Pick One of the Best Hotshot Tall Sex Dolls for Your Pleasures!

The 170cm Sex Doll, also named as a mannequin sex doll, can offer more amazing sexual pleasures than smaller ones. You can find various sex dolls in these sizes right from a skinny to a cougar busty or a bubble butt MILF.

They can be in black hair, blonde or brown hair but one thing is for sure, they are designed in TPE/Silicone material to be flexible and meet your desire for different-sex postures including vaginal and oral sex.

Some of the best tall sex dolls in our collections are:
Huge Breast Love Doll, Big Booty Love Doll, Huge Boobs Love Doll, Huge Tits MILF Love Doll, Pawg Big Booty Sex Doll.

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Blonde Sex Doll, Ebony Sex Doll, Silicone Sex Doll, European American Latina, Huge Tits Sex Doll, Chubby BBW Sex Doll.

Our tall sex doll or mannequin sex doll collection is designed for men who enjoy longer bodies or have a height that can match a 170cm sex doll. These sex dolls can also be used as a mannequin sex doll in an indoor clothing store for shoots or even at home for fucking.

You can enjoy the big boobs of a tall sex doll as they are larger than that of a normal-sized woman or a sex doll. The 170cm sex doll or mannequin sex doll is perfect as a model if you wish to use her outdoors for a location shooting or even for cosplay.

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