Sex Dolls & The Future: Breaking the Stigma

Today, more and more men are turning to alternative means of sexual pleasure. One of these alternatives is the booming market of sex dolls. But what do we have to say about this market?

In this article, Kanadoll will be touching on a few key topics. Let’s start by discussing sex dolls, and how we can make sense of this amazing and innovative market.

Sex Dolls The Future Breaking the Stigma

Top Reasons You Should Buy a Sex Doll

Men are moving away, fast, from the stigma of love dolls. We know now that owning a Lifelike Sex Doll is no longer a niche or uncommon act; it is instead a growing market, a new and constantly expanding community of men (and women!) who seek and find pleasure in sex dolls. Men especially can now enjoy real life love dolls that actually feel real.

They are accurate in their stimulation; in their proportions – the boobs feel real and the vagina feels natural…some say it is better than the real thing.

At Kanadoll, we supply our clients with the finest sex dolls that achieve each of these important factors:

  • Realistic stimulation
  • Natural body and proportions
  • A personality and ‘feel’ to each girl – something special!

Here, we hope to break the stigma down further and target the root cause. Perhaps people still do not understand the integral role that sex dolls play in the sexual pleasure and fantasy achievements of men everywhere. That is their problem!

One of the most common benefits of owning a sex doll is by far the improvement that men see in sexual technique and performance. If a man has trouble in a few key areas of sexual education, or perhaps they can’t last long – we’ve all been there…then a sex doll is the perfect decision.

Sex dolls can be said to offer a more complex and full sexual experience by allowing complete flexibility on our client’s side. Whatever you wish to try; whatever fantasy you want to act out: this is possible with the help of a sex doll!

Our Kanadoll girls can help men fulfil every range of fantasy, with the only limits being your imagination. Perhaps the stigma issue, then, is that people don’t understand that it’s not something for introverts or outcasts: it’s something that helps people explore their sexuality and make decisions that matter to them!

How Sex Solls can Change Your Life as a UK Citizen

We are living in strange times. As of current, the pandemic is causing nationwide panic and chaos, and this has left people in uncharted territory for their businesses; for their industries, and importantly, for their social lives.

Isolation is no easy task for any human being, particularly men in the UK where it is commonplace to go out for drinks; to see friends, to go to the movies – it is a strange time, and the future is uncertain.

What we know is this: being a man in the UK is a wonderful thing. Fantastic job opportunities, excellent wages, (for the most part!) and society is generally quite accepting of outside interests/people.

It would be a stretch to say that there is even much of a stigma surrounding sex dolls in the UK at all! Many millions of men and women, young and old – have turned to alternative means of sexual pleasure like toys and vibrating devices. How is a sex doll any different?

There is without question: more fun in life besides sex. If you’re looking to acquire a beautiful sex doll during these tough times, you shouldn’t just think about the stimulation!

For UK men looking to purchase a sex doll, these must be considered:

  • Will the doll improve my sex life?
  • Will a sex doll help me better understand the ins and outs of sex and pleasure, for myself and for other people?
  • Am I well equipped to look after my sex doll, and will I maintain its use?

These are important questions indeed. For now, the UK is in a very difficult financial state. What we need to do is prioritise good decision-making financially. But that is not to say a treat purchase should be taken off your radar.

The attitude of UK girls towards sex

The Attitude of UK Girls towards Sex

This is a bit of a challenging topic to discuss. Naturally, there is quite a distinct stigma spanning across the UK about sex dolls in the eyes of UK girls. While many men may see it as a natural progression and step other men take, women may not see it that way.

For women, sex is a very real and intimate thing. Women want sex to be passionate; to be about communication…to be memorable, and most of all: to be enjoyable. Misinterpretations of Sex: How Sex Dolls Are Different

When sex dolls come into the picture, particularly Cougar Sex Dolls, the above emotions and experiences can be neglected. For women, a sex doll is not a natural or realistic simulation of what making love is, or what a real sexual partner is.

This is a common perspective, but it should not be taken too seriously. People are busy. People are worried about themselves – it is not often that women in the UK will go out of their way to shun the use of sex dolls. People simply don’t have the time.

What we’re looking to do at Kanadoll is break the stigma. If we can do that, we’re doing well.

What we need to focus on is the happiness of every UK male. Perhaps they are lonely and need company. A doll can soothe that. Perhaps they are looking to up their game in the bedroom…a doll can solve that problem.

For Kanadoll, it is all about solving the problem. For now, the problem with UK men is loneliness. Particularly in the pandemic.

If our services can help alleviate this issue for just ONE UK man…then we believe we have done a good thing.

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