What Factors Determine Coser’s Choice of Cosplay Characters?

What is the Fun of Cosplay Sex Doll?

The most critical factor is that Coser loves the original works and characters.

Of course, if it is a cosplay sex doll, there are many factors that like to pretend to be more beautiful, such as wearing beautiful clothes, of course, these are auxiliary factors.

What is the fun of Cosplay Sex Doll

What role does Coser choose, mainly depends on the motivation of his favourite type.

Love the Characters

This is also a widely recognized core motivation for cosplay. If you like it to a certain extent, you will have the idea of “I want to get her!” It also brings the idea of “I want to rape her and see what her vagina looks like”.

For this motivation, the most important thing in choosing a cosplay sex doll is to like this character yourself. Secondly, it will change according to Coser’s personal requirements for sex doll: can you dress her better. In addition to Cosplay sex doll, you can choose among other categories of Real Sex Dolls.

Pretty Dress

It’s very important to look good in clothes. After all, it’s not easy to like a bad-looking character. Cosplay sex dolls have an absolute majority of women. Cute clothes and beautiful photos are normal. For sex dolls of different sizes, you need to have a suitable size of clothes.

Accidental Opportunity

When I saw showgirl at the trade show, I fell in love with her. Hope to try new postures and fun gameplay with her in sex. On the other hand, cosplay is indeed mixed with commercial activities, participating in game company product promotion, and animation companies will also participate in commercial performances.

Casting Couch

If you are a cosplay photographer or often participate in cosplay circle activities. Many girls’ opportunities have become less pure. Once the industry rules of COS have not been rejected, COS has gradually become a habit. Many girls often find many reasons to persuade themselves when they go to bed with men for the first time.


Upload your cosplay photos to the website and get more reposts/comments constantly. There will be a strong sense of online social presence. Therefore, I also hope to have a cosplay partner, whether she is a real person or a sex doll.


Life is stressful and there are no girlfriends or lovers. I hope that I can virtualize a world and become a little satisfied with my own business. It may be a challenge to your own cos (expression, makeup, etc.) skills, or it may simply be a change of taste to see yourself in different forms.

What factors determine Coser's choice of Cosplay sex doll

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