How to Enjoy Butter Churner Sex Position on Black Friday?

Sex Positions to Heat Up Your Lifestyle

When you see the number of sex positions that you can try with your partner, you just have to be astonished. In fact, this number is huge and many people are adding up by trying different and innovative positions. But, one of weirdest sex position that you can ever try has to be butter churner.

Yes, you will find it hard to believe that there is a sex position where the girl will have to stand on her shoulders while the man will penetrate her while squatting. Well, this sex position is truly unbelievable and you will find it hard to believe that it can be someone’s favourite.

But, the reality is, many people have tried this position and they all loved it. Also, many people want to try this position but they cannot because their partners are not ready for it. Many women will think this sex position can be a bit too much for their body.

However, if you are seriously interested in trying out one of the most pleasurable sex positions, then you have an option. You can purchase a butter churner sex doll from and have this sex position and lots of other sex positions that your partners are not allowing you to perform in bed.

So, what is this butter churner sex position after all and how can you use it while having sex? Also, which sex dolls are ideal to execute this butter churner sex position? You have several such questions in mind that we will answer them in this article. Thus, let’s get started.

What is the Butter Churner Sex Position?

Recently, the butter churner sex position became quite popular. This sex position is quite advanced. The woman will lie on her back with her legs behind the head. Now, the man will squat after guiding his penis in the vagina.

Now, with every squat, the man will be thrusting his penis inside the vagina and the entire scene looks like a butter churner machine that was used in the past to make butter. Many people also call this position as squat thruster as the structure is similar to squat thrust.

While performing this sex position, you have to be a little bit more careful because you are putting your back and neck into a considerable amount of pressure. So, watch out for cramps and strains. If you are not regular to the gym, then you could land yourself into trouble with this sex position.

To execute butter churner properly, your body has to be very flexible. Also, executing this position with a real girl can be dangerous as she will be taking your thrusts. Apart from that, she will be lying down on her head which will increase the blood flow in the head.

So, after getting up, the girl might feel slight dizziness. That is why using this position with a sex doll will be a wise move because then you will not have to control your thrusts and also her sexy body will make that position more pleasurable than ever.

Butter Churner Sex Position

How to Make Use of Butter Churner Sex Position?

You have to do the butter churner position carefully because if you are doing it with a real girl, she might get injured. Or else, if you are executing it with a silicone sex doll, you have to be careful about not to damage the doll. So, here is how you can perform the butter churner sex position.

The Process of Executing the Butter Churner Sex Position

Your partner (female) has to lie on her back. She has to raise her legs and fold it so that both of her ankles rest just beside her ears. In the meantime, you will insert your penis by bending your knees a bit and then squat. In this way, you will dip your penis to and fro into the vagina of your partner. This sex position can bring a lot of fun in your sexual life.

Why Should You Perform the Butter Churner Sex Position?

For a man, this butter churner sex position could mean absolute ecstasy. Very few sex positions allow you to make eye contact with your partner while penetrating. Butter churner is one of them. For women, the extra blood flow into the brain will help you to find that exploding orgasm and pure ecstasy.


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Sexual Health and Ageing: Keep the Passion Alive

Your sexual health is as important as your general health. If you have a better sex life, then your ageing also gets slower, did you know that? Well, you just have to keep that passion for sex alive, you have to keep that desire burning so that while having sex, you can seize that moment completely. Here are some more benefits of having sex for your health.

The Benefits of Sex for Health

Boost Your Self-Confidence

When you have regular and quality sex, you will be having more confidence. You know what, when you have sex and you know that you and your partner both are satisfied with the action, you are bound to have better confidence. Just like a frustrating sex life might create a negative impact in other spheres of your life, similarly, good sex life will have a positive impact on your life.

Find Satisfaction in Life

Even if you are professionally successful and live a lavish life, if you don’t have quality sex, your life will be frustrating. For those who cannot satisfy a woman in bed, it is like a punch in the stomach. That is why if you have quality sex with a sex doll, it will help you to improve your performance in bed. Sexual Health and Sex Dolls made for your pleasure. You will find real satisfaction in life in every other aspect.

Reduce the Speed of Ageing

After a certain age, you will age rapidly and it will show on your face. Now, you will get old and that is inevitable. But, you can slow down the pace of ageing with the help of quality sex. You need to have sex regularly. If your partner is no more interested in sex, then buying a sex doll instead and having sex with her will help you to slow down your ageing considerably.

Sleep Better

You need to sleep well if you want to shine in your life. Sleeping rejuvenates you and helps you to stay fresh for the next day’s tussle. That is why sleeping is so very important. Now, if you have sex before going to sleep at night either with your wife or girlfriend or a sex doll, you will sleep in a better way and your mornings will be better than most people.

Better Health Condition

Do you know that sex helps you to have a better overall health condition? Now, there are many ways in which having quality sex will boost your overall health condition. Let’s see some of them;

  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Improves your immunity
  • Enhances your libido
  • Improves your heart condition
  • Relives certain pains and aches

Having Sex in Butter Churner Sex Position: A Real Girl or Sex Doll?

You now have a better idea about this butter churner position. But, you should also know that the position is extremely tricky to execute. A slight mistake or a wrong footing might end up causing severe injuries. That is why whenever you ask a girl to have sex in butter churner position, most of the time; you will have to face disappointment.

Also, having sex in a butter churner position with a real girl is a bit risky. That is why a sex doll will be a better choice over a real girl. You can get the sex doll into that position easily and start penetrating and squatting in butter churner pose. Also, there will be no risk of injury and only pleasure. Of course, that is what sex dolls are meant to give to their owners.

Now, you know that having a sex doll to have sex in butter churner position is a better choice. But, choosing the right sex doll is also very important. So, let’s see some the sex dolls that we, at recommend for you. You will have pure ecstasy with a butter churner sex doll for sure.

BBW & Big Booty Recommended Products

stephanie celebrity sex doll succubus


Without a doubt, Stephanie is one butter churner sex doll that you must go for if you want to have sex in butter churner position.

Well, if the ass is a bit fluffy of the sex doll, it becomes more pleasurable to have sex in a butter churner. Stephanie is a big booty sex doll and thus, you can expect a lot from her.

huge tits sex doll celeb ellen


When you have the combination of red hair, large boobs and big booty, it becomes irresistible. That is what Ellen is. You will be fascinated by her glamour and her personality is very attractive.

You will find her as an ideal choice to have sex in the butter churner position because she is very adventurous.

Skinny & Small Tits Recommended Products

avah bubble butt sex doll black rose


To have sex in butter churner position, the body of the girl has to be flexible. So, having a sex doll with athletic physique will only increase realism during intercourse. That is why Avah can be a great choice because she is a butter churner sex doll with small tits and also possesses a very athletic physique. She is the one who can help you in having sex in butter churner position easily.

mature sex doll bubble butt avery


The firm but small tits of Avery are very tempting. But, don’t go by her small tits only because she has a flexible body which makes her an irresistible prospect for butter churner sex position. Her athletic body is exactly what you need to execute this intricate sex position easily. So, getting her from will be a smart move for sure.

Why Sex Dolls will be Better Than Your Human Girlfriend?

Butter churner is an intricate sex position. You will hardly see a more complex sex position than this one. The physical strength one needs to pull it off is immense. Also, the girl needs to have an athletic body which is very flexible to have this sex position. Otherwise, she can have a serious injury. That is why executing butter churner sex position with a human girlfriend is very risky. Instead, if you have a butter churner sex doll, you can easily enjoy sex in this position. It will be far less risky than having it with a real girl.

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Finally, now you have a far better idea about butter churner sex position. You also know that a butter churner sex doll can be your right partner to execute this position. Without any doubt, is the best place to find your suitable butter churner sex doll. We have the largest collection of various types of sex dolls from which you can easily choose your preferred butter churner sex doll. Also, we will have attractive offers and discounts for you this Black Friday so that you can fit in our butter churner sex doll in your Black Friday shopping budget. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the collection of and find your ideal butter churner sex doll this Black Friday!

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