Kanadoll Girls’ Fortunate Meeting: The Perfect Revenge

Luke Harper was an investment banker working with a highly reputed investment firm. He had a lucrative earning and his lifestyle was the dream lifestyle for many people in the UK. However, he was still not happy and that too for obvious reasons. He understood that material possession was never a way to happiness. Love is the most important thing if someone wants to live happily.

Luke and his wife Mariana had been married for 4 years. Mariana is a mature blonde beauty. They didn’t have any child yet because they had not planned it. Luke was 21 and Mariana was 18 at the time they were married. They lived three very happy years in their marriage. But, suddenly from the last year, everything seemed to change. Mariana was not like what she was before. She did not even care how Luke felt about her certain actions.

This was odd because the couple was madly in love with each other. Something was not right and Luke knew that and wanted to fix it. But he had no idea that it was too little too late.

The Big Revelation

One day, Luke was going to his office. He kissed his wife and went to the garage to get his car. He got into the car and started driving. 10 minutes after driving from his house, he realised, he had left his bag in his house. He had some important documents there which he needed that day in the office.

So, he took a U-turn and drove to his house. He went inside the house with the spare key he had. He did not want to disturb Mariana who might be sleeping as she did not have good sleep last night. But, when he went in there, what he saw changed his life forever.

He saw Mariana was giving a blow job to another man. She was completely naked. Luke just could not believe what he saw. He didn’t want to believe. So, he ran away from his house without taking the bag. He got into the car and started driving without knowing his destination.

The Mental Appeasement

Luke didn’t come back to the house that night. Mariana didn’t bother about it either. In the morning, Luke came back. Mariana was sitting in the dining space reading the newspaper. Luke came to her and said, “Good morning.” Mariana just nodded. Then, Luke took an apple from the dining table and went to his bedroom whistling away.

Luke never felt better. He was absolutely clear on his mind about the problem in his relationship. However, he was clueless about how he was going to approach Mariana regarding what he saw. He loved Mariana very much and did not want to lose her. But, he knew he had already lost her. But, these things were not bothering him that much. He was happy to have a clear mind.

Luke made a mental truce with his wife. He would not say anything to Mariana. He would let everything go in a normal way. But, he would make her realise how much he loved her and she also had the same feeling for him. She might have forgotten everything, every special moment they spent together. But, Luke promised to himself that he would make her remember everything.

From that very day, Luke was trying to win over her sweetheart with every way possible. But, slowly, his silence was getting challenged. All his romantic gestures were having no effect on Mariana. Luke was getting restless to have his wife back. He was becoming hopeless and restless. Then, he made the final plan and promised, if that didn’t work, Luke would confront Mariana.

A Phone Call

Mariana was taking a shower in the morning and Luke was in the kitchen making breakfast for the two. Luke went to the bedroom to find something and at that very moment, Mariana came out of the shower wearing her robe and went to the kitchen. Luke’s phone rang which was there on the dining table. Mariana looked at the screen and it showed, “Victoria calling”.

Mariana was surprised but did not bother that much. As it was ringing for quite some time, she picked it up. However, the call was hung up instantly. Luke returned to the kitchen and Mariana told him that someone named Victoria was calling him. Luke became uneasy and it was quite evident with the look on his face. Luke thought Mariana would ask him more questions but she just shrugged the matter off which really pissed Luke off.

One day, Mariana saw a text on Luke’s phone. It came from Victoria and it said, “I love you baby, is that bitch around you now? Can we make out over a video call?” So, Mariana knew that Luke was cheating on her. It made her sad but she once again did not show the emotions that Luke expected her to show. It made Luke so angry that he decided to take the next.

Entry of Scarlett

So, by now, Mariana knew that his husband was having an affair with a girl named Victoria. She was upset but she knew that she couldn’t confront him because she had done the same as well. So, she let things happen in the way it was happening.

But, one night she overheard Luke speaking to someone named Scarlett. She knew the name because Luke had spoken that name quite a few times during the conversation. When Mariana heard Luke saying, “Yes baby, I will fuck you so hard that you will remember my name. I will eat you up on this Thursday. Come to my place at 9 AM. My bitch wife will go to her Yoga class at 8 AM. She will not return until 1 PM. So, we will have plenty of time to have fun.”

Mariana had enough. She thought she will catch Luke red-handed on Thursday. She also laughed in her head by saying, “What an idiot Luke is. You should know who is in the house when you are talking to your mistress. Because of this he never caught me. I will catch him red-handed and then file for the divorce.” She grinned and went to the drawing-room to make all her plans for Thursday.

The Package Arrives

Everything was going along with the plan Luke had set up for Mariana. He knew that on Thursday, she would look to catch him red-handed while fucking Scarlett and Victoria. So, he had to arrange a fake fucking session. He found an idea of how he wanted the scene to pan out.

Two packages arrived on Wednesday in Luke’s office. So, he took the packages and got out of his office quickly. It was his half day. So, he had no problem with getting out of the office quickly. He parked his car at a secluded roadside to open the package. In one package, there was a Big Tits Sex Doll named Victoria. She was beautiful. She looked Shapely and had firm breasts. He liked the doll.

After that, he opened the other package and in it, there was another Big Tits Sex Doll named Scarlett. She was beautiful too and had public hair. Luke thought that the dolls were perfect for the drama that would unfold on Thursday.

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The Lost Love

It was Thursday. Luke and Mariana were not speaking to each other but their silence spoke a lot of things. Mariana did not know why but she was really hurt by the revelation of his husband’s affairs. She knew she did not love her husband but had no idea why she was feeling like that.

Mariana got out of the house the way she usually did on Thursdays. As soon as she left the house, Luke brought out the Big Tits Sex Doll Victoria and the Big Booty Sex Doll Scarlett. He got the dolls into the position in which she saw her wife. One Female Sex Doll would give him a blowjob when Mariana would arrive and discover everything.

Luke thought that Mariana would arrive by 10 AM and so did she. As soon as Luke saw Mariana coming, he got the sex dolls into position. Once Mariana opened the front door, he started grunting, “Oh baby, you suck it so well.” Mariana heard that and it got her irate. She stormed into the room and saw everything happening. She screamed at Luke, “What the hell is going on!” Luke replied in a relaxed voice, “Something you have done before several times when I was not in the house.”

Mariana lost her words. She though Luke knew nothing. She broke down in tears. Luke came over and sat beside her. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders to console. He said, “Look, baby, I knew you had cheated on me. I knew a long time back. I kept quiet because I love you and wanted you to feel the same way. So, I planned everything. The girl you are seeing is a sexy real sex doll named Scarlett. There is another sexy real sex doll named Victoria in my closet which I bought yesterday. I want you to know that I am ready to give our relationship another go. But, are you willing to do that?”

Mariana said, “Yes, Luke. I am sorry what I did. I also felt pained when I found out that you were having an affair. I thought I didn’t love you but I was wrong. I still love you and I always will. Please give me another chance, Luke.” The couple hugged and kissed to pledge for a new and better beginning.

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