pincers
  • Vaginal irrigator

These are some simple things that you require to clean your doll properly. As you can see, these cleaning materials will not be very hard for you to get. That is why you will be able to take care of your doll by using them quite easily.

A Comprehensive Sex Doll Maintenance Guide

How Can You Clean the Body of Your Sex Doll?

Your sex doll can be your best friend, sex partner, and so many other things. She could be someone you can lean on in crisis situations when no one is there for you. So, you should look to take proper care of such a doll who loves you so much and wants to be with you in every situation. Now, as you clean the sex doll regularly, you will create a nice bond with the doll.

You should know that the body is one part of your sex doll where bacteria could build up easily. That is why you should look to clean the doll within every 14 days. Now, to clean the doll’

s body, you can go for multiple techniques. But, if you are confident enough to lift the doll, then you should use the shower or the bathtub to clean it. Use the soap and the light sponge to clean the doll thoroughly.

Do not use too much pressure while cleaning the doll because that can damage the skin. Also, make sure that the head and the neck of the doll do not submerge into the water as this may cause the screws to get rusty. Also, after drying the doll by using the dry cloth, and once there is no moisture left in the doll, use talcum powder to make the doll fresh again.

How to Clean the Love Holes of Your Sex Doll?

The love holes of your sex doll are probably the most vital parts of the doll because the main action happens with these holes. The mouth, vagina, and anus are the three holes where the formation of bacteria occurs the most. That is why you need to take special care about cleaning those holes.

Materials You Need to Clean the Love Holes

Vaginal Irrigator

A vaginal irrigator is a great tool for cleaning the love holes of your sex doll. You just have to fill it with water and soap and then flush it out of the vagina. In the process, it will clean your doll’s vagina. When you begin to clean your sex doll’s vagina by using a vaginal irrigator, at first, you should use cold water. After that, you can use soap and warm water. Vaginal irrigators are probably the best tool when it comes to cleaning the love holes of a sex doll.

Sponge Luffa Stick

If you want to take proper care of the love holes of your sex doll, then this is a tool that you should look to use. Basically, the sponge luffa is very soft and it will be attached on the top of the head of the stick. It is an important tool that you can use to scrub the anus, mouth, and vagina of your sex doll. If you don’t want your doll to produce foul smell over time, it would be nice to clean with this one. Just dip the luffa in water and soap and then lightly scrub the inner portions of your dolls. You have to make sure that the luffa is soft. Otherwise, it might damage the doll.

Hand Shower

Probably one of the easiest tools that you can use to clean up your sex doll is the hand shower. You might already have this one in your home. You just have to take your doll to the bathroom and position her in a way so that you can clean the holes by using the hand shower. One advantage, you will have by using the hand shower is you will be able to adjust its head and water pressure. Therefore, it will less risky for the doll and will also ensure the deep cleaning of the holes.

How You Can Clean the Face of Your Sex Doll?

Sex dolls have a gorgeous face, isn’t it? So, it becomes important to clean the face of the doll regularly as well. That is why you should know how you would be cleaning the face of your sex doll. Here is how you should approach the face cleaning of your love doll;

  • Remove the wig and the head of the doll
  • Use antibacterial soap with a soft sponge to dap on the doll’s face gently
  • Clean the little sections of your doll’s head
  • Make sure that the eyes of your doll is dry and hence, don’t use a great amount of water
  • If you are satisfied with the cleaning, then leave the head for drying up
  • In case you find moisture in the head even after a couple of days, then you need a dry cloth to wipe out that moisture

Remember, while cleaning the head, you have to be very gentle because, with rough handling, you will damage the beautiful face of your doll.

How Can You Clean the Wig of Your Sex Doll?

You should know that cleaning the wig of your sex doll is perhaps the easiest thing that you will have to do. It is simple because cleaning the wig is like cleaning the actual hair. You need to use the hair care products that you use to clean the wig of your sex doll. If you want to ensure the longevity of the wig, then it would be better if you use mild products.

  • Remove the wig from the doll’s head
  • Now, use conditioner and shampoo to wash the wig properly
  • Wash the applied shampoo and conditioner properly and leave the wig for drying
  • If you have a wig stand, then use it for drying
  • While drying, comb the wig gently and be careful of the knots

In case you are putting too much pressure while combing, it might eventually damage the wig. So, be very careful about the amount of pressure you want to put.

What You Should Do to Dry Your Sex Doll?

What You Should Do to Dry Your Sex Doll?

Just like cleaning the sex doll, it is also important to know how you can dry. When the skin of your sex doll is wet, the chances of having any damage to the skin will increase a lot. Therefore, you have to be very careful during the drying process of the doll.

  • You need to pat the doll with a non-abrasive material
  • Your focus should solely be on removing the moisture from the body of the doll
  • After that, leave the doll to dry up
  • You have to see whether the moisture totally evaporated or not
  • Now, use talcum powder softly on her body to bring a nice fragrant from her body

How to Avoid Stains from Clothing in Your Sex Doll?

One of the biggest concerns of the sex doll owners is the stains that the skin of their doll could have from the cloth. Now, if you are a bit more careful, then you will be able to avoid such stains for your sex doll. You should know that silicone dolls are more prone to such stains and therefore, you should be very careful while handling them.

  • Pick the clothes of the doll carefully as clothes that will not transmit colour will be a better choice
  • Wash the cloth and dry it up before dressing your sex doll
  • Make sure that there is no moisture left on the cloth
  • You should remember that any moisture left on the cloth will stain the doll

The Bottom Line

Finally, now you have a clear idea as to how you should approach the cleaning of your sex doll. You should know that buying the doll and using it is not the end of the road, it’s just the beginning. If you maintain your sex doll, then you can spend some great moments with her. That is why at Kanadoll, we always encourage you to take proper care of your sex doll by following the above comprehensive guide!

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