How to Clean, Maintain, and Repair a Sex Doll

Hi buddy, when you purchased a realistic sex doll, you will definitely have all kinds of troubles because of “how to take care of her”. If you want the coming days, with her long tenderness, then you should definitely favourite in this article, even just reading this article in your time of need.

This article recommends the care and maintenance of tpe sex dolls.

How to take care of the sex doll

Let’s learn the skills of cleaning, maintaining and repairing the new sex doll together, and how to extend the life of the sex doll. To keep your babe hygienic and to ensure a longer life, you can clean, maintain, and repair her/him according to the following guidelines.

Items needed to clean your sex doll

  • Comb (accessory)
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Water
  • Irrigator (accessory)
  • Soft towel
  • Talcum powder (baby powder)
  • Mineral babe oil
  • Vaseline (mineral fat)

In daily life, these items can be bought in supermarkets.

Reasons for sex doll cleaning

  1. To clean off factory residue when you just received your love doll.
  2. After each passion, in order to stay hygienic.
  3. If the doll is not stored in a dust-free environment, it is recommended that it be completely cleaned every 10-to-20 days, even without use.

How to clean the body of a sex doll

  1. First, use a soft towel to wipe off excess lubricant or bodily fluids. Then, remove the sex doll’s head and vagina (if the sex doll is equipped with a vagina insert).
  2. Use a spray bottle to spray soapy water (a soap-to-water ratio of 1:5) on the doll. Place the doll on the towel and spray the soapy water. Then, wipe the doll with a soft towel or sponge until the doll’s body, arms and legs are clean.
    (If you like taking a shower with her, you can take her to the bathroom and use a hand-held shower for cleaning. Please do not moisten the metal of the doll’s neck to prevent rust. If the doll has a standing feature, it is recommended you use plastic bags to protect the metal in the doll’s feet.)
  3. After washing the doll with soapy water, TPE may still have long-lasting stains. The stains may not be noticeable due to the angle of the light and the doll’s skin tone. You can get rid of most oil stains by repeatedly applying baby oil in the same direction for a time, then simply wiping the stain with a fibre towel, repeating the process until it looks good.
  4. Last, dry it with a microfiber towel. For smooth skin, remove the oily feeling with talcum powder or baby powder.

Warning notes

  • Do not use abrasive soap or any other regular cleaning products.
  • Do not use a hard sponge or wire brush to prevent damage.
  • Do not place the doll near an open flame or radiator.
  • Do not accelerate the drying process with a hairdryer or any other heating equipment.
  • Do not use rough, stiff, or sharp objects.
  • Do not put too much pressure on the sex doll’s skin.
How to clean the body of a sex doll

Cleaning the vagina/anus/mouth of the sex doll

After each use, the doll’s vaginal, anal, and oral areas should be cleaned and disinfected, as TPE skin has more pores than silicone.

  1. We recommend using an irrigator (accessory) to spray antimicrobial, soapy water inside the openings (vaginal, anal, and oral) to allow water circulation. Instead of an irrigator, a soft shower hose may be used if the water temperature is low.
  2. Tie a sponge to a brush or stick to make it into a loofa. Rinse it in warm, antibacterial, soapy water for a while. To ensure it’s clean, gently scrub the internal area a couple of times with warm water and soapy water.
  3. Then, use the irrigator to rinse the vagina/anal/mouth with clean water, until there is no soap inside.
  4. After rinsing, let the doll’s legs spread slightly so that the vagina and anus will be exposed to the air to dry naturally.
  5. When the doll is dry, apply a small amount of Vaseline to the doll’s vaginal/anal/mouth.

Cleaning the sex doll’s face

  1. Remove the head from the body and remove the wig, if possible.
  2. Dab the doll’s face lightly with a soft, clean, and a warm sponge or cotton cloth dipped in soapy water.
  3. Gently dab the doll’s face with a dry, frostless cloth, then let the sex doll sit to naturally dry for an hour.

The sex doll’s face makeup is semi-permanent and can be faded or removed with mineral oil. It is best to avoid overcleaning or rubbing so that your doll is long-lasting.
Do not damage or wet the eyes or the eyelash areas. If you want to remove the eyes before cleaning, you can gently pull out the eye slot and remove them.
Do not soak the doll’s head in the water at any time.

Cleaning the sex doll’s wig

  1. Remove the wig from the doll before starting the cleaning process. It is best to comb the wig before cleaning.
  2. Fill the tank with cold water, clean the wig with shampoo and conditioner like a mini “bubble bath.” Sulfate-free shampoo is preferred. It is best to use cold water, or you may lose the sex doll’s hairstyle, such as curls.
  3. Submerge the wig and stir gently, then soak it for about 5 minutes.
  4. Drain the sink and rinse the wig gently from the top down, until the water is clear and without bubbles (shampoo).
  5. We recommend combing the wig immediately after cleaning. To get the best results, air dry the wig on a wig rack.
  6. When the wig is dry, gently comb it, trying not to tie a knot. Excessive force may cause knots and damage the wig.

Do not let the wig air dry on the doll’s head.
Do not use hair products to modify the doll’s hair or it may damage the skin and face.

Expert’s tips

  1. Use male or female condoms during lovemaking to contain bodily fluids.
  2. Buy a doll with a removable vaginal insert to make the cleaning process easy.
  3. For a fixed vagina, use a fan or insert a tampon to accelerate drying.
  4. When using powder or oil, it is best to suspend the doll first.
  5. For the cleaning of small areas, a small spray bottle is perfect. Mix water with soap with a 1:5 ratio.
How to maintain a sex doll

How to maintain a sex doll

In order to ensure the new sex doll performs better and has a longer service life, maintenance becomes important. Now let’s look at several ways to maintain a sex doll.

TPE rehydration

It is recommended you replenish the sex doll with mineral oil once a month to bring the doll back to its original condition. Like cleaning the sex doll, you can apply baby oil starting from the top of the sex doll and wait about two hours for it to absorb. Then, flip the doll over and repeat the procedure. Be sure to remove baby powder before oiling your sex doll. Vaseline (about 200 ml) can be used in high-stress areas, such as armpits, mouth, anus, and vagina. It takes about 12 hours to absorb. Vaseline has a higher mineral oil content than baby oil. Baby oil is the right choice to hydrate the entire sex doll.

Lubricant application

When you are having sex with your doll, it is recommended you use some water-based lubricants. Some people don’t like that, however. In lieu of lubricants, you may use Vaseline or baby oil. If you’re going to use regular lubricants, please make sure they’re water-based, not silicon-based or oil-based, as that can damage the TPE material.

Avoid stains from dark clothes

TPE and silicone are easy to dye. If the clothes are dark colors, the skin of the sex doll can be stained from the colors of the clothes. To avoid this, make sure the colors of the clothes are permanent, and take off the sex doll’s clothes when the doll is not in use. If the doll is accidentally stained, Kanadoll UK offers a cream to remove the stain. You just need to apply the cream lightly on the stained area and then wipe it after 24 hours.

We recommend that you buy white, pink, or light colored clothes for your sex doll. If you really like dark clothes, it is best to wash all dark or bright colored clothes first, in order to detect if the clothes will transfer their colors. You can place the clothes under the feet of the doll for one-to-two hours and check to see if there is a stain. If everything looks good, you can dress your sex doll.

The above principle applies to anything that has close contact with the sex doll’s skin. To avoid being stained, please take extra care when the doll makes contact with anything.


Whenever Kanadoll releases new dolls or features special promotions, our subscribers will be the first to be notified. At the same time, we will also provide practical and cutting edge information from the sex doll industry from time to time, completely free of charge of course, as a service to our valued customers.

Skincare for your sex doll

If the skin is not smooth, apply baby powder to the skin with a brush, which will keep the skin lifelike. Please do so only when the sex doll is dry. It is very important to avoid tearing the skin.

Don’t keep the sex doll’s arms or legs up or open for more than a few minutes. If the doll’s arms and legs are raised or opened, pressure on the surface of the skin can cause a tear. You might notice that the doll’s armpits or groin area have become damaged. Therefore, please note that, when not using the sex doll, be sure to keep the doll in the unstressed neutral position, with the arms facing down and the legs closed on both sides.

Do not expose your sex doll to direct sunlight to prevent the ageing of TPE materials.

The TPE material is soft and can become wrinkled if it is placed on the sofa or bed for a long time. If you leave the sex doll unattended for more than a few days, make sure to suspend the doll by using a suspension kit.

Skeleton maintenance for your sex doll

Your sex doll has a metal skeleton and active joints that allow her to stay resilient. You can move her legs, arms, and body easily. The movements will leave marks on her body, which is normal.
Please understand that all our dolls are not able to twist at different angles. Please do not use excessive force to move her joints into any position.
Do not place the sex doll on a hard surface, such as the floor. Do not let the sex doll fall to the ground.
Do not let the metal of the sex doll’s neck and feet touch the water in order to prevent rust. The doll’s joints may become rigid if you do so.

Sex doll storage precautions

  • Avoid storing the sex doll in direct sunlight. Excessive sunlight can cause TPE to degrade faster than usual, damaging the sex doll and causing it to peel.
  • Store the sex doll in a dry environment at room temperature. Avoid storing in the bathroom/garage or other storage areas that are wet or mouldy.
  • Do not place the sex doll on artificial or stained materials for long periods of time, including leather sofas and dark clothing.
  • Keep the sex doll away from open flames.
  • Avoid putting the sex doll in unnatural positions for long periods of time. Place the doll in the natural state after use, or else the skin may become taut, broken, or even cracked. The natural state is the position the sex doll was in when you opened the original box.

The skin of the sex doll can easily get dirty. We highly recommend storing the doll in a storage bag or its original box as dust is difficult to remove.

When moving the sex doll, be sure to follow the general rules for moving heavy objects: keep your back straight and your knees bent. You will notice that the sex doll is easy to move when she is standing. We recommend placing your arms around the waist of the doll to create a “bear hug” pose.

Do not lift the sex doll by the legs, arms, or head; please always hold the body.

Do not roll over the sex doll’s shoulder and do not put pressure on the “spine.”

There are several options for storing the sex doll:

  • Sex doll storage box
  • Cabinet hanging
  • Original box
  • Storage bag
  • Those options will keep your doll in good shape.

The following products are harmful to sex dolls:

Alcohol may cause microincisions (non-repairable) and drying effects that make the skin porous, ruptured, and brittle inside the TPE structure. You can spray perfume onto the sex doll’s wigs or clothes, but don’t spray it directly onto the sex doll’s skin.

All types of single solvents and similar mineral oil solvent compounds, odorless ore oils, paint thinners, nitro thinners, and solvents including alcohol-free, baby-wipe solvent products (including those with ether and/or chlorine instead of alcohol) can cause dissolution inside TPE materials and disrupt the TPE copolymer. Therefore, they are extremely harmful to TPE material.

Vegetable oil:
Products containing vegetable oils, such as cream, coconut oil, fruit oil, and other body wash. Vegetable oil can seal the TPE surface, thus stopping the necessary respiratory function of TPE material.

Silicon oil:
Products such as wet condoms (diketone) and silicon-based lubricants. Silicon oil affects the TPE structure, making it rigid and brittle, prone to rupturing.

How to repair a sex doll

In some cases, there can be accidents with your new sex doll, which can cause her to no longer be perfect. The doll’s bones are metal and are protected by TPE or silicone, so there are generally no issues.

Repair tear skin of sex doll

Most of the repairs involve the sex doll’s skin. pressure on the surface can cause a tear if the doll’s arms and/or legs are raised. Some sharp objects can also cause a tear. If this happens, you can follow the steps below to repair.

  1. Prepare repair glue (can be purchased on
  2. Place the wounded area horizontally, so that the glue cannot seep out of the wound.
  3. Make sure the wound is dry and clean to achieve better adhesion.
  4. Open the glue bottle and the wound, apply a drop of glue with a toothpick in the opened wound. Do not use too much glue.
  5. Quickly close and pinch the wound for a few minutes.


The glue bonds the surfaces by dissolving the TPE or silicone material, similar to welding. Please only apply the glue with toothpicks. If the wound is small and the appropriate amount of glue is dripped in, it will only leave a fine scar.

If more glue is used, it may cause the glue to flow from the scar. It is recommended to use a thick piece of paper and cut a hole slightly larger than the wound in the middle, then cover the wound with the paper, patching it so that glue does not go beyond the wounded area.

Clean up stains on the surface of the skin

Wearing fading clothes or making contact with fading objects may cause the doll to become stained.

  1. First, wash the stained area of the sex doll, and then naturally dry the area, or dry with a towel.
  2. Apply an appropriate amount of color removal cream to the stained skin, and leave it for 24 hours.
  3. The more time the cream spends on the spot, the better the color removal effect, and you save more color removal cream.
  4. After 24+ hours, wipe the cream with cotton swabs (or wash it off with water, then dry it naturally), then reapply the cream to the stained area. Repeat the above steps until the stain is fully removed.
  5. After the stain is removed, please clean and dry the area, and apply some baby powder.

Sex doll stain removal is a slow and repetitive process, with the main principle of “use a small amount, but multiple times.” Please be patient. After a few days of repetition, the stained area of the doll will become lighter until the stain completely disappears.

Sex doll deformation due to being in storage a long time

If the deformation is not severe, such as some indentations or marks on the surface of the doll, you can wrap a towel around the deformed part, and rinse with warm water to return the deformation to its original state. Additionally, you can wrap the deformed part with a wet, clean, and untraceable white cloth, then blow the surface of the cloth with a hot hairdryer. The deformation may disappear after several minutes.

Replacing new or damaged eyes

  1. Place the sex doll in the neutral position.
  2. Gently and carefully pull the eyelids apart with one hand (up and down, not left and right). Do not touch the eyelashes or makeup.
  3. Remove the eye with the other hand.(The filling material in the doll’s head may come out with the removed eye. Please place the filling material back with a cotton swab.)
  4. Again, use one hand to separate the eyelids without touching the eyelashes or makeup.
  5. Insert the new eye into the eye slot with the other hand, and adjust with care.

Attaching new or dropped nails

  1. Place the sex doll in the neutral position.
  2. Align the new nail with the bare nail area. You will able to determine which nail matches which finger.
  3. Once the nail is selected, apply a thin and even layer of glue on the exposed bare nail area. Make sure the area is clean and dry, without dust or talcum powder. (Do not over-apply glue; strive to achieve a uniform and thin layer. To avoid spilling outside the nail area, do not apply too much glue.)
  4. After properly aligned, press the nail for 5 seconds without touching any glue. Excess glue is difficult to remove, so please avoid spilling. In case of a glue spill, remove the glue immediately with a microfiber cloth and hot soapy water.

Attaching loose eyelashes for your sex doll

  1. Lay your doll down, facing upward.
  2. Apply a small amount of glue on a paperclip, large needle, cocktail stick, or any other household “tools” with a fine tip.
  3. Gently pull the eyelashes backward and apply glue to the back of the eyelash (not the doll).
  4. Hold the end of the eyelashes without touching the glue, pressing them carefully to the position you want for 5 seconds, then releasing them.

The above is a four-section introduction to cleaning for your love doll. If you have any other questions, please contact us via

Sex Doll Guide: First Time Buy Real Love Sex Dolls


How long can a sex doll last?

The service life of a sex doll is between 2 and 10 years, depending on usage and maintenance. A sex doll that is regularly used and moved is more likely to suffer wear and tear. There are many things that sex doll owners can do to save and maintain their own love dolls. It’s also easy to repair a love doll if damage does occur.

What is the best way to store a sex doll?

A doll storage box is the best way to store the sex doll. It is designed for that exact purpose, and is designed to protect the sex doll. Thus, your doll’s safety is ensured in the sex doll storage box.

Can I pick up my love doll at a courier point instead of having it delivered to my home?

Yes, if you want to pick up your love doll at a courier point instead of shipping it to your home address, you can contact your local FedEx or UPS.

Does the sex doll's skin get dirty?

The skin is strong and durable, resistant to tear and stain. You should, however, keep the sex doll away from dark and tight clothes. If you prefer dark clothes, you should wash the clothes before putting them on the sex doll. Make sure the clothes do not fade (if you’re not sure, you can place the clothes under the sex doll’s feet for a couple of hours to see if the feet are stained or not). Light and loose clothes are best for the sex doll.

Do I need to pay for the import duty or any other fees?

Once your order is placed, you do not need to pay any other fees, such as import duties, transportation costs, etc.

How realistic is my new sex doll?

Our sex doll is almost the same as a real person. The only difference is that the sex doll doesn’t move. The look and feel of the sex doll’s skin are very lifelike. A high-quality doll even has clear blood vessels and pores. The sex doll is equipped with a hinged, aluminum skeleton to support most poses and movements. Do you like to enjoy Butter Churner Sex Position?

A hair transplant technique is used to make the sex doll’s hair. The doll’s face is carved by a top sculptor and then modified by a top makeup artist. You will have unbeatable pleasure when you have sex with your love doll.

Is there a way to get a real body temperature on my new sex doll's vagina, anus, and mouth?

You can add the option of a heating system for the sex doll on the product details page. The system will heat the entire doll to real body temperature and automatically disconnect the power. Then you can enjoy the doll’s realistic body temperature.

How tight and deep are the holes for my sex doll?

Please refer to the size chart on the product page. The holes of the sex doll are as tight as a real virgin.

Does my sex doll look the same as the one in the picture?

Yes. If you select the default option at the time of purchase, you will receive the same doll as in the picture. If you customize your sex doll, the sex doll you receive will be different from the picture. Because of light and monitor differences, the color of the sex doll you receive may be slightly different from the color in the picture.

Does the sex doll have a built-in heating element?

At Kanadoll UK, the default option does not include a built-in heating element. However, you can add it to the sex doll through customization.

Does my sex doll look the same as the one in the picture?

Yes. If you select the default option at the time of purchase, you will receive the same doll as in the picture. If you customize your sex doll, the sex doll you receive will be different from the picture. Because of light and monitor differences, the color of the sex doll you receive may be slightly different from the color in the picture.

Can I create a customized sex doll?

Yes, you can. Please check our custom sex doll page for details.

If I order a sex doll with pubic hair, can I remove it?

Yes, you can. You can leave us a note in the “extra information” section of the checkout page, such as removing pubic hair, etc. We will customize your sex doll according to your needs.

What kind of personal lubricant should my sex doll use?

You should use water-based lubricants, such as Pjur Natural Glide. Do not use oil-based or silicone-based lubricants.

How often should I clean my new sex doll?

The sex doll should be cleaned every 10-to-20 days. Apply protective powder (baby powder) after the bath to prevent oil or cracks. After making love with the sex doll, clean critical parts, such as the vagina and anus immediately. It is important to maintain hygiene and prevent bacteria from breeding.

Where are most online sex dolls made?

Most of the sex dolls you find online are made in China and shipped from China, as well.

What makes the Kanadoll UK different from others?

Kanadoll UK is a high-end love doll agent. We have our own sex doll manufacturing factory. We cooperate with many well-known brands of sex doll manufacturers (such as WM Doll, 6YE Doll, and SY Doll) to offer you the best sex doll possible.

Kanadoll UK sex doll prices are higher than many other websites because all of our sex dolls are purchased from name-brand manufacturers. The sex doll’s manufacture’s price controls the final price in Kanadoll UK’s online store. Many online stores offer cheap sex dolls and even 50% coupons, which is impossible because of the purchase prices at the name-brand manufacturers.

Our professional website has only simple text introductions and pictures of sex dolls to allow customers to focus on the sex doll shopping without distracting them with events and discounts. Kanadoll UK never takes advantage of out-of-date, stress-selling methods (such as limited-time discounts, etc.) to mislead customer judgment. Kanadoll UK offers up to a 20% discount. Why This Black Friday is the best time to buy Silicone Sex Doll?

You can always contact our professional customer service via phone, email, and online chat. We will answer your questions.

Are there any marks outside of the box indicating that I purchased a sex doll?

Your package will not be marked with words such as “sex doll.” To pass the customs inspection, the package may be marked with words such as “mannequin.”

How do I know it’s safe to buy a sex doll at Kanadoll UK?

I know some sex doll stores are scams. Everyone who buys a sex doll for the first time has concerns like this, and there are many ways you can tell if it is a scam or not.

Are there any marks outside of the box indicating that I purchased a sex doll?

Your package will not be marked with words such as “sex doll.” To pass the customs inspection, the package may be marked with words such as “mannequin.”

How do I know it’s safe to buy a sex doll at Kanadoll UK?

I know some sex doll stores are scams. Everyone who buys a sex doll for the first time has concerns like this, and there are many ways you can tell if it is a scam or not.

  1. Don’t buy cheap sex dolls. No high-end love doll costs less than £1500. (Unless discount day, please visit Discount Sex Dolls)
  2. Don’t use online stores that can deliver immediately. At Kanadoll UK, if you choose the default option (a sex doll without customization), we can deliver it to you immediately. If you customize the doll’s eyes, skin, etc., we will not be able to deliver it to you immediately, since you need to wait for the customization.
  3. Make sure you can easily contact them via phone or email.
  4. Don’t buy sex dolls from Chinese websites (websites in Chinese).
  5. “Wow, this website sells the same sex dolls for only $500. The $800 sex doll is already a low-quality doll. How about the $500 one?” Remember, if a car salesman lies directly to you to earn your business, how many lies can a sex doll sales man make hiding behind a screen?

With the above methods, you can be certain that buying a love doll in Kanadoll UK is safe and reliable.

Will my personal information be sold or disclosed?

We just collect information needed to complete your checkout, such as name, email, phone, and shipping address. We will not acquire, collect, or sell any other personal information.

Please help! I have a problem during checkout.

If you have any problems during checkout, please contact us via phone or email. The quickest way is by using online customer service to contact our professional customer service. Our customer service will solve any problem you may have.

How do I install the sex doll’s head?

Use the screw connector and body provided,

  1. Rotate the screw on the head.
  2. Align the head to the hole in the body, rotating the head until it is stable.

Note: To prevent damage to the hole of the head joint, do not over-rotate the head.

Does my sex doll’s size the same as the size of a real adult?

Yes. We only sell sex dolls of adult size. The doll’s height and appearance will be the same as a real adult. You can hold her in your arms, because she is too heavy to move easily. Be prepared so you can have a bed, chair, or sofa to place her on. Soft furniture is better than a hardwood chair, because it doesn’t leave marks on her skin. We produce extremely fine-quality sex dolls that are “lifelike” and very similar to a real person. She will delight you, and her size and weight are part of the sexual experience.

Where can I buy silicone and TPE sex dolls?

You can buy high-end silicone and TPE sex dolls at Kanadoll UK. Each sex doll is made of top materials (medical-grade silicone and TPE) to simulate the real skin. These sex dolls are free of any harmful, toxic, or itchy materials or chemicals. Medical silicone/TPE sex dolls are disinfected and have similar components to sex toys.

A sex doll simulates the feeling of having real sex with a real person. She is designed to be as close to a real human body as possible, because she is as heavy as a human body. The sex doll is as tall as adults, too. With that being said, your sex doll is a person who doesn’t talk or move, however, she can offer you the same pleasure as having real sex with a real person.

What do you mean by standing or non-standing options?

Sex dolls can be classified into two categories: standing and non-standing.
If you dislike non-standing sex dolls, the ankles of standing dolls have been redesigned, and their feet are reinforced with three screws. Sex dolls with a standing feature are able to stand independently.

Can the sex doll head be replaced?

Yes, you can select an extra doll head as a replacement on our product detail page. You can also contact us via email, or online chat to customize your unique doll head.

What are the sex dolls made of?

All our sex dolls are made by well-known manufacturers using medical-grade silicone and TPE. For more information about the materials used, refer to the product description page for more information.

All dolls are equipped with flexible, fully articulated aluminum skeletons that hold whatever pose you want.

All dolls are carved by experienced sculptors in order to provide a realistic and sexy appearance. The proper use of lubricants makes the TPE and silicone vaginal, anal, and mouth openings extremely real. Both TPE and silicone are waterproof.

Can I modify my order after placing it?

Yes, but only within 24 hours of placing an order. If more than 24 hours have passed, you cannot modify the body styles or skin tone options. Options such as eyes or wigs can be modified after 24 hours.

Why it doesn’t go through when I am placing an order?

Due to the unusual nature of the transaction and its amount, some banks or credit/debit card issuers may reject the payment. They may identify it as a high-priced deal and, therefore, a fraudulent transaction. Please call your bank and let them know that you have authorized this transaction. Once they have your confirmation, you should be able to place your order successfully and immediately.

Can I use cosmetics and perfumes for my doll?

Using makeup on your sex doll is encouraged because it makes your doll more personal. You can find many tutorials on YouTube. But, you must use non-alcoholic perfumes. Certain alcohol-based perfumes are not recommended, as they can damage your doll. You can try a perfume first in less obvious areas, such as the armpits. If it doesn’t look good, please stop using it.

Does the sex doll have an odor?

Though the silicone/TPE material doesn’t have any odor, when you first receive a sex doll, it may smell a bit due to the packaging material. After being unboxed for a while, the odor will disappear. Silicone/TPE is medical-grade material with no safety concerns.

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