Kanadoll Girls’ Fortunate Meeting: Bailey and Sarah’s Secret Wishes

Bailey and Sarah's Secret Wishes

It was raining heavily in Bradford. Bailey and Sarah were sitting in their respective houses and enjoying the view from their windows. They lived in the same colony. They were very good friends. While texting Sarah, Bailey wrote, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone around in such romantic weather?” Yes, the weather was truly romantic and having someone to share with this extraordinary ambience was the dream for both Bailey and Sarah. Sarah just sent a smiley in reply as she was playing with her Cosplay Sex Doll. Both girls knew they wanted someone, but they never got the right man.

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An Encounter at the Club

Sarah loved clubbing but Bailey wasn’t into it that much. However, after insisting Bailey go out with her time and time again, Sarah managed to convince her. Both the girls took the permission of their parents as they head off to a nearby club on a Saturday night to enjoy. Bailey was fed up with her monotonous life. She wanted some adventure in her life for a very long time. She was happy to explore sexuality with her Cosplay Adult Sex Doll but now she wanted the real fun. So, she was ready to go to the club along with Sarah.

In the club, they were dancing madly. Both girls were looking hot as ever. Sarah and Bailey had large boobs and so, when they were dancing in the club, their boobs were jingling. They caught the eye of many men in the club. Bailey kept on dancing and Sarah went to get some drinks for the two.

Sarah Finds Her Man

When Sarah reached the counter, she saw a handsome man with white skin and red hair sitting there. She liked men like that. He was having his drink. Sarah went there and sat beside that man. Sarah introduced her to that man, “Hey! I am Sarah.” The man smiled at Sarah and said, “Hi! I am Jason, Jason Warner.” Sarah asked, “Are you with your girlfriend?” Jason blushed and replied, “No, I am single, but looking for a girl to get mingled.” Sarah knew that Jason was giving her a hint. So, she went on, “What type of girls you like?” Jason now with a grinning face told, “Just like you.”

Sarah’s heart was now beating faster. She never had a man giving her so many hints about taking things forward. Usually, her conversations with the boys end in two or three lines. However, she did not know how to take it forward. She said with a confused mind, “Okay, let’s go and catch up with my friend Bailey, she is also here dancing there.” She pointed her index finger towards the area where Bailey was dancing. Jason replied, “Sure!”

Sarah was kicking her for ruining things up. She was scolding her in mind by saying, “This could have been your night, and you could have done it. But, now, let this hunk meet Bailey and you will stand here looking at your best friend popping her cherry with the man you wanted”. Yes, Bailey and Sarah both were virgins. They were waiting for the right man to get inside them and pop their cherry. Both girls never had a boyfriend in their life.

Jason Meets Bailey

Bailey had no clue that Jason and Sarah were looking at her for over a minute. She was dancing on her own and it seemed she was in another world. Sarah approached Bailey who was shaking her booty. Sarah said, “Hey Bell, look who’s here?” Bailey was a bit surprised by the interruption but she gathered herself and said, “Who?” Sarah replied with excitement, “It’s Jason, I met him just now. I brought him to meet you.”

Bailey looked at Jason and got an instant inkling for the man. They shook each other’s hands and started chit-chatting for a while. They went to a nearby restaurant to have dinner together because they didn’t want the noise of the club to distract them from their conversation. After a good conversation, they all exchanged numbers. Bailey thought Jason had something for her and so did Sarah. It was the beginning of great confusion between the two best friends.

Sarah Tells Bailey about Her Feelings

Sarah was head over heels with Jason. She had no one to express that feeling. She and Jason used to chat for a very long time at night. It was magical, purely magical. Sarah thought she never experienced love and this could be the love she is searching for. But she was scared to express her feelings to Jason because she could not dare to lose him. So, she decided to confess her love for Jason to her best friends. Sarah thought Bailey would understand her feelings.

So, she called Bailey, “Hey Bell, what’s up?” Bailey replied, “Nothing much, just playing with my Cosplay Sex Doll.” Sarah said, “You also call her Bailey right?” Bailey replied, “Yes, so now tell me, what is it?” Sarah said, “Bell, I have something to confess.” Bailey said, “Go one, tell me.” Sarah said, “I am in love Bell, I am in love.” Bailey was ecstatic to hear that her best friend is in love. So, with an excited voice, she said, “Who is the lucky man, Sarah?” Sarah told her excitedly, “Jason. Jason Warner, the guy we met at the club last Saturday.”

Bailey’s excitement level dropped suddenly. But she did not want Sarah to know about it. So, she replied, “That’s brilliant Sarah, congratulations!” But inside, Bailey’s heart was burning because she had the same feeling for Jason. So, she decided to take the initiative because she knew Sarah was too scared to do anything.

Love is in the Air

As soon as Sarah hung up the call, Bailey called Jason. After Jason picked up, Bailey said, “Hey Jason, what are you doing?” Jason replied, “Hi Bailey, nothing much, what about you?” Bailey said, “I was missing you so, I called.” Jason replied with a surprising tone, “Oh you missed me? I was also missing you.”

Bailey got the hint and that was the time to take the initiative. She thought in her head, “Sarah is too chicken-hearted to have this man popping her cherry. Screw our friendship, I will have him.” Bailey was too keen on losing her virginity. It was an undeclared competition that she and Sarah had. Bailey hated to lose in her life. So, she said, “Jason, I love you!” Jason was delighted and that was quite evident from his voice. He said, “I love you too Bailey, I wanted to tell you this but I was too scared!” Bailey was delighted and hugged her Cosplay Adult Sex Doll tightly. She had beaten Sarah.

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Bailey Learns the Truth

The next day, Sarah called Bailey. Bailey thought that Sarah had found out that she and Jason are now in a relationship. So, Bailey thought she would not pick up Sarah’s call because she knew what was coming. But, she wanted to hear the voice of Sarah, the loser. So, she picked it up and said, “Hey Sarah!” She was expecting to hear a voice in irate. But, to Bailey’s surprise, it was a delightful tone with which Sarah said, “Guess what? Jason said yes!”

For a moment, time stood still for Bailey. She could not believe what she was hearing. Bailey thought Jason was hers but no. She knew that this man, Jason Warner was playing a game with both the girls. So, she confessed everything to Sarah. Sarah was very upset to hear that her best friend was backstabbing her. But, she recovered and said, “It is time to end everything. Meet me at the club on this Saturday night with Jason.”

The Secret Wish

Sarah, Bailey, and Jason were standing at the club looking at each other perplexed at what had transpired within a week. Jason admitted that he was playing with these two girls and he already had a girlfriend and her name was Marissa. Both the girls were angry and devastated. They cursed Jason and slapped him before he was thrown out of the club by the guard. Bailey said, “Sorry Sarah, I was a bitch. I wanted to lose my virginity before you. It was my secret wish.” Sarah replied, “Its ok Bell, if I were on your shoes, then I would have done the same. It was also my secret wish. But, I have my Cosplay Sex Doll to lean on just like you.”

Bailey said, “Yeah, I don’t want my cherry to be popped by an asshole like Jason Warner.” Sarah nodded in agreement. Then she said, “I would rather wait to find my perfect mate who would come looking for me, someone who would truly love me.” Bailey said, “Yes, Sarah, let’s wait to find the right men. We will give our cherries only to the right men.” By saying that, both girls hugged and went to the dance floor to celebrate their virginity and friendship.

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