100% Realistic Sex Dolls User Guide: A Route to Ultimate Pleasure from Kanadoll.uk

Many people believe that buying a sex doll and fucking it is the end of the road, there is nothing more you can do with it. However, this is a wrong perception because there are so many things that you can do with a sex doll. Unless you use your sex doll properly, you cannot have that magical feeling a realistic sex doll can produce.

Owning and fucking a sex doll is not the end of the road. It is just the beginning. Unless you know how to use a realistic sex doll, you will never find that hidden treasure of pleasure lying within her. Now, you will be wondering how you can use a sex doll properly. As a matter of fact, most people using a sex doll don’t know the right ways of dealing with the doll.

You can search for a sex doll user guide on the internet and you will find plenty of websites that can offer you that. However, those user guides are not definitive and comprehensive. So, it is not worthy for you to have partial information and treat your doll the wrong way. Remember, using the doll properly will not only provide you with ecstatic pleasure but also ensure that your doll lasts for a very long time.

At Kanadoll.uk, we care for each and every realistic sex doll our customers buy, and therefore, we feel that it is our duty to provide you with a comprehensive user guide for your sex doll. In this way, you will not only be having fun with the doll properly for pleasure but also your doll will be there with you for a long, time. So, here is our comprehensive realistic sex doll user guide that you should read minutely!


What is a Realistic Sex Doll?

You can define a sex doll as a tool for getting pleasurable orgasms. Now, when you masturbate, you achieve orgasm. But, that is totally dependent on your imagination and hand movement. However, it will not give you the same pleasure of achieving orgasm.

But a realistic sex doll will feel like the body of a real human being. Therefore, you don’t have to imagine that you are having sex. A realistic sex doll of Kanadoll.uk will help you to feel like you are fucking a real woman. Her soft body, fluffy ass, and tits will give the feel of an actual real-life girl.

So, a realistic sex doll is basically a sex doll that will give you the feeling of fucking a real human being and the orgasm and pleasure you can achieve will be unbelievable. But, for that, you need to use the sex doll and maintain it properly.

How does It Feel to Have Sex with a Sex Doll?

Many of you who haven’t bought a realistic sex doll would wonder how it feels like to have sex with such a doll. Well, first of all, you should know that she is adorable. When you bring her into your bedroom, you will be flummoxed by her sheer beauty and grace.

Secondly, you will unravel her secrets which are her assets. Now, when you are buying a realistic sex doll, you will be able to get the assets according to your wish. If you like to be in bed with a woman who has large tits, then you will have that. In case you are fond of fluffy asses, you will not be disappointed at all.

Therefore, the sex doll you will buy will be the girl you always wanted to have in bed. So, there will be no scope for disappointment for you. As a matter of fact, you would love to be in bed with her because she can satisfy you in all the ways possible.

Fulfil Your Kinks

Every human being has kinks and fetishes that he likes to keep in secret. Also, he would never tell that to his wife or girlfriend because, primarily, no man wants to be seen as a pervert by his wife or girlfriend. However, without fulfilling those desires, you cannot have a fulfilling sex life.

Yes, you have steamy and hot sex with your wife or girlfriend, but ask yourself honestly, are you happy by not fulfilling your kinks and fetishes? The answer will be no, unequivocally no. However, with a sex doll, you have the liberty to fulfil all your kinks and fetishes.

Also, she will feel like a real woman when you are doing the activity with her. So, you will be happy with your sex life which will also elevate your sex life with your partner. And, therefore, it will ensure a long-lasting relationship between you and your partner, all because of our realistic sex doll. Don’t you think it’s a good deal?

How to Assemble the Sex Doll

Before you learn the tips and tricks to elevate your pleasure from the doll to the very next level, it is time that you learn how to assemble the doll. Unless you assemble the doll properly, you won’t be able to use it. It’s the first step that you have to go through as an owner of a sex doll except purchasing. So, here is how you should assemble your precious love doll to find the pleasure of a lifetime;

  1. Get the doll out of the cardboard box in which it will come.
  2. Remove the plastic covers in which the doll will be wrapped. You should be very careful will disposing of the plastic.
  3. Lay the love doll you bought safely on a flat and hard surface (For example; the floor of your house)
  4. To keep your doll clean, it would wise to place her on a clean blanket or towel.
  5. Make the doll sit in the upright pose
  6. It is time to get the head of your precious sex doll out of the box. You have to make sure that the metal bolt which is under the head of the doll is screwed firmly.
  7. Now, you have to tighten the screws of your doll’s head onto her body.
  8. Once you are done positioning and screwing the head, you can start to dress your sex doll just the way you want her to look.
  9. After that, let the fun stuff being
assemble the sex doll body

Making Love to Your Gorgeous Sex Doll

Making love to your realistic sex doll is quite similar to making love to your girlfriend or wife. However, many people don’t assume things like that and so, they get straight to the good stuff. But, hang on, if you are not warmed up, how can you enjoy with your doll? Remember, you need to reach the highest point of pleasure. And for that, you have to approach your lovemaking properly. Here is how you should make love to your beautiful and realistic sex doll.


Many people don’t realize how important foreplay is when you are making love to your sex doll. Apparently, most people think that it is a doll and so, you don’t need to get her wet or something like that. But, you need to heat up your body and get your dick up before you enter her. Fondling her large boobs or kissing her giving some gentle slaps on her butt could be some of the easiest ways to get you and your little friend in the proper mood. So, you have to focus on the foreplay before getting into your love doll.

Oral Sex

You love to have your cock inside the mouth of a sexy lady, don’t you? Generally, you would think that you cannot have that when you are with a sex doll. However, the reality is, you can enjoy outstanding oral sex with your sex doll. Once you are in her mouth, you can fuck her as deep as you want to go. You can choker her up with your dick gently. Having oral sex with your love doll will be an experience that you would never forget.

Vaginal Sex

Every man feels like heaven when their little friend turned giant goes inside the vagina of a woman. Oh! That’s divine feeling, isn’t it? You will have that same feeling when you fuck our realistic sex dolls. Do you know that there are brothels for sex dolls as well? If the feeling of fucking a sex doll is not closely identical to fucking a real woman, then do you think these brothels would have existed? That is why you can expect to have the same experience as fucking a real woman when you are with a sex doll. Trust us, you will not feel disappointed.

Anal Sex

Getting inside the ass of a woman is also a feeling that is hard to explain in words. However, many women don’t allow men to get inside the asshole. But, if you buy a sex doll, you can get inside her asshole easily. She would never ever complain about it. Also, you will have the best time of your life while ass fucking your sex doll. You will also have that divine feeling of pure bliss and ecstasy once you get inside the ass of your love doll.

Use Lubricants

Even if the sex doll will give you the feeling of fucking a real woman, the reality is, she is not a real woman, she is just a doll. So, she will not get wet in her vagina. Therefore, to ensure that your penis enters her vagina and asshole smoothly, you should look to use lubricants. It will ensure that you have the pleasure you wanted and not undesirable pain. So, make sure that you use lube before entering your love doll.

Try Various Positions

You cannot enjoy sex if you only try one position. Most men like to have it in a missionary position with their doll. However, after doing it several times, it will become boring for you. It is the same even if you are having sex with your wife or girlfriend. You need to try different positions. For example, you can get the sex doll in the position for the doggy style or cowgirl pose. Trying variations in poses will ensure your sex life with your doll stays spicier than ever.


Whenever Kanadoll releases new dolls or features special promotions, our subscribers will be the first to be notified. At the same time, we will also provide practical and cutting edge information from the sex doll industry from time to time.

Clean the Sex Doll After You Are Done

Taking good care of your doll and keeping it safe is very important if you want your doll to be your companion for a longer period of time. It will also be good for your health because nothing is as bad as an ill-maintained sex doll. If you don’t take good care of the doll, it will form bacteria inside the orifices which are not good for your health.

Meanwhile, if you think that taking good care of the sex doll is a nightmare, then you should not worry about that because it is really very simple. Also, we have simplified the task in our “Comprehensive Sex Doll Maintenance Guide“. You should read that too once you are done reading this comprehensive user guide of our realistic sex dolls to get a clear idea about the maintenance of the sex dolls.

Storage of the Doll

Just like cleaning, the storage of the doll is also a part of taking care of the love doll. How long your doll will last will depend on how good you are at keeping her in a safe place. Also, don’t forget about the secrecy. You would not want everyone in your friends and family to know that you own a sex doll unless they are very much frank about these things. No matter where you keep her, make sure that she does not have any damage to her skin or joints. If you store your sex doll properly, then you can use her for many, many years.

The Bottom Line

Finally, if you are contemplating on purchasing a realistic sex doll from Kanadoll.uk, then go on and do it. You can have some of the best sex dolls from us that you will ever see and that too at a very competitive price. Also, this comprehensive user guide of our realistic sex dolls will lead you to the path of pleasure and ecstasy while having sex with our love dolls.

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