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What is the experience of Hairy Sex Doll? It is usually seen that most young men prefer shaven women but matured European men don’t mind their women to have a natural hairy look as they feel shaven women look like a child, not a woman.

You can always trim the hair of the hairy sex doll if you like it short or in a certain shape. However, we offer our sex doll with pubic hair usually in a triangle as is mostly demanded. Some also like a little trim on their pubic hair sex doll but not completely shaven.

You can easily clean the hairy sex doll by removing her head and cleaning it separately. Try to keep the head away from water unless you want to wash the hair with a mild shampoo.

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If you are one of those men who like to have sex with their women who have pubic hair, we have the perfect hairy sex doll for you here. A sex doll with pubic hair can provide better sexual pleasures for men if they find it arousing their desires better.

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