Tenderness, Mental Health, and Treating Women Right: An Overview

At Kanadoll, it is our job to match great clients with fantastic girls. We love this industry, and there’s more than a few reasons we do what we do.

It’s not just a business model for us. It’s not just about revenue, or clients…it’s about an experience. In this article, we want to discuss the values of our company, how our values drive positive thoughts and feelings in our clients, and steps each of our visitors can take to:

  • Improve their mental health through sexual openness
  • Unshackle their sexual fantasies and accept themselves for who they are
  • How to upgrade your sex life with our excellent offers

How intimacy plays a part in mental health

It’s no surprise that a healthy sex life and regular intimacy can improve a man’s mental health. For many adults, a healthy and driven sex life of expression and adventure in the bedroom acts as an integral element to their happiness.

Whether you’re a single man, a married woman, or anything in between. We all need intimacy.

There is, without doubt, a plague on men in modern society – and it’s poor mental health. What we strive for at Kanadoll is to provide people with wonderful, exciting and engaging experiences, so that those who feel outcasted or alone may be boosted.

But don’t take it from us. Take it from the countless medical studies done on the topic:

According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, sexual activity and confidence in the bedroom may correlate with:

  • Increased satisfaction with mental health.
  • Improved ability to perceive and identify emotions.
  • Improved psychological and emotional mental processes.

And as we get older, each of these points becomes more important, and even more central to our health.

Not to mention, frequent sexual activity can make you look younger! One study found a correlation between frequent sexual activity and looking significantly younger. That’s something we can’t ignore!

So how can we help? Well, it is best that you begin with some reflection. Do you know how to correctly practice intimacy? And are you using intimacy as a means of improving your life?

One of our favourite ranges here at Kanadoll is the big chested sex doll. We absolutely adore big breasted women; they’re powerful, sexy and precious. But we need to know how to handle them!

How to treat big breasts right

Firstly, you mustn’t be over-eager. Breasts, no matter how big they may be; are delicate. If you’re engaging in some form of foreplay, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not too rough.

Rushing into sex with aggressive movements is the most sure-fire way of ruining a great sexual vibe – especially for women with big, wonderful breasts.

Not all breasts are equal, remember.

Though large breasts may be a tad more sturdy; a little more resilient…they still need care and attention. No one rule applies to every woman. Just take care of them and don’t hurt them!

Ignoring the nipples is a no-go…

Women can achieve orgasm via JUST nipple play. Did you know that? A long time ago, we didn’t. That’s why at Kanadoll, we pride ourselves on offering the most beautiful women with incredible breasts and delicate nipples. That way, our clientele of excitable men can get a real taste of a great chest.

Now, let’s talk positions

So you want to improve your sex life, and now you know that big breasts is one of the key elements to look for in the woman of your dreams. We’ve also taught you how to treat big breasts.

But what are the best sex positions for a great fuck, with a partner that has big breasts? Well, we can show you.

1.The doll on top

This is a perfect position because it allows for breathing space for beautiful, voluptuous breasts. You’ll want to let your partner ride on top of you, and then let her wonderful boobs dangle in your face. This is especially effective because it allows you to suck on your partner’s nipples, giving them the extra pleasure that’s beyond simple sex.

Your partner will feel every inch of you, and she can rest her elbows and let her weight go. It’s a lovely feeling; to have a sexy woman on top, with her chest in your face.


Now…this one is a classic. You’ll want to have your sex partner lying on her back, ready to be penetrated. From there, enter her and tend to her breasts immediately. This time, you’ll be able to caress her boobs, suck her nipples, and care for her chest while you thrust. Our Kanadoll girls are made for this…being straddled and controlled by a willing man.

curvy sex doll big tits and booty andrea


In the spooning position, everyone is relaxed. It’s a gorgeous place to be; no one is straining, no one is doing any heavy lifting. It’s perfect because your woman’s lovely breasts can rest as they wish on the bed or pillow – without pain or panic!

We recommend starting off slow in this position, focusing on your doll’s body. Caress the body and keep a steady rhythm. That way, everyone’s happy. You can even lift each other’s legs for leverage and use this to get deeper, more powerful thrusts.

And that is our article. We hope you have enjoyed it. We have discussed a few things note: firstly, how being in touch with you sexual side is beneficial for your mental health. Next, we discussed the ways in which you can take care of the beautiful breasts you come into contact with.

Remember to be soft to the touch, relaxed and delicate. Treat boobs right!

Finally, we discussed the best positions you can employ with your sexy dolls to get the most out of their big, wonderful breasts. Remember: sex is all about cooperation. We need both parties to be happy with what’s going on, which is exactly why having a beautiful sex doll from Kanadoll is a fantastic option.

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