Kanadoll Girls’ Fortunate Meeting: A Crazy Encounter

Mike was an absolute nerd. The only thing he knew in his life was books and studies. He never thought about having a girlfriend or sex. The only thing he cared about in his life was studies. Or at least, everyone in his class thought so. Mike did not have any friend as such in his life.

However, Mike longed for a companion. Michael Terry was the best student in his school but he was not happy. Nobody seemed to care about Mike. He thought he was a joke to all his friends. Even after his academic prowess, nobody wanted to talk to him.

Mike was becoming frustrated in his life and after watching a porn movie for the first time in his life, he realised that he was missing something else as well. He wanted to have a girlfriend. He wanted to go on a date with her. Mike was tired of his loneliness and wanted to get rid of it.

He had no idea what he would have to do to find a girlfriend. Mike was really scared to talk to the girls in his school because of his reputation for being a nerd. He searched for ideas on the internet about how he could break this nerdy gimmick he had in his school. Finally, he got one.

A Sex Doll

Mike was really struggling to find a friend. Also, he wasn’t feeling confident to speak to someone. Something was keeping him back. Even if he gathered all his courage to speak to the boys in his class, when it came to the girls, he really sucked. He would tremble while approaching any girl.

So, the girls in his class used to ignore him like he never existed in the school. However, while reading an article over the internet, Mike found out about sex dolls. He thought it was a cool idea to practice interactions with a Big tits Sex Doll before approaching an actual girl.

He found out that the sex dolls looked like real girls. Though they are not real, it is hard to find any difference with a real girl. So, he thought, “Let’s give it a try. Let’s start practising interactions with sex dolls and once I get comfortable with theses dolls, I will approach the real girls in my school with confidence.”

The Search Begins

So, Mike started searching for a Big tit Sex Doll. He searched for many sex dolls with big boobs. The reason he wanted a Big Boobs Sex Doll is he loved girls with big boobs. He wanted his girlfriend to have large tits so that he could play with them. After searching for many dolls, he found two.

First was Kailani. She was a redheaded sex doll with big boobs. She had a fit body and her ass really tempted Mike. Her flat tummy looked amazing. And the second Big Boobs Sex Doll he found was Serena. She was very pretty. Her busty figure with large boobs made Mike hard. Everything about her body was so attractive that Mike was head over heels for her.

love doll kailani red hair
Fuck me!

Kailani: My big ass is more perfect than Serena’s.

large breast serena sex doll
Fuck me!

Serena: My big tits is more perfect than Kailani’s.

Now, Mike was facing a dilemma, whether he should go for Kailani or Serena. After thinking for hours, he decided to go for both. After ordering the dolls, Mile was very excited. He never felt that kind of excitement even after topping his class for all these years. After waiting for some days, the delivery date arrived and Mike’s excitement level went up to newer heights. He just couldn’t wait to finally have his two companions with whom he can do whatever he wished.

The Package Gets Delivered

Mike was tensed because the package was scheduled to get delivered on that day. His family members never saw him so tensed. His mother asked him what was the problem but he told her that he was all right. But, he knew he was getting more and more anxious as the clock was ticking.

Around 11 in the morning, the bell rang. Mike stormed to the front door to receive the package and stormed back to his room. His family members did not bother much because they knew he could be a bit weird. So, they took things normally and left Mike alone.

The Practice Begins

Mike opened the package quickly and what he saw made him hard. He saw two sex dolls with large boobs. He loved his Big Boobs Sex Doll. Now, he wanted to start practising interactions with girls. He set up both Kailani and Serena in poses as if they were speaking to each other. After that, he approached Kailani first, “Hi, I’m Mike, and you are?” Then he suddenly changed his mind and said, “What the hell is this? If I say something like this, then girls would burst out in laughter. I would be a joke again.” But this time, Mike was adamant not to let things go out of his hands. So, he went to sleep and thought, tomorrow he might get some idea about it. He didn’t want to pressurize him.

Mike’s Dream

Mike found himself on his school campus. He was observing Clara, the sexiest girl in the school with big boobs from a distance. He was looking at her to figure out her mood and whether it will be good to start the conversation or not. After observing Clara, he suddenly saw himself with a new haircut. He was looking sexy. He dressed up in jeans and a T-shirt, spiked his hair, and went forward to have a chat with Clara. Just when he was about to initiate the conversation, suddenly, he woke.

The Problem

Mike realized that the problem is not only his attitude but also his look. So, he once again made both Kailani and Serena sit in the same pose like the last night and approached by saying only ‘Hi.’ He somehow knew what Clara would reply, “What’s the matter?” Mike answered, “I am here just to say that you are looking beautiful and that’s it.” By doing that, he will turn around and walk back to the room smartly. He enacted the whole scene by imagining Serena as Clara and Kailani as her best friend. But, he realized he needed to go to a salon and get a makeover. Mike was no more a nerd. He got ready for the next step.

The Deep Kiss

Mike’s makeover was an outright success because his parents were struggling to recognize him. Also, he was looking like a hunk. He always had a good body but now, his looks were suiting his style of body. He was no more a nerd. So he went to his room and got hold of Serena and said, “Hi, Clara, I want to say something to you.” He already had an inkling that Clara will be mesmerised by his looks and would want to hear what he has to say. So, he went on, “Look, I am asking you out for a date tonight, I know you won’t say no.”

Mike imagined Clara saying yes by nodding her head with overwhelming emotion in her eyes. He wrapped his hands around Serena (who was Clara for Mike) and kissed her lips. He sucked her lips like there was no tomorrow. Sucking Serena’s lips felt so real to mike that he even forgot that it was a Big Boobs Sex Doll. It was an unbelievable experience for Mike. So, he took Kailani in arms and kissed her as well and the feeling was also surreal. Then he went full-throttle with both the dolls and it was the first experience for Mike to be inside a girl. Mike would never forget that experience.

The Togetherness

The way Mike planned out everything, it worked. Mike asked Clara out in front of everyone and it made everyone surprised because no one ever thought about it even in their wildest of dreams. Mike was now the hunk of the school and not a nerd. He was still the best when it came down to academics as well. After the first date, Mike proposed Clara and she said yes because Mike’s sexy appearance and confident attitude made her fall for him head over heels. Everyone in the school including Mike’s parents and teachers was surprised with this sudden turn of events.

Mike and Clara used to make out in the school or even in their respective houses. One day Mike’s of their classmates, Robert, came up to Mike and asked him about the secret of his sudden change. Mike first smiled and then said, “I have two secret friends who helped throughout my entire transformation journey. Come to my house and I will show you how.”

The Big Reveal

Mike brought Robert to his house to show him his secret. Robert was a nerd too. He brought out the two dolls and said, “These are my secrets and because of these two sexy girls, I have become what I am today.” Robert exclaimed in awe, “Wow! Look at their Boobs man!” Mike said, “If you want to practice and explore and improve your weaknesses in front of girls, get a Big Boobs Sex Doll. They helped me and you will find helpful too.” Now, everything was clear for Robert and he knew what he had to do. So, he went back to his house with enthusiasm and Mike kissed Serena and Kailani and said, “Other Big Boobs Sex Doll like you two will transform the life of another nerd!”

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