What is The Difference Between Sex Dolls and Sex Toys?

The Difference Between Sex Dolls and Sex Toys

With the advancement of sex robots and sex doll brothels, the conversation surrounding these ultra-realistic sex aids has begged the question: if women can have vibrators, why can’t men have sex dolls? Many women find offence in them being compared to vibrators, which have become a tool of empowerment and a way to reclaim female […]

Sexual Health and Aging: Keep the Passion Alive

Sexual Health and Aging Keep the Passion Alive

Many people do not know what all can affect the general health of the organism, so they misinterpret various conditions and problems. Lifestyle, in addition to nutrition and hygiene, is a very important factor, same as physical activities, stress levels and last but not least sexual health. Sexual health is a taboo topic for many […]