How To Introduce Love Dolls in the Bedroom?

Your bedroom is your playground where you play with your partner and a sex doll is a wonderful sex toy that you can add in your playground to make your playtime much more fun.  Apparently, it would seem that it is an easy task to introduce a sex doll to your bedroom.

But, if you are not careful and make it a surprise for your partner, then that surprise that you wanted to give could become a nightmare for you. There is nothing better than small steps taken wisely to introduce something new to your bedroom.

As we already told you, the bedroom is the personal playground for you and your partner. So, there has to be a mutual understanding between you two before you try anything different. So, even while buying any small sex toy for the first time, you will have to be cautious.

Making it a surprise could be the most delusional decision that you could ever take because your partner might not take it happily. Or, he or she could take the whole things sportingly and get ready to enjoy with it rather smoothly.

But, there is a huge question mark on it and it is such a thing where you should not be taking any chances. Now, sex dolls can improve your relationship and there is no doubt about it. But, in order to make that improvement, you need to introduce the sex doll to your bedroom first.

That is why it is not always enough to know how to use a love doll if you intend to use it along with your partner. Yes, a threesome can be exciting and when you have a sex doll as a partner, the enjoyment can go to the very sex level.

How To Introduce Love Dolls in the Bedroom

Communication is the Key

When it comes to introducing the sex doll in your bedroom, the most important thing has to be communication between you and your partner. If the communication is not up to the mark, then you will never be able to introduce the sex doll smoothly.

So, if you see a sex doll and want to use it along with your partner but your partner is mad at you, in that instance, you should not tell him or her about it. That is why communication becomes a very important aspect while introducing sex toys, especially sex dolls into your bedroom.

In case you and your partner had a fight last night, first of all, sort that problem out because you want him or her to listen to you without any previous grudges. Once you are done with that, then you can proceed to talk about introducing sex dolls.

How to Start

Now, the most important question that should be on your mind at this moment is how to start the conversation. It would be wonderful if your partner is already aware of the sex dolls. In that case, it would become easier for you to make him or her understand.

If not, then while talking to your partner, bring this topic up. He or she will want to know what it is. Don’t say up front that you intend to introduce sex dolls into your bedroom. Just have a general conversation about sex dolls.

In between your conversation, tell her about the benefits couples can enjoy while having a sex doll in the bedroom. But, the tone of your voice should not tell him or her that you want to bring a sex doll. Just tell your partner how to use a sex doll and its benefits.

Make Your Partner Feel Important

One of the first reactions your partner have after hearing that you want to introduce sex dolls to your bedroom is he or she will tend to feel unimportant. Your partner will feel that you are unsatisfied with him or her in the bedroom.

That is why you want a sex doll in the bedroom so that you find sexual satisfaction. Comfort your partner and assure him or her that after bringing the sex doll into your bedroom, he or she will not feel unimportant. It will improve the sex life of both of you.

Shop for the Sex Doll Together

It is important that your partner fully understands your point of view before getting to this part. He or she should be convinced that the introduction of the sex doll to your bedroom is a wonderful move for your relationship.

If not, then still convince her to check out some of the sex dolls with you and then he or she could make the decision. So, you and your partner together can log onto and check out some of the best sex doll collections that will ever find on the internet.

Now, once your partner is convinced that the sex doll will bring a change to your sex life, go ahead and purchase one. While purchasing one, you should give preference to the choice of your partner over yours. You should know that it makes your partner feel important.


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Tips to Start the Conversation about the Introduction of the Sex Doll

Now, breaking the ice is very important when it comes to starting a conversation with your partner about a sex doll. So, you need to keep in mind some of the tips that will be providing you right now. It will help you to kick-start the conversation on the right tone.

Make Sure You Have Adequate Information

Before you start the conversation about introducing the sex doll into your bedroom, you should have all the information you need to answer the queries of your partner. Remember, when you first tell him or her about the sex doll, there will a bunch of questions thrown at you.

You cannot dodge those questions and so, you need to have the answers ready at your mind. Because of this, you should do proper research on sex dolls before bringing up this topic in the conversation. It will make your work of convincing your partner a lot easier.

Choosing the Proper Time is Very Important

As we already told you in this article, the choice of the time of starting the conversation is really very important. You would not want to start the conversation when your partner is mad at you. You would want to start the conversation when he or she is in a really good mood.

That is why before breaking the ice, make her feel happy. You should do something that will make her feel special. Once you really make him or her feel happy and your partner is in the right mood, then you should start the conversation. So, make your that the timing is correct.

Never Ever Pressurize Your Partner

When you see a sex doll and want to buy it but your partner is not totally convinced about it, you could end up pressurizing him or her out of your impulse. That could work against everything that you have said before to convince your partner.

He or she might end up thinking that you are getting the pleasure from him or her and thus, you are just looking to trick him or her in allowing you to buy a sex doll. That’s not how things should work and so, you should not pressurize your partner at all.

Inform Your Partner about the Pleasure You Two Can Have

The ultimate goal of having sex is to achieve pleasure. So, if there is a tool that can elevate the pleasure in sex, why not use it? Seems obvious, right? Well, that is what you need to inform your partner because guess what, any man or woman would love to have more pleasure in sex.

You just have to convey to your partner gently about what you and your partner can achieve with the inclusion of a sex doll in the bedroom. Tell your partner about the pleasure of threesome and how you can have that without allowing another person to enter into your private space by using a sex doll.

You can make the environment more comfortable for your partner by setting boundaries and even talking about scenarios that can bring pleasure to both of you. For example, you can explain to him or her that they can play with the doll first so they can get used to the idea. Remember you are trying to achieve comfort! You can purchase some sex toys from and let your partner explore the sexual possibilities with the doll. You can talk about role playing, and even make your partner the star to give them reassurance and security.

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Keep a Gentle Smile on Your Face during the Conversation

Now, while telling your partner that you want to introduce a sex doll in the bedroom, the last thing you would want to have is a grumpy face. If you have such a serious face, then your partner will think that you are not happy with him or her and that is why you taking such a massive step.

But, introducing a sex doll in the bedroom is not a massive step, it’s a simple way of elevating the sexual pleasure for both the partners. You need to make your partner believe that. And, while telling your partner everything about using the sex doll in your bedroom, keep a gentle smile on your face. It will reassure your partner that your love for him or her is unwavering.

The Bottom Line

Finally, introducing a sex doll to your bedroom when you have a partner already can be a massive step. So, only telling your partner how to use a sex doll may not be enough as you have to communicate with your partner first. You have now got a fair share of an idea as to how you should approach this massive step. So, stay calm and approach rationally, and your partner will give consent about buying the sex doll and using it. And, you know from where to buy the sex doll, yes, has the largest collection of a realistic and high-quality sex doll. So, explore our collection with your partner and have a great time using sex dolls.

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