Kanadoll Girls’ Fortunate Meeting: An Awesome Planning

Stuart Fergusson and his wife Charlotte were married for 9 years. Their marriage was an outright success. The couple found it hard to live without each other. They also enjoyed each other’s company a lot. Stuart and Charlotte had 3 kids, Simon, John, and Tara.

They were living a very happy life. But, Stuart and Charlotte knew that something was missing from their life. Stuart was running a successful restaurant which was one of the top restaurants in Bristol. So, there was no financial problem in their life.

The couple was head over heels in love and so, there was no problem with their affection for each other. Their kids were healthy and happy. But, there was something Stuart and Charlotte knew was not right and it was their sex life.

For the past 9 years, Stuart and Charlotte had explored each other’s body and sexuality in every possible way. Though, they only indulged in vanilla sex. They never experimented with their sex life. So, after 9 years of fantastic sex life, they were struggling with it.

The spark in their sex life was missing. Stuart and Charlotte both were less inclined to have sex. It was creating a barrier in their relationship and both of them knew it. They wanted to overcome that barrier but did not know how they can do it.

Stuart and Charlotte watched porn together before they started their sexual activity but it didn’t work. They were only watching romantic porn scenes and not those scenes that would push them to experiment with their sex life. But, finally, Stuart stumbled onto such a porn scene.

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The Threesome

Stuart for the first time was totally amazed at what he saw. He witnessed two girls having sex with a man at one time. It was a surreal experience and he wanted to have that. So, he asked Charlotte, “Babe, do you want to try something new?” Charlotte said, “New? What is that?” Stuart replied, “Well, I feel it will rejuvenate our sex life.”

Charlotte got excited, she said, “Tell me, what it is?” Stuart said, “Let’s try a threesome, you, me, and another girl. Charlotte got angry. She said, “Are you cheating on me?” Stuart smelled trouble so he quickly hugged her and said, “Baby, I will never ever cheat on you. I just saw this porn clip of threesome sex and I thought it can really spice up our sex life.” Stuart handed his phone over to Charlotte after playing the clip.

After looking at it, Charlotte also thought it was exciting. But, she was not ready to share his man with another girl. Charlotte said, “I am not at all ready to share my husband with another woman, do you understand? Also, I don’t want to expose our sex life to anyone else. So, forget it.”

Stuart became very disappointed after Charlotte rejected the idea of a threesome. It was something he wanted and he knew that would rejuvenate his sex life. The desire of having a threesome was building inside Stuart and he knew he had to do something to make things happen.

The Solution

One day, Stuart was browsing through his social media feed. There was an advertisement that caught his eye. The advertisement was about sex dolls. He quickly searched the internet to gather information about sex dolls. After researching a lot, he finally knew, he got the solution.

Stuart was jubilant because he now knew that he could have a threesome with his wife and an Asian Sex Doll.  He was really delighted. So, when he came back home from his restaurant, he went straight to see his wife and started a conversation with her.

Once they were in their bedroom, Stuart said, “Babe, I have got an idea.” Charlotte quickly interrupted by saying, “About that threesome thing?” Stuart nodded. Charlotte became angry and said, “You still think I am going to share you with another woman? How dare you to think like that?”

Stuart replied, “Babe, it’s not what you are thinking. I have got a brilliant plan in which we will have threesome sex and you will not have to share me with any other woman.” Charlotte got confused and said, “Are you trying to share me with another man?” Stuart said in an irritated voice, “How dare you to think like that?” and then winked.

Charlotte Learns About the Solution

Charlotte got even more confused. She had no idea what was cooking in Stuart’s head. So, she said, “Can you explain what is there in your head?” Stuart said, “That’s like my babe. Now listen.” Stuart started to explain as he saw Charlotte was attentive. “There is a thing called Asian Sex Doll. It looks like real humans. However, it is a doll actually.” He gave his phone to Charlotte by opening a website that sold sex dolls. Charlotte was stunned to see those dolls. To her, they seemed like real human beings. So, by getting excited, she said, “So, what will you do with these dolls?”

Stuart continued, “So, we don’t need any other women to have a threesome. You don’t have to share me with any other woman. We can buy an Asian Sex Doll and have a threesome. In this way, we will keep our sex life private and add some spice to our sex life.” Charlotte understood and asked, “Do you really want to do this?” Stuart nodded. So, Charlotte said, “Let’s do it!”

Enters Virginia

Both Stuart and Charlotte searched the internet to find an ideal Asian Sex Doll. They wanted a sex doll having an hourglass figure. Finally, the couple found Virginia. She was the perfect Asian Sex Doll they wanted. Her slim figure and auburn blonde hair of shoulder-length gave her a classy appearance. So, the couple ordered it. After ordering the Asian Sex Doll, Stuart and Charlotte kissed each other. Stuart said, “Babe, let’s restart our sex life and make it even more fulfilling.” Charlotte nodded and by her facial expression, it was quite evident that she was very happy.

Once Virginia was delivered, both Stuart and Charlotte became very excited. They knew how important the night would be for them. They didn’t want to wait even a single night more to rejuvenate the lost spark in their sex life.

When they opened the box and took Virginia out of it, they realised how pretty she was. Both Stuart and Charlotte loved their new Asian Sex Doll. So, they prepared Virginia for their big night just the way they want her to be. Also, they got their children off to bed quickly that night.

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The Night to Remember

Once the children went to their bed, Virginia, Stuart, and Charlotte were alone in the bedroom. Charlotte kissed Stuart first. They smooched the way they used to when they were dating. It was something special. It was the feeling that Virginia was watching them, got them more excited.

Now, Stuart and Charlotte took off their clothes and Charlotte took off Virginia’s clothes, and thus, all three were naked standing inside the room. Now, Charlotte got on her knees and started giving a blowjob to Stuart. But, it was a different experience for Stuart as Charlotte took Virginia and rubbed his face on Stuart’s penis as she continued to blow him. Stuart was having an uncanny pleasure, something he never experienced.

After that, Charlotte took Virginia and started rubbing her face in her ass assuming Virginia was licking it as she continued blowing Stuart. It was also a surreal experience for them. Then Stuart laid Charlotte down on the bed and started licking her vagina. Charlotte placed Virginia over her in a cowgirl pose and started pressing Virginia’s boobs. Virginia’s hands were on Charlotte’s boobs as well and Stuart was licking Charlotte’s vagina and Virginia’s ass. Finally, Stuart and Charlotte had intercourse they never experienced in their marital life of 9 years.

A Stronger Relationship

Once Virginia was introduced into the sex life of Stuart and Charlotte, their sex life changed forever. They were having the best sexual intercourse of their life and the orgasm Charlotte was having, was surreal for her. She was very happy that an Asian Sex Doll had changed her sex life and made it much better. Because the sex life of Charlotte and Stuart got better, their relationship also got stronger. Virginia was a blessing for them.

A friend of Charlotte once asked her about how she and her husband Stuart were having such a great relationship even after being married for 9 long years? Charlotte told her friend, “The secret is our secret friend.” She also told her friend about Virginia, the Asian Sex Doll. Charlotte advised her friend, “Look I know you and your husband are having a tough time. Improve your sex life and you will see how things turned around. This Asian Sex Doll really helped me and my husband to turn things around.” Charlotte was honest because she admired Virginia a lot and after what Virginia did for them, it was no wonder; she had become a part of their relationship.

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