How to Use Male Sex Dolls for Women?

Many studies have shown that women have a stronger sexual craving than men. Also, their ability to control it is far greater than men. You will be astonished to know that the majority of the female population do not enjoy quality sex with their partners.

Or, in simple words, their partners fail to satisfy them in a way they really need sex. However, due to the fear of misunderstanding, most women tend to act like they are satisfied with their sex life. But, from the inside, they do suffer from the void created by the lack of quality sex.

Also, women take time to trust a man before getting physically intimate with that person. So, if you are dating a man currently and don’t want to get laid presently with that man, then you need to get a male sex doll for you. Now, you might raise your eyebrows but that is the reality.

There is nothing wrong in using a sex doll to fulfil your sexual needs. If you are having sexual cravings and don’t find anyone to satisfy your sexual needs what should you do? Should you make yourself starve from having sex? Or should you pick the best possible solution available?

Yes, using a male sex doll in such a scenario is probably the best thing you can do. But, the problem is most women don’t know how to use male sex dolls. Actually, the concept of male sex dolls is not very old. That is why women are yet to become aware of it.

But, if you are buying a male sex doll, then you need to know how to use male sex dolls. Therefore, in this very article, let’s discuss it in detail.

What is a Male Sex Doll?

Before you get to the point of how to use male sex dolls, it is also important to understand deeply what a male sex doll actually is. You will find many women who still don’t know anything about male sex dolls and the reason for that is not every sex doll manufacturer produces male sex dolls. is one of the very few places where you will find male sex dolls. A male sex doll is basically a sex toy for women or gay men. The definition is as simple as that. Now, a male sex doll will have a body like a man. The physique of a male sex doll will be one to die for.

Also, the doll will have a large dick to satisfy your sexual cravings. The male sex dolls we have at resemble a man’s body identically. That is how realistic they are. Also, using a male sex doll in bed is a much better option than using a vibrator or your fingers.

That is why there is a surge in the demand of male sex dolls because women are now becoming more and more aware of the advantages male sex dolls can bring for them. The freedom they enjoy by having a male sex doll in bed is really amazing.


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How to Use Male Sex Dolls for Maximum Pleasure

Now, as you already know about male sex dolls, it is time you know how to use male sex dolls. There are various ways in which you can use the doll. But, what you really need to think is you are having sex with your partner, your mindset should be like that. It will help you to get into the right mood easily before you start playing with your doll. So, here is how you should use your male sex doll.

Feel the Body

You need to start the action by feeling the body of the sex doll. Whenever you have sex with your partner, you would want his hands to feel your body and you want to feel his body with your hands. It’s like getting to know the playground before you enter it.

As we have said, if you want to enjoy sex with your sex doll, then the first thing you have to do is make the action feel real. So, starting the action by touching the male sex doll’s body will help you to get into the right mood before the actual fun.

Oral Sex

After you feel and kiss your partner, you will do down to suck his dick. That is what you would do when you are with a real partner. So, why shouldn’t you do that with your male sex doll? Now, you might feel sucking the dick of your male sex doll will be difficult as he would not be able to stand alone without any help.

So, you can make your male sex doll sit and then take his cock and put it in your mouth. You need to suck it like it is a real dick. Also, you can start playing with your pussy in the meantime just to get the surface ready before that large dick enters it.

Vaginal Sex

Now, once you are done sucking, you need to apply some sort of lubricant in the dick to make it really slippery. It will help the dick to get inside your vagina easily. Now, get into the position you want to have with your doll and take the dick in your hand and push it inside your vagina.

Now, with all your sucking and lubricant, it will make the dick feel like a real penis of a man. You just have to close your eyes and feel the sensations you are experiencing inside your vagina. You can rest assured it will be pure bliss. After that, you can start changing positions and enter the penis deeper into your vagina.

You will be able to execute so many positions with your male sex doll. The best part about this one will be, you will control the pace at which the penis enters your vagina and you will also be at the helm of all the action that will unfold in the bed.

Anal Sex

Some women really like to have anal sex. They feel a different vibe when the penis enters their anus. If you have such kinks or fetishes with anal sex and your partner is not ready to enter your anus, then with a male sex doll, you can easily fulfil your kink.

But, before you enter the penis inside your anus, make sure you lubricate the area properly. Otherwise, only lubricating the penis may not be enough to prevent pain. But, you will enjoy fantastic experiences of anal sex with a male sex doll.

This is also true for those gay people who are looking for a male sex doll. Your experience of having anal sex with a male sex doll will be completely different and one that you would want to have time and time again.

How to Use Male Sex Dolls for Women

Some Important Tips about Using Male Sex Dolls Safely

Now, you know how to use male sex dolls. Also, you have a fair idea about how to reach that exploding orgasm with a male sex doll because unlike a real man, this doll will not stop until you are done. It is what a woman would want from a man.

But, there are certain things you need to remember while using the male sex doll. You would want to ensure that you use the doll safely. That is why at, we are presenting you with some exclusive tips that will help you significantly in using male sex dolls safely;

Take Bath with the Doll

At times, you might have dreamt or have taken bath with your male partner. Then, why not take a bath with your male sex doll? You should every now and then take a bath with your doll because it will help you to do two things in one, clean the doll, and have fun with it underwater which is a different feeling altogether.

Spray Deodorant on Your Doll

The male sex dolls are made with silicone that will absorb your sweat while having sex. Now, you will sweat profoundly while having sex and so, if you want to use it again before cleaning the doll, you might have a tough time with the smell of your sweat. So, it is better you spray some deodorant before using it again.

Be Gentle with the Doll

While having sex, it is quite natural to control yourself. But, remember, you are not having sex with a real man. It is actually a doll. So, if you are too rough with it, you might actually damage the doll. That is why if you want to use the doll for a long time, it is better to a bit gentle with the doll.

The Bottom Line

Finally, now you have a clear knowledge of how to use male sex dolls. So, it is time to buy a male sex doll that can fulfil your sexual cravings. has a large collection of make sex dolls. So, you can check our collection out easily and find the male sex dolls that will be suitable for your sexual cravings and desires. You will surely love our collection of male sex dolls.

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