You are My Warmest Companion! “Sisters” Photography Collection

Gentle and Delicate, Trust Depends.

The emotion between sisters is arguably the most profound relationship in the world.

Love-hate Relationship

Zoe (22 years), Maria (13 years)

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They are a pair of lovely sisters from South Korea. Maria is Zoe’s younger sister. Maria is a teen schoolgirl.

Zoe went to college in Seoul. She’s a very charming and very pretty girl, with a slim figure and charming big booty standing proudly.

At home, Zoe and Maria’s rooms are tightly connected, and no matter what happens, they are together. Whenever Zoe is not at home, Instagram is the best way to maintain emotional relationships, but younger sister Maria still misses Zoe, especially when Maria wants to tell her heart.

Before Maria was born, Zoe often asked her mother, hoping that she could regenerate a younger sister to accompany herself. For Zoe, Maria is extremely important. However, like other sisters of similar age, there is a complex sincerity that “loves and hate” between them. For example, Maria likes to steal clothes in Zoe’s room. Whenever Zoe’s friends come to play at home, Maria will also walk around them, hoping to participate in the elder sister’s topic, these trivial things often become the arguing point for their quarrel.

Missing Across the Ocean

Londyn (30 years), Leia (21 years)

Regardless of age, place of residence or personality traits, these sisters are a very special group in the Photography Collection. Their age gap is nearly ten years old. Elder sister Londyn lives in the United States and younger sister Leia settles in London. During the growth process, Leia and her parents have a very close relationship, but Londyn is like a strange species in the family. However, after years of growth and refinement, because of the separation of the two places, the pair of sisters have not experienced much time for profound companionship, and they also cherish every minute and second of meeting.

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The Most Intimate Accompany

Elsie (27 years), Cali (25 years)

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Since the parents divorced, Elsie and Cali were also forced to separate, but the emotions between the two have not been diluted at all. Until now, they often meet in the bar to talk about private matters that only sisters can understand. Although they all have super social skills like chameleons and can be perfectly integrated into each other’s life circle, in terms of personality, there is still an essential difference between the two of them: elder sister Elsie likes to boast of being from Essex (Essex) mainstream women, and Cali’s personality as an actor is more like an artist, self-centred in everything.

The Most Intimate Accompany

Makenna (29 years), Kinley (26 years)

Makenna and Kinley can talk and tease each other, and they like to be around each other. However, even if the younger sister loves to imitate her elder sister’s every move, Kinley often embarrasses her in front of her friends, but Makenna still gives her heart and only hopes to protect the younger sister Kinley. Makenna said, “As long as I am angry, I will complain to Zita, and she will understand quickly. We can read each other’s hearts, and I know exactly what she is thinking.” From the personality point of view, Makenna is quieter and calmer, Kinley They like to be hilarious, and they are happy to share their favourite music and treasured jewellery. “Victoria’s Secret” is their most passionate topic, which can be exchanged for hours.

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Maintaining family ties is a psychological need. There are relatives, even if they are far from home, they still feel that there are still common roots that are intertwined with each other. Even if the intersection of emotion and life changes after brothers and sisters grow up, the blood relationship that everyone has in the same line will not change. Cherish family love, listen to each other’s inner voice with heart, sincere care is the best choice to maintain sincerity.

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