Is Best Place for Buying Sex Dolls?

Loneliness is perhaps the worst companion of a man. When you are lonely, you have so many types of thoughts appearing in your head, some are positive, but, most of them are devastating. In this scenario, if you cannot find a partner, what should you do?

Having a partner in life makes your life that much easier. One of the basic needs of a human body apart from food is sex. Without having sex, a man’s life will become frustrating. You will not be able to give your best in your personal or professional life.

Meanwhile, you have to understand that finding a partner is a lot harder than you think. Also, if the partner is not right for you, then your life will become a living nightmare. Therefore, you would have to make sure that you are choosing the right person as your life partner.

Kanadoll buying sex doll online

But, what if you don’t need a life partner and enjoy your single life? As you know when you are with a partner, your life will never be as simple as it is now. What if you have a partner who will be understanding, sexy, hot, and beautiful and you can fuck her day in and day out?

Also, she will not even complain if you go rough on her while having sex. Well, you will have such an ideal companion in your bedroom when you order sex dolls from They are doing a magnificent job by providing sex dolls that you would love to have in your bedroom.

You will find may sex doll providers around the globe. But, you will be wondering what is so special about So, in this article, let’s review and see whether they are a good place for buying sex dolls or not.

Homepage Experience at

Now, sex dolls are very unique sexual products to have and you can also say that it is something that is quite new in the market. But, it has already created a huge buzz among men because although these dolls have fake bodies, the sensations you will have while making love to them are real.

Kanadoll UK Homepage Index

That is exactly what I found out after visiting the homepage of and looking at their first slide. After that, I started to scroll down. I saw a section on ‘The Most Popular Sex Dolls Category’. Well under these categories, I found;

You can find many more categories by clicking the Discover More Categories option. But, as I was reviewing the homepage, I did not click it. Instead, I scrolled further down to see what’s in store for me. Let me tell you, I saw some of the hottest chicks that I ever saw in my life.

I was also not able to figure out whether these chicks are real or dolls. The way these dolls are made is totally mind-boggling and I was really happy to see such a large collection of chicks. So, I scrolled down to check other sections of the homepage and I was quite impressed.

Actually, the homepage looked really attractive and appealing to me. The design was very much user-friendly and I did not face any problem while navigating the homepage. So, overall, it was a very good start for my site exploration at

Citation of Data Analysis

To understand the popularity of a website, one has to understand the type of visitors a website is attracting. So, it is important to analyse their data. It will give you a fair share of an idea as to how much popular or reliable a website is for buying a certain type of product.

In case you are looking to buy sex dolls, will be one of the choices that you will have in mind. So, that is why I have got some facts, figures, and numbers for you which will help you to understand whether is good for buying sex dolls.

Age and Gender

First, let’s take a look at the data from the perspective of age. I will give you an idea of which age-group prefers to have sex dolls or browse in the first place. As you can see from the chart below, has the most visitors from the age-group of 25-34 (29.58%). Also, they get a good percentage of visitors from the age-group of 18 to 24.

Now, let’s see from the perspective of gender. As primarily sells female sex dolls, you are quite right to assume that most of their visitors are male. If you look at the pie-chart, you will see that almost 74.1% of the visitors are male. But, what is astonishing is that 25.9% of their visitors are female and I expected this number to be far lower than what it is.

kanadoll demographics age
kanadoll demographics gender

This report will be generated on July 15, 2020


One of the best things that I noticed while analysing the data of is that they get visitors from all over the world. They do have a large visitor base as far as the countries are concerned which will make you feel that is a reliable website. Also, it can give you a fair share of an idea as to the quality of the products that you will receive from

Kanadoll UK Country Region


Here is another cool data that you can check out about They attract a large number of visitors from mobile devices (68.65%) and that is quite common for websites of this age. So, as I opened their website from my phone, let me tell you, the website look stunning on mobile devices and that is why they are attracting such a large number of mobile users,

Kanadoll UK Equipment category

Sex Dolls at

After all the analytics and sorts, let’s come back to the real deal for which is their sex dolls. I haven’t seen more realistic and hot sex dolls in my entire life. I would love to have each and every one of the dolls I saw in my bed. Here are the kinds of sex dolls you can get at

The Figure of Sex Dolls at

BBW Sex Doll truly sells BBW sex dolls. These BBW dolls have a voluptuous body and you will be licking your lips when you see their figure, too hot to handle! You will have a great time when you get into a missionary position with a BBW sex doll.

Big Tits Sex Doll

If you are a tit lover, then it will be a treat for you to see those sex dolls with large tits. You might start salivating as well by watching the juicy tits of these sex dolls. So, you can bring a big tits sex doll to your room and suck those large tits relentlessly.

Big Booty Sex Doll

Nothing can be sexier than watching the big naked ass of a sexy woman. If you watch the big booties of these sex dolls, you will lose control of your little friend. You can take that ass the entire night and she will not get tired.

Small Tits Sex Doll

Some people do get attracted to women with small tits. I must say that those types of girls re very cute. With a small tits sex doll for, you can make out with such a girl on a regular basis without any break.

Fitness Sex Doll

Do you want to know what it feels like to be in bed with a fitness-freak girl with a stellar and muscular body? Then these fitness sex dolls will provide you with a different sexual experience and you will surely love it.

Mini Sex Doll

If you want to look for a mini sex doll, then you can find that at I didn’t think that I will find such a sex doll here but I liked that they have covered all the basics. Their mini sex dolls are also quite impressive and sexy.

Type of Sex Dolls at

Angel Sex Doll

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in bed with a junior girl with angelic nature? Then, you should get these junior sex dolls. You can rest assured your fetish of having sex with a junior girl will get fulfilled with these dolls.

MILF Sex Doll

Fucking a MILF is a whole new experience. However, not everyone gets this divine experience. Those tits and asses are just magical. So, for those with MILF fetish, these MILF sex dolls can be an ideal choice.

Cougar Sex Doll

Having sex with a cougar is an experience of a lifetime. I certainly feel that cougars are very much reciprocal and know their tricks very well. So, you can have this experience of having sex with cougar with these cougar sex dolls because these dolls are amazing.

Asian Sex Doll

A lot of you might want to be in bed with an Asian girl. Well, chicks from Asia are very cute and sexy, of course. So, also has Asian sex dolls to give you a real-life-like experience which will be amazing for your sex life.

Europ Amer Latina Sex Doll

Being in bed with a Latina is a true pleasure. These sexy ladies are a real bombshell in bed. is providing such sex dolls as well. I was really happy with their collection of Latina sex dolls.

Big Tits Shapely Bubble Butt Lifelike Sex Doll Adriana 172cm

£ 1,988

Net Weight 37.6kg
Full Bust 85cm
Under Bust 65cm
Waist 59cm
Hip 85cm
Foot Length 22cm
Shoulder Breadth 39cm
Vagina Depth 18cm
Anus Depth 15cm
Oral Depth 12cm
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Elegance Christmas Lady Big Tits Silicone Sex Doll Kinsley 165cm

£ 1,540 £ 1,309

Net Weight 42kg
Full Bust 87cm
Under Bust 66cm
Waist 83cm
Hip 96cm
Foot Length 21cm
Shoulder Breadth 36cm
Vagina Depth 18cm
Anus Depth 15cm
Oral Depth 12cm
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China Ancient Costume Play Big Tits Mannequin Sex Doll Vivi 168cm

£ 1,490

Net Weight 40kg
Full Bust 91cm
Under Bust 68cm
Waist 60cm
Hip 90cm
Foot Length 23cm
Shoulder Breadth 36cm
Vagina Depth 18cm
Anus Depth 15cm
Oral Depth 12cm
Read more

Lifelike Big Tits Fitness Redhead Sex Doll Kenzie 170cm

£ 1,157

So Big Tits Fitness Redhead Sex Doll Kenzie, she is definitely a perfect figure. Appreciating the artwork is definitely not determined by how big her chest is. The woman’s figure is just like this artwork.

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Yellow Vogue Blonde Small Breats Sex Doll Lucille 163cm

£ 1,425

Brand Irontechdoll
Net Weight 48kg
Full Bust 86cm
Under Bust 71cm
Waist 62cm
Hip 94cm
Foot Length 22.5cm
Shoulder Breadth 35cm
Vagina Depth 18cm
Anus Depth 16cm
Oral Depth 13cm
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Blonde Cougar Big Butt Athletic Sex Doll Jennifer 156cm

£ 1,730

Cougar Big Butt Athletic Sex Doll Jennifer. She is a perfect Analcourse giver, This pink bra was born in mysterious ancient China, before the modern bra. Perfect muscle curves and seductive big butt are really coquettish.

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Realistic Blonde MILF Skinny Sex Doll Elliana 165cm

£ 1,330

Net Weight 42kg
Full Bust 87cm
Under Bust 66cm
Waist 83cm
Hip 96cm
Foot Length 21cm
Shoulder Breadth 36cm
Vagina Depth 18cm
Anus Depth 15cm
Oral Depth 12cm
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Blonde Cougar Excellent Latina Small Boobs Sex Doll Adda 166cm

£ 1,226

Brand AF
Net Weight 32kg
Full Bust 79cm
Under Bust 59cm
Waist 54cm
Hip 82cm
Foot Length 21cm
Shoulder Breadth 33cm
Vagina Depth 18cm
Anus Depth 15cm
Oral Depth 12cm
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Feature of Sex Dolls at

Silicone Sex Doll is providing good-quality silicone sex dolls. That is why you will feel like having sex with a real girl when you have sex with these dolls. I was really impressed with the quality and finesse of these sex dolls.

Hentai Sex Doll

If you are a hentai fan, then you should see the hentai sex dolls collection from Their sex dolls are simply stunning and for hentai fans, you will be tempted to get one for you because of their realistic built.

Ebony Sex Doll

Without any doubt, these sex dolls are ideal for those who fantasize ebony in their bed. The realistic ebony sex dolls from are certainly going to give you a wonderful experience of having sex with ebony girls.

Blonde Sex Doll

Whether you believe it or not, blondes have a special sex appeal that attracts most men. If you get attracted to blondes, then make sure to check the blonde sex dolls from I enjoyed exploring some sexy blonde sex dolls on their website.

Brunette Sex Doll

The body of a brunette is really very lustful and I assume, most of the men will have a desire of being in bed and fucking a brunette. These brunette dolls from is really very sexy and awesome.

Redhead Sex Doll

The red hair on a milky body of a beautiful girl really looks sexy. It can be a dream for many to fuck a girl like that. You can fulfil you this dream thanks to I have seen their collection of redhead sex dolls and it is quite alluring and commendable.

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What Is So Special About Kanadoll?

Look, I have compared many websites that sell sex dolls while reviewing I must say, there is one thing that made stood out from them and that is the offers they are giving. They give exciting discounts for the sex dolls which is why purchasing from them becomes more profitable.

Also, the quality and craftsmanship are brilliant and you can see that in full display when you go their website. I have not seen such realistic and well-crafted sex dolls for a long, long time. Fucking such sex dolls will give you a realistic feel or that is what they are proclaiming at However, by looking at their dolls, their proclamation feels trustworthy.

The Biggest Advantage of Custom Sex Dolls

At times, you might have an image of a dream girl in your mind that you want in your bed. However, she never appeared in front of you but you dream about her every day and every night. So, is giving you that opportunity of having your dream girl in bed with you.

You can customize the dolls according to your wish and have a steamy fucking experience. That is why I really liked this site because they understood that different men have different desires from a woman’s body. So, one can customize his needs and have that doll for his pleasure. It is an amazing thing for any man who is very picky about his sexual pleasures.

Kanadoll Custom Sex Doll Page

Benefits of Ordering Sex Dolls from Kanadoll

Privacy Protection

When you are ordering sex dolls, you would want to ensure that you are maintaining your privacy. Sex is a very private thing and that is why you would not want things to come out in public. ensures privacy protection which is great.

Customer Support

One of the nicest things about is their customer support. Having a robust customer support system means they care about their customers. certainly has that which makes them a reliable place to buy sex dolls.

Safe to Order

You can rest assured is a safe site to browse. Therefore, while ordering, if you are entering your information, it will stay safe. They have a robust system that helps them to keep the data of their users and customers absolutely safe.

Free Shipping

This is one thing that many of you would admire about No matter where you are, you hate to give shipping charges while buying products online. is taking care of the shipping charges for you as you don’t have to pay anything for the shipping of your gorgeous sex doll.

Positives About Buying Sex Dolls from

Nice Website Design is a good-looking website. The design of their website looks terrific. You will surely admire the built of the website. Also, they didn’t cramp the homepage with products only which is the case with many websites. All in all, the design is very nice.

Easy Navigation of the Website

You can navigate throughout the website quite easily. That is why this website is very easy to use. Also, when you are using it, you will not have any problem while browsing your favourite type of sex doll. I enjoyed navigating the site thoroughly.

A Large Collection of Sex Dolls

When you are on a website that sells a large number of sex dolls, you would want to see multiple dolls before you purchase one for you. has a very large collection of sex dolls of various types. So, you will not have much of a problem finding your favourite sex doll.

Real-Life-Like Sex Dolls

You have to admire the craftsmanship of the people making these sex dolls at The dolls look like a real girl and also, the website is saying that you will feel like having sex with a real girl. It is quite amazing and it will allow you to fulfil your sexual desires easily.

Affordable Pricing

I was impressed by after I compared their prices of the sex dolls with their competitors. I must say that they are charging pretty low in this regard. Their pricing is not extravagant but quite affordable considering you are having a 24/7 sex partner.

Exciting Discounts

Apart from the affordable pricing what really makes stand out is the discounts. I have rarely seen a sex doll on their website which does not have any discount. So, if you visit this website for purchasing sex dolls, by looking at the discounts, you will have a smile on your face.

What Should Look to Improve?

No more Male Sex Dolls

Girls who are visiting would have a desire of buying male sex dolls. However, doesn’t have more male sex dolls which will disappoint 25.9% of their female visitors. It is something that they can look to add to their collection.

Design Could Be Better

As I said before, the website design of is excellent and really looks nice. However, they could enhance this design and make it more dynamic and interactive for their visitors. So, the design is great but it definitely has the scope for improvements.

The Review In A Nutshell


  • Easy to use website
  • A brilliant collection of various types of sex dolls
  • Unbelievable craftsmanship ensuring real-life-like built of sex dolls
  • Reasonable pricing with amazing offers


  • Can’t find a male sex doll
  • The design of the website can be more interactive

Ratings of the Website Out of 10

So, now comes the big part where I will have to rate the website out of 10. While rating, I had to keep in mind so many things, from website design to products to prices and offers. There is the report card of



Website Design




Collection of Sex Dolls


Customer Safety


Offers, Discounts, and Pricing




The Final Verdict

Finally, 9.3/10 is a very healthy score for any website. is getting such high scores because I really enjoyed visiting their website and explore very realistic sex dolls. They are delivering what they are promising and I liked this honesty from them. I am sure when you visit here, you will be able to purchase the right kind of sex doll you desire to have. That is why I would surely recommend this website because after exploring the website, I feel you will get the value for your money if you buy sex dolls from

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