A Must-try Sex Doll: Perfectly Sized!

This 145cm 158cm Sex Doll falls in the category of a lifelike adult sex doll that looks quite like a real person if seen from a height. Those men in Europe who don’t want women to be of real-life size but a bit shorter will find these sex dolls interesting. With amazing options to choose from, you can decide to take a pick on any of these and more – a shy teen, a slutty American, an Ebony for outdoor sex, or a Latvian waitress.

None of the 158cm Sex Doll or 145cm Sex Doll falls short in any way against a lifelike adult sex doll as they have the same heavy boobs with perfect nipples, and they look picture perfect in their outfits including the lingerie.

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They are also a bit better than a lifelike adult sex doll as they are lighter to carry around or masturbate in various positions as well. You can also park a 158cm Sex Doll or 145cm Sex Doll on your bed easily without taking much space. Also, they are perfectly sized as they are neither too small to serve your purpose nor large enough like a lifelike adult sex doll to be difficult to safely secure for future use.

So, what are you waiting for? This is it!

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