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If you own a sex doll, are you willing to marry her? For many people, a sex doll is key to allowing them to be their authentic selves, and to experience sexuality the way they desire. Perhaps your story turns you on much more than sex itself.

A famous Kazakhstani bodybuilder is making international news after marrying his silicone sex doll (Margo) in December of 2019. The couple also shared a romantic first dance in front of dozens of guests who attended the traditional ceremony, which was shared on Instagram, the Sun reported.

Yuri Tolochko is an Athlete. Art worker. Blogger. Sexy maniac. Now, Tolochko and Margo are finally wed and he’s been sharing photos and footage on social media.

Kazakhstani Bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko Marries Sex Doll Girlfriend


People should pursue what they are passionate about. That will make them happier than pretty much anything else.

1. Christmas Sex Doll – A Gift for Adult

Christmas, the best gift is a healthy and companionship! The Christmas season is full of joy, nostalgia, and generosity.


If you’re single, it can be very lonely to watch those damned couples walking down the street. Abominable. Those warm breasts and secret pussy are being mercilessly ravaged. I know you very well! Because I’ve ever had such a warmth in this cold night. Tear her pajamas and apply a decent amount of our cheeky cheery lube to the penile tip…

As mentioned in the news, you may not imagine that there are sex dolls in this world. A man named T-Dorsh who was too embarrassed to give his real name, told The media interview that the salesman told him “Most people think the dolls are more attractive than real women,” the most bizarre sales pitch ever. He forgot to mention that the dolls never say no, do whatever you want, and don’t ask you to take them out to dinner or be nice to them.

Faced with all kinds of complex emotional relationships in life, it is better to have such a pure and beautiful girlfriend or wife. She can not only accompany you through a warm Christmas Eve, but the sleeping cello will also accompany you quietly, I think she has been very clear.

2. How Sex Dolls Actually Change Your Sex Life

It probably goes without saying that you absolutely love your favorite sex doll and with good reason. Realistic sex doll can be absolute game-changers when it comes to getting to know your inner feelings. They can teach you how you really need to be touched if orgasm is the ultimate goal.

Even so, a lot of people still have their fears as to how using a sex doll might affect an existing or future relationship. Is it OK to be open with a partner about using a sex doll or is it something that ought to be kept private? If there is a gap between the couple/husband and wife, the perfect revenge for the tolerance of love is also a kind of goodwill.

Your sex life definitely changes for the better in a number of exciting new ways when you start using a sex doll.

Yuri Tolochko Christmas Sex Doll
  • You will better understand your psychological needs

You’ll figure out what you really like and don’t like when it comes to sexual stimulation. You’ll also become familiar with how your various mental state is actually reaction and discover where your sweet spots are. Not only will you develop a better understanding of how to please yourself, but you’ll be able to pass that info along to a partner as well, which brings us to our next point.

  • You’ll have better sex with your partner

Sex doll are designed to enhance your sex life and make it better, whether or not you’re currently in a sexual relationship with someone else, and they often do exactly that.

We’re not just talking about the way an awesome vibe leads to useful knowledge about your own sexual response either. Sex dolls can totally be incorporated into partnered play as a way to explore new sensations together. Assuming your partner is game, adding sex dolls to your repertoire can mean better, more satisfying sex for the both of you.

  • Your health might improve

You should check any worries about sex dolls being bad for your health as well. In previous articles, we introduced how to clean, maintain and repair sex dolls. If you want the coming days, with her long tenderness, then you should definitely favourite in this article, even just reading this article in your time of need.

Men that are comfortable with their bodies and in control of their own sexual pleasure are more likely to prioritize their sexual health and take care of themselves the way they know they should. Also, orgasms can help improve your energy levels, reduce your mental stress, and boost overall mood – all things that contribute to better body health.

Sex doll actually help you become more sexually responsive, not less, so go ahead and get your buzz on! It’s not only a healthy way to express your sexuality, but a pretty darned reliable way to improve your sex life as well.

3. Top 10 Sex Dolls that You Can Choose as a Christmas Present

This Christmas Day might be the perfect time to welcome your new sex companion to your bedroom. Now, you must be wondering why this Christmas Day is the best time to bring home your desired Lifelike Sex Doll.


silicone sex doll shapely kinsley
shapely silicone love doll kinsley

This very special Christmas sex doll is something that you wouldn’t want to miss. Kinsley is a Christmas lady who is made with an elegant appearance. Her red lips are succulent and her glamorous personality will make you crave for her.

Kinsley’s areola colour is reddish and her erect nipples will attract you to suck it. She has a slender figure which you are craving for in bed. The craftsmanship showcased while making Kinsley is immaculate and she has a wild side that you should get ready to unfurl once you have her.

Dress up your favorite Christmas sex doll artwork

4. Why a Sex Doll Can be the Best Gift for Your Spouse on this Christmas?

It is strange, isn’t it when someone asks you to give your spouse a sex doll as a gift? This is the feeling most people will have if someone suggests a sex doll as a gift for Christmas for their spouse. Well, this is where they will make the mistake because they will be missing out on something incredible and unique that can transform their relationship forever.

You might be thinking about buying something else for your spouse. But, wait a minute! Before you make the purchase, just read this article thoroughly because you might find a new perception that might influence your buying decision. You could end up having something that will not only impact your relationship but also bring you and your spouse closer. Thus, let’s see why a sex doll can be the best gift for your spouse this Christmas.

  • Displaying Your Care for the Relationship

Yes, you care for the relationship you have with your spouse. But, for that, you have to showcase that you care as well, otherwise, how could your spouse understand that? If your spouse knows that you care for this relationship as much as he or she does, then it will be a special thing that will bring you two closer.

Sex is a very important aspect of a relationship. If you and your spouse are having boring sex time and time again, this will take a toll on your overall relationship. By bringing a sex doll, you will portray that you are doing everything you can to improve your sex life and that is a huge step in showing how much you care for the relationship.

  • No Guilt while Having Threesome

When you are having a threesome and if the third person is a real human, you will feel uncomfortable. Not only you but also your partner will also feel the same way. Now, a threesome can be a great way to influence your sex life and spice things up.

Now, if you have a sex doll, then you will not feel like this and not even your partner because the third person will not be a real human, but a doll. So, you and your partner can have a threesome without any psychological barrier. It is something you might want to do this Christmas.

  • Ensure Sexual Satisfaction for Your Partner

As a responsible partner, you have to make sure that your partner has sexual satisfaction in his or her life. However, if you are only having normal sex, then after some time, things will get boring and neither you and nor your partner will feel about sex the same way.

However, when you gift him or her a sex doll as a Christmas gift, you ensure that you are fulfilling your responsibility. You will be acting like a partner who cares for sexual satisfaction for his or her better half. So, gifting a sex doll to your spouse this Christmas will be a brilliant idea.

  • Try Different Things during Sex

If you do the same things with your partner day in and day out in bed during sex, then your sex life will be boring. You have to make sure that you are changing this to make it more spicy and interesting for you and your partner.

That is why you have to choose the right step to bring a positive change in your sex life. For that, the best thing you can do is get a sex doll which will be a massive step considering the impact a sex doll can have in your relationship.

  • Have a Better Communication with Your Partner

Every couple wants to have a strong and long-lasting relationship. But, very few of them can achieve it. One of the reasons for the failing relationship is the lack of communication. If you can’t communicate with your partner, then you will struggle with your relationship.

But, when you bring a sex doll as a Christmas gift for your spouse, you will make him or her happy. And, as a result, the communication between you two will get better. Also, you and your partner will lay the basic foundation of a long-lasting relationship.

5. How to Make Your Christmas Celebration Hot and Enjoyable with a Sex Doll?

Christmas is that one day in the year when you can let go all your worries and just enjoy. But, if you are looking to enjoy Christmas with your real girlfriend or wife, then you might be in a utopian world because that is not possible. You just cannot enjoy Christmas with your wife or girlfriend without fighting on trivial things. If you accept their nagging, then you can enjoy Christmas. But, ask yourself, will you be happy to enjoy Christmas like that? Isn’t it a compromise with yourself?

But, if you buy a sex doll and intend to celebrate Christmas with it, then you can rest assured you will find out the true meaning of enjoying Christmas. Wondering how you can have such an amazing Christmas by having a sex doll with you? Let’s discuss this to enlighten your mind.

  • Make Love Tirelessly

Making love on Christmas night is always special. But, if you are doing it solely with your wife or girlfriend, then after a certain time, you will have to stop either because of her or your tiredness. You can re-energize yourself and go again but for some women, that will be a problem.

However, a sex doll will never say no to your request of having sex. You can fuck your sex doll whenever you want and for how long to want. So, you will be able to make love tirelessly throughout the night which will be a terrific way of celebrating Christmas.

  • Fulfil Your Kinky Wishes

Christmas is all about the fulfilment of hidden wishes and desires. Most men have certain kinks and fetishes which they cannot fulfil with their wife or girlfriend. The reason for that is their better halves would misunderstand them as perverts which they are not in reality.

But, while suppressing their kinks and fetishes, their sex life gets ruined. That is why you can get a sex doll this Christmas. With a sex doll, you will be able to fulfil all your kinks and fetishes easily. Therefore, you will enjoy Christmas in the truest sense.

  • Try Roleplay to Setup the Mood

If you want to have the best sex of your life, then you have to get into the right mood. Often, it doesn’t happen when you are fucking your girlfriend or your wife. However, roleplay is a wonderful way of getting into the mood and have sex with your better half.

But, a real woman may not like to do roleplay and so, you might have to stay content with a stalemate sexual intercourse this Christmas. But, if you are adventurous and want to spice things up, then get a sex doll and have roleplay with it. It will be a fantastic way of getting into the mood for a whole night banging. Also, you can fuck the doll anytime and anywhere you want.

  • Fuck Her in Different Positions

It is important to change positions while having sex. Otherwise, you will not have the same feeling that you had when you had sex for the first time. That is why you need to fuck your girl in various positions. But, many women would not like to change positions.

The reason for that could be their lack of interest in sex. But, if you buy a sex doll this Christmas and have sex with it, you can rest assured you can fuck her in any position you want. Your sex doll will never dare to say no to any of your sexual needs. That is why it is the best Christmas gift ever that you can buy for yourself or gift it to your partner.


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