How to take photos of your sex doll?

Now many sex doll lovers like to take photos of their sex dolls and share them with others. There are some tricks to take beautiful photos of sex doll. Let’s talk about these simple tricks so that people will envy you for having such an amazing doll.

This article is divided into three parts:

  • First Part: Know your equipment and light.
  • Second Part: Sex doll photography skills.
  • Third Part: A case study of sex doll photography.

In the end, I will give the ultimate technique of taking good photos.

How to maintain a sex doll

I am not a professional photographer, and there may be some inappropriate viewpoints or operations. However, I just want to share some tricks on how to take nice photos of sex dolls.

First let’s talk about the most important thing: equipment. Which is better, phone or SLR camera?

Thanks to today’s technology, mobile phones can also take nice photos. But cellphone photography is still limited in many aspects. If you just want to share your sex doll, then you can use the camera on your mobile phone. However, if you want to show off, make your collection, or even tell stories to the audiences, a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera is highly recommended. It will take your photos to the next level.

If you are using a DSLR camera, you need to know the basic information and operations.

ISO Standard

ISO is the sensitivity of the lens to light (the higher the value, the higher the sensitivity of the camera to light). For a camera that is not very good, at a high ISO value, there will be a lot of grainy points in the photo, that is, noise.

Many people who take photos indoors like to set the ISO value very high, and then get photos with many noises. Instead of a higher ISO, you can lower the ISO value and use the aperture and shutter speed to capture more light.

Of course, if you have a super fancy lens, you can take photos under ISO600 without any noise. In the XS Rebel time, you must learn to use aperture to capture more light.

The higher ISO value is used to capture dynamic photos. However, your sex doll will not move, so you only need a low ISO value, such as ISO100.

Shutter speed

Shutter speed is the opening and closing speed of the lens.

Fast shutter speed can capture the moments of a dynamic object. A slower shutter speed allows the lens to open for a long time, so it can capture more light. But a slower shutter will also make the object a little fuzzy.

The shutter speed is usually a fraction of a second. For example, extremely slow shutter speed like 1/4 and 1/8, and faster shutter speed like 1/250 and 1/500.

If you take your sex doll outdoors with plenty of light, you can use a faster shutter speed. On the contrary, you can use a low shutter speed when your sex doll is indoors or there is insufficient light.


Aperture controls the hole opening size (like a pupil) in a lens. The camera aperture is defined by f/*. For example, f/1.4 means a relative wide hole, while f/8 will leave a tiny opening in your lens.

If you take photos of your sex doll in low light, please use the aperture of f/1.8, and adjust the shutter speed until you get enough light.

For example, the pictures with a beautiful sex doll and blurred background are taken with a large aperture, such as f/1.4 or f/1.8.

When the light is enough and you want all objects to be focused, you can use a large aperture (f/8 or larger) depending on the size of your sex doll and the photography distance.

Try to make one setting first, such as set ISO to 100 and set the aperture as small as possible (the maximum opening of the lens). Control the shutter speed to see the differences.

Then change the aperture size and control the shutter speed again. You will figure out which settings are most suitable for your sex doll, your photography style, and your lens.

Other equipment or stage props: 

Camera lens

If your camera can change lenses, you need to know the features of your lenses. Which camera lens you choose depends on what type of photo you want to take.

Generally, low-end and intermediate cameras will come with an 18-55mm lens, which is used for portrait shooting such as for the perfect makeup of your sex doll.

Another outdoor option is to use a wide-angle lens because it can capture the spectacular outdoor scenery with the entire sex doll in the photo. I don’t recommend using the wide-angle lens in portraits, especially in portraits of sex dolls. Because it will distort the image and it is difficult to modify it on the computer later (the photos will look artificial and unnatural).

If we want to take more fancy photos, such as a scattered scene or blurred background, it is recommended to use ultra-bright lenses or fixed-focus lenses, such as 50mm f/1.4. With such a lens, the portrait will look different. Because using a large aperture will reduce the focus area, and everything in the background will look blurred. Besides, if there is some backlight, it is easy to get a bokeh effect.

There are more types of lenses, such as zoom or telephoto lenses. They are usually 75-300mm and have a powerful zoom capability. They can be used for taking photos from a long distance, but you need to keep the doll away from the camera.

Pin or elastic band

Sometimes the clothes of the sex doll can be slightly larger from certain shooting angles, which can’t highlight the doll’s body curve. You can use a pin to modify the clothes to make your sex doll look perfect. Or you can put some equipment on the doll’s hand, such as an elastic band. You can blur the pin or elastic band when editing the photo later.


When taking a picture, the slightest movement may cause a big problem, such as a highly blurred photo. If you want to take a clear and unambiguous picture, you need to eliminate any movement during shooting. The best way to achieve it is to use a tripod. It will stabilize the camera and enable you to shoot your sex doll perfectly.

White cardboard

Use white cardboard or paper to reflect natural light to your sex doll, and you will get a brighter and professional photo.

redhead sex doll mannequin alexandria

The most important factor: light

Natural light

Nature light is the best choice when taking photos of your sex doll. Try to shoot your sex doll near a window or in a room full of natural light.

For example, if you take photos indoors, you can test all the windows in your home to find the best one.

The light can be concentrated in some areas, which makes these areas bright and other areas dark, like living rooms or bedroom windows. Thus, when taking photos indoors, please try to find the most light-dense area of ​​the day.

If you take photos of your sex doll outdoors, it is highly recommended to take photos before 8 am or after 7 to 8 pm in summer. In winter, the light varies during the daytime, so you may change the location frequently.

Scattered light in the morning or evening is also a good choice. From the photo, you can feel the coolness in the morning and the warmth in the afternoon.

Artificial light

In some situations, you may use artificial light to photograph your doll. You can use a fancy umbrella light, especially when you take professional photos with a white background for the product pictures. It will provide all photos with the same brightness.

Or you can put a light in a room near the sex doll and use a technique called “bouncing light”. In this method, you can move the doll close to a luminous object (not the light) to brighten the dark area of the doll.

By doing this method, you will take sex doll photos with heavy shadows.

brunette bubble butt sex doll lana

Sex doll photography tricks

The eyes of a sex doll are the first things that people see, so don’t forget their importance. Aligning the eyes forward, upward, or sideways will make your sex doll photos perfect.

When taking a photo, please focus on the doll’s eyes unless you have another intention.

Let the doll look directly at your camera or keep the doll away from your camera. Otherwise, it may give people the impression that the doll is not very lively

After you follow the above-mentioned tricks for the eyes: if the eye area looks dark, you can always use Photoshop tools to brighten the area, and vice versa.


A comb is essential when taking photos of your doll. If you don’t comb her hair, the loose hair (clearer in the backlight portrait) will be particularly obvious in the photo. Some people use hair gel, but it will damage the wig if the gel is too much.

Eyebrows are also important: Even if the wig is long, try to show the eyebrows. Because eyebrows can enhance the doll’s expression.


A good posture is the core of a photo. A good posture adds life and vitality to the photo. First, make the doll’s clothes a little simpler, and then put her/him in various positions. Use your imagination to make the postures such as, sexy, seductive, cute, or pitiful. (Don’t press the doll’s joints too hard to prevent the doll’s skin from tearing or the skeleton from being damaged) Know the limitations of your sex doll and take advantage of her strengths. When you find an interesting posture, please use your camera to record the perfect moment.

Or you can find inspiration for interesting and natural postures in other photographers’ works.

Shooting angle

In photography, angle refers to the angle/position at which you place the camera relative to the subject. Thus, if taking a photo under the eye level of a subject, we can say that you shot from a low angle.

There are several common angles, such as bird’s eye (from above), low-angle (from below), air (completely above the object), or centered at eye level.

When taking photos of your sex doll, please figure out the best angle according to the characteristics of your doll. Generally, do not use a large angle, because it will make her look just like a doll without life. To make her lifelike, you can put the camera under her sight, and sometimes even under her body.

Shooting distance

Some sex doll photographers like to take photos from a distance and think it will look more attractive. However, this idea is based on taking photos of a real person and does not apply to sex doll photographs. The doll looks more gorgeous without a distance. Take a few photos at different distances, and you will understand.

Color balance

If your sex doll in the dim light, your princess’s doll may look like a witch in the photo. A fluorescent or incandescent lamp will make the doll’s skin green or yellow. If you use a digital camera, you can use the white balance control to balance it. However, if you have a traditional camera, you can post-edit the photo with editing tools and software.


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Photography is a way to spread emotions by telling stories, and only the best photo can do that.

Here is a simple trick, first create or search for a story about your sex doll. Then try to understand the doll’s personalities, tastes, hobbies, and behaviors in the story. Use the above-mentioned information to create a story scene and put your doll in it.


If you take photos indoors, try to find an area where there is no noticeable furniture or things that don’t fit the theme. When taking photos, the shooting angle, the environment around the doll, lighting, and all other factors will matter. If possible, you can use a large aperture such as f/3.5 or below. Because it will minimize the depth of the scene, and only the doll will focus, and the background will scatter without interference.

You can relocate the doll in the room, elevate the floor with a ladder or chair, and look through the viewfinder to practice how to compose a picture.

An alternative is to set up your exclusive studio at home. You can use a piece of cloth or paper as the background. Remember, it is important to make your sex doll looks proportional to the background in a relatively small environment, which is the difficult part to take good photos at home.


Outdoor ideas are endless. Besides, outdoor photos are always very touching, such as in a park, on the beach, a trail in the forest, and mountains.

Taking your doll in an environment surrounded by flowers, leaves, grass, trees, and fences will bring vivid elements to your photo. It will not only create a mood for your photos but also make the doll looks more lifelike and energetic.

Unless you do it on purpose, it is highly recommended to avoid elements beyond the size of your sex doll in the photo, such as a bench, a garbage bin, or pedestrians.


It is a very important topic. Nice and suitable clothes will make your sex doll realistic and energetic. No matter what kind of clothes you have, please be careful not to stain your doll.

It is recommended to wear flesh-colored tights for your doll to prevent leaving stains on the skin if you are familiar with them. The neck and sleeves portions of those tights are not looking good in the photos, and you may want to hide them or don’t wear them when taking photos.

Don’t be afraid to put different clothes together. You can choose a skirt from a suit and a T-shirt from another suit. Most likely you will find a better outfit than before.

Other factors

Windy day

On a windy day, you can take photos of the doll with her hair blown by the wind naturally. Please pay attention to fixing the doll’s wig so as not to come off. Taking photos in windy weather is the perfect choice if you have a doll with a hair transplant.

Cloudy day

Believe it or not, cloudy days are the best choice for taking photos with natural light. During cloudy days, the shadows are soft and can blur everything. There is no hard shadow or sharp contrast on those days, please get everything ready for the cloudy days. However, if your photos become dull, you may want to increase the color intensity and saturation.

Photo editing

Post photo editing is necessary, even the light and angle are perfect. You will always find something that is not perfect. If you are a perfectionist, you will love photo editing. For example, you can take about 60 photos per doll, deletes 30 to 40 inappropriate photos, and then try to edit the last 10 photos. Simple photo editing includes curves, colors, and filters.

A case study of sex doll photography

It is challenging to take photos of a mini sex doll. A perfect photo can tell a story and spread a kind of emotion. Below are the steps of taking photos of a mini sex doll.

  1. Use a solid or neutral background color to keep the focus on the mini sex doll. A soft pillow on top of a solid color blanket is a good choice. By doing this, you will see a cute mini sex doll. In this photo, the photographer used a European style feather pillow covered with a white blanket.
  2. Take some full-body shots. Before start, do you want to highlight her sweet lips, her clear and curious eyes, and her little fingers? It will help set the focus of the photo.
  3. Now, try to get close to the doll. Being close will add intimacy to your photos, and the angle may help to highlight the key details.
  4. Adequate light is a core factor for beautiful photos. If you want to take a perfect picture of your mini-doll, please spend some time to find out the natural light. You want the sunlight just behind you and brighten your doll, which can highlight the doll’s face and reduce dazzling shadows. For example, put your doll near a window and take advantage of the filtered natural light. The use of flash can be very tricky, and natural light is the best choice.
  5. One of the best photography methods is to follow the so-called “three-point rule”. You can divide the scene into three areas, from top to bottom and from left to right. The intersection of lines is the area where you want to put your doll. If the doll is placed at the intersection or along the line, the photo will look more balanced. You will get a mesh structure that looks like below:
three-point rule shooting doll


The ultimate track of sex doll photographs is to practice your shooting skills again and again.

Leave your comments below. Let’s communicate and learn how to take a good sex doll photo.

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