Misinterpretations of Sex: How Sex Dolls Are Different

There is an awful lot to be misunderstood about sex. There’s actually a number of myths about sex that need to be cleared up. At Kanadoll, we like to provide our clients full transparency and support in their buying decisions. We want to make sure every client knows what they are purchasing, and the positive effects that our service and products will have on their lives.

With that said, sex can be a mystifying topic, and we’re here to break down some key myths about sex. That way, you can make a decision about our products with an open, clear mind.

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1. The teenage myth of ‘popping the cherry’!

Popping the cherry refers to the age-old myth that destroying a woman’s hymen is known as such. This is a misinterpreted event in a woman’s life cycle that needs to be cleared up – in case some of our readers are not educated on the topic!

The hymen is a membrane that lines the opening of a woman’s vagina. No hymen is the same, and each woman will have a different one with different characteristics!

Some women are even born without a hymen! And while sexual intercourse has been known to cause vaginal tearing and ‘cherry popping’, many women never actually experience this. It is some kind of myth that has no doubt bounced through schools, colleges and workplaces over decades.

Even if tearing of the hymen does occur, it is not always likely that a woman will bleed after it. It is unfortunately a fetishized, somewhat fictional event that occurs during rough sex – some people like this, and that is up to them – but it is not commonplace.

2. Orgasms – not all of them are vaginal!

This is a very damaging and difficult myth that needs to be busted if we are going to better understand sex in the future.

As men, we mustn’t overlook the reality of a woman’s sexual pleasure. In doing so, we may fail to take proper care of our sexual partners and fail to tend to their needs and desires in the bedroom.

There is absolutely NO ‘one size fits all’ to the female orgasm. Rather, it is a series of processes that may or may not occur depending on the woman! And this is okay.

For some women, penetration will never, ever stimulate them enough to trigger a powerful orgasm. This is nothing to be ashamed of.

Women expressing desire how sexual communication is a skill

Women expressing desire: how sexual communication is a skill

Topics that we discuss when we’re talking about sex can include:

  • Frequency of sex
  • Exploring our sexuality
  • Sexual health
  • What we like and don’t like about the bedroom

Each in turn is healthy to discuss with your partner, but it’s incredibly important that we are aware of these things in our own heads, too. Not listening to a woman’s wants and needs can lead to severe issues down the line. You may, for example, prefer a big booty sex doll! But there is a way in which you can express this without being hurtful.

At Kanadoll, we believe that if you can’t communicate with your partner about sex, you can’t communicate with them at all.

Thinking about consent: listening to women

Remember that both parties should be consenting to the sex that is taking place. It does NOT matter that your partner has been in a relationship with you for a long time. You absolutely need to listen to them at all times and pick up on key signals.

Do they look like they want it? Are they in the right frame of mind, or are they tired/upset? We mustn’t come to conclusions about how a woman is feeling. Communication is all about listening, and when we listen, we discover.

Where and when to talk about sex

It’s not just about saying the right thing. Oftentimes, it’s actually about the time and place in which you discuss sex. We need to to make sure; not only that when we are trying to have sex that we are actually listening, but that when we want to talk about it, it’s an appropriate time to do so.

Where and when to talk about sex

Some examples of ‘talking about sex’ or discussing it include:

‘Hey. I noticed that you don’t like _____ anymore. Is this a problem and shall we stop it? I don’t want to do things to you that you don’t enjoy anymore. Perhaps we could try ____ instead.’

Notice how you are not victimising your partner here: you’re being transparent and understanding that they may have different wants/needs as a human being. For big booty lovers, it will be about explaining your wants and needs, and that big booty is your style!

The same can be said for your OWN personal sex life; be it with a human or a Realistic Sex Doll. You should ask yourself: what do I want? Life is truly too short to neglect your own desires and feelings. It is necessary to have a discussion with yourself: is a sex doll the right route for me to take? Will buying products from someone like Kanadoll make me happier; help me, improve my life?

If so, those are the steps you need to take.

But problems you may face with women: they aren’t always about sex.

Sometimes, there are other forces at play.

People can get complacent and unhappy in their day-to-day lives. Sometimes, your partner may feel upset about a day she had at work, or she’s just not in the mood. You need to take into consideration that it is not always about the big booty, or about the sex. Sometimes it’s about having a conversation with your partners and making sure they’re happy with how things are going.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as asking.

At Kanadoll, we specialise in a different kind of woman. We specialise in the kind of woman that never gets upset, or moody or tired, and she’ll never leave you. We offer the highest quality sex dolls, especially sex dolls with giant booties.

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